Monday, April 23, 2007


Vancouver Supreme Court today 23 April 10:00 AM. Courtroom 54, 800 Smithe St.

The Basi, Virk, Basi, B.C. Rail hearings continue in Courtroom 54 with Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett presiding. Google "Vancouver Supreme Court" for maps showing how to find 800 Smithe Street. If you attend, will you tell us what you see? - BC Mary.

The Question that needs to be answered is, what did the Premier know, and when did he know it??

Fact: Premier was tipped off by reichart.

Fact: Debruyckere tipped off reichart.

Fact: Gary Collins was under investigation.

Fact: Debruyckere tipped off reichart about corrupt lobbyists.

Fact: Corrupt lobbyists kept meeting with senior government officials even after admitting to serious crimes.

Next question: What other political bombshell files was Insp. (yes he got promoted) Kevin DeBruyckere 'handling'?
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