Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Today, 18 April, yes the lawyers are back in Vancouver Supreme Court

Today's Supreme Court Criminal Lists only turn to robbery and murder at the end of Page 7, the first pages being clearly taken up with matters such as accepting bribes as a government official, breach of trust by a public officer, fraud, etc., accompanied by the names of Her Majesty the Queen vs Aneal Basi, Udhi Basi, Bobby Virk.

This appears to be the introduction of the trial. If so, Basi, Virk, and Basi will appear there, as well as all the lawyers, the media, and we hope, many Citizen Journalists. The rest of the large listing appears to be the same as yesterday's.

Start time today: 10:00 AM

To check the court list, click on B.C. Criminal Courts in the left column here, under LINKS. Choose Court Services, Province of British Columbia Criminal Court Lists, Court Services, ADULT COURT LISTS (PROVINCIAL SUPREME), and finally: Vancouver Law Courts - Supreme Court List. There you'll see the day's list of the accused, their charges or applications.

And so, the biggest, most significant trial in British Columbia's political history, creeps up on us. Good luck, British Columbia. May something good come from all this. To be continued ...

Hi MAry, did you read this week's VOICE?

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