Thursday, June 07, 2007


Corruption trial faces another delay


By Neal Hall
Vancouver Sun - Thursday, June 07, 2007

The trial of two ministerial aides accused of corruption won't be proceeding as planned in August, the trial judge was told today.

The trial was expected to begin late this summer after hearing a series of pre-trial defence applications.

But the trial judge, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Bennett, made a ruling Monday, ordering the Crown and police to disclose more documents to the defence, which is expected to delay matters until Aug. 13.

Janet Winteringham, a member of the special prosecutor's legal team, outlined today how long it would take for the Crown to comply with the judge's ruling on disclosure.

She suggested prosecutors and defence lawyers return to court July 16 to discuss how disclosure is proceeding.

Counsel will then return Aug. 13, when the judge is expected to hear another defence pre-trial application seeking the disclosure of documents related to the privatization of BC Rail in the possession of cabinet ministers, including Premier Gordon Campbell. {Snip} ...

At the heart of the case is the government's privatization sale of BC Rail. {Snip} ...


This is both good and bad news. First the delay is disheartening for all those interested. And their are more of us than many think.
The good news is that this will commence in approximately mid August. This extension will allow the opposition to hammer the government on the case because it will go on far past a Fall session that we are pretty sure was to be cancelled. So the government strategy of closure last week to duck the bullets and a perceived cancellation of a Fall session in my opinion will do them no good.

Mr. Premier do the right thing now.
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