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Bill Tieleman sorts out the Court schedule

The Basi & Virk Case - Supreme Court Schedule - Questions Clarified
By Bill Tieleman

There has been some understandable confusion amongst media and interested members of the public about the scheduling of BC Supreme Court appearances and filing of applications by the defence and Crown in recent days regarding the trial of former provincial ministerial aides David Basi and Bob Virk and government aide Aneal Basi.

In particular, there was an unscheduled teleconference with Justice Elizabeth Bennett, defence and Crown this past week. There was not, however, anything filed with BC Supreme Court on Friday March 2 or Thursday March 1, contrary to rumours.

Here is the best schedule possible based on current information I have:

February 26 - the defence filed a lengthy application for disclosure - some of the contents have been widely reported. See my article on this blog:

March 7 - BC Supreme Court - Pre-trial conference scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. but may start at 9:30 a.m. This conference will address trial scheduling and other issues. This is the only BC Supreme Court appearance by the defence and Crown prior to the trial start on April 2.

March 14 - Filing only - the Crown responds to the defence disclosure application of February 26 by filing with the Registry of the BC Supreme Court.

March 21 - Filing only - two documents - 1) the defence files a Charter of Rights application related to aspect of the case and 2) the defence responds to the Crown's reply to the disclosure application of February 26. NOTE: The Charter application was originally scheduled for March 5 but was put over to this date.

April 2 - BC Supreme Court - trial begins.

Please note that this is not an official version, but a reasonably accurate summary based on information I have obtained from those close to the trial.

Many thanks, Bill, for sending this information along.
What would we do without you?? - BC Mary.

Thanks very much for your kind comments Mary! Just trying to keep everyone informed on this important case.
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