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Lucinda, thanks for listening! You really got it when we tried to tell you: this whole trial raises troubling questions!


Editorial comment
Victoria Times Colonist - 6 June 2007

.... The nature of much of the missing evidence is troubling. Bennett ordered prosecutors to reveal what kind of deal they have made with lobbyist Erik Bornmann, who has not been charged but is expected to testify that he bribed Basi in return for inside information about the B.C. Rail sale. Bornmann admitted to bribery in a statement to police, given in April 2004, the court has heard.

The Crown has said there is no documentation on the immunity deal. "There have been too many wrongful convictions based on informant information which was obtained in dubious circumstances," she noted.

And Bennett also specifically ordered the Crown to produce information on its surveillance of Gary Collins, finance minister at the time of the raids and Basi's boss. Collins was under suspicion in December 2003, Bennett noted. "There is nothing that I have seen in writing that indicates who made the decision to stop pursuing Minister Collins as a suspect and when that decision was made."

The case is obviously of public interest. The charge of corruption around the sale of B.C. Rail, RCMP claims of a link to drugs, the subsequent allegations of Liberal political dirty tricks all raise significant concerns.

That makes the failure of police and prosecutors to fulfill their obligations even more alarming.

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What really made my skin crawl is when the Judge mentioned a "tape recorder being turned off" My mind instantly raced backed to the 70's when the leader of a whole nation had erased, what was it 17 minutes from a tape recording.

When I finished smiling, my mind raced back to the current situation and a John Lennon phrase came to mind. Instant karma's going to getcha.

Mary, again thanks so much for keeping this alive. I suppose the MSM only uses these things when (in their minds) it will sell a lot of papers. But for you, Bill, Robin and a few others this thing may have been buried long ago.

PS. I still don't read or listen to MSM. I'll be getting my info from you guys, The Constitution, Hansard, Supreme Court Rules,The Tyee and of course the ever prominent Freedom of Information Act.

Thanks again
I second that emotion, Gary!

Here's to the 'truthtellers' - may their voices & words be heard far & wide.
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