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RCMP allegedly seized Liberal Party donor lists in March 2005

Senior Tory wants answers on Basi/Virk
24 HOURS - 1 March 2007

Why did the RCMP allegedly seize the donor lists of the Liberal Party of Canada B.C. branch in March 2005 in connection with the investigation of breach-of-trust charges against former provincial government aides David Basi and Bob Virk?

That's what senior federal Conservative John Reynolds is asking after Basi and Virk's lawyers filed a disclosure application Monday in B.C. Supreme Court claiming that RCMP "attended the federal Liberal Party's B.C. office in March 2005 and seized donor lists."

Reynolds, 2006 Conservative election campaign co-chair, said if the RCMP seized donor lists the reasons should be made public.

"I don't know what the RCMP were looking for, but we should be able to know why they seized the Liberal donor lists," Reynolds told 24 hours. "There's no question that there's been a lot of things happening that there are no answers to and the public wants answers."

When 24 hours asked last October if RCMP had visited LPC B.C. headquarters, executive director Mark Grant declined to comment. Grant did not return phone and e-mail messages yesterday. RCMP media relations did not respond to phone messages by press time.

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