Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Complete coverage of what didn't happen in the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial which (cough) resumed today.

[cue the hysterical laughter]

Basi-Virk trial delayed another week

VANCOUVER SUN - October 12, 2010

VANCOUVER - The Basi-Virk political corruption trial has been delayed another week while the Crown reorganizes its case in order to shorten the trial, a jury was told Tuesday.

"The Crown has just advised that they are reorganizing their case to decrease the length of this trial substantially," B.C. Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie explained to the jury.

The judge added the Crown plans to take this week to trim its witness list, which required another adjournment until Monday, Oct. 18. {Snip, snip, snip} ...

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"In order to shorten the trial ... !!" "Trimming the Crown witness list ... !!" Wa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...


Hardly worth reading:
Legislature raid trial delayed yet again
The Canadian Press
Oct. 12, 2010


Keith Fraser in The Province, Oct. 12, 2010; the story's in the headline:

Basi-Virk trial to resume next week with fewer witnesses.

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Shorten the trial? It's already non-existant. Note to Justice MacKenzie, it might shorten the trial, if you deigned to hold the fucking trial already!!! Okay?
Do you get the feeling that there's more happening behind the scenes than anywhere else in the theatre called Robson Court House.

Neal Hall writes:

"The second witness, Brian Kenning, is expected to continue on the witness stand next Monday, when he will be cross-examined by defence lawyer Michael Bolton, who is representing Dave Basi"

First it was 40 Witnesses, now its 30 Witnesses, maybe the Crown is whittling their list down because of the inability for anyone to remember anything that would prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the three are guilty as charged.

Can we start a lottery here as who will be removed from the list?
The line will be: Why subject the finest of the citizenry to a fishing expedition. We await the local media choir who will make this the latest talking point. We can predict who it will be and when and where they will spin the lie. We are way overdue for a Royal Commission review of media ethics and the use of propaganda in media.
... remember too, 4:05, that the witnesses are sure that their leader, the micro-manager, knew nothing about the sale of BC Rail ... did'nt even know that he promised never to sell BC Rail.
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