Friday, March 02, 2007


See for yourself: Vancouver, Victoria, same page

Some day, all this will become clear to us. But right now, copied below, is part of the March 1 Supreme Court listings which (although headed up as Vancouver Law Courts) also includes Victoria Law Courts when it came to Basi, Virk, Basi.

Today Kootcoot [] will have more on this. Big thanks to Koot for the full copy of this March 1 court listing (the full page format went all crazy when I tried to paste it below); Koot is also helping with the ongoing blogger problems here at The Legislature Raids. - BC Mary.

Vancouver Law Courts
Public Access Supreme Court Criminal List
Justice Case No. Time Rm Rsn Main Charge / Application Location of Offence Name
Page: 1 of
Report Date: 01-MAR-2007 08:30 PM Report Id: JCSR0049
Victoria Law
HMTQ vs QUIRING, Deanna L.
HMTQ vs BASI, Aneal
HMTQ vs BASI, Udhe S. (.
HMTQ vs VIRK, Bobby S.

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