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BC needs its own Julian Assange. Now!

BC Mary comment:  Often I have pointed to Big Media as the villains who fail to report news unflattering to their chosen darlings, but who rarely fail to denounce enemies of their chosen darlings.  In the bigger picture, Big Media sometimes does even worse, meaning that if they don't invent their chosen news, they certainly embellish and expand stories which contribute to the bias of their chosen darlings.  

So I've been wondering a lot about Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks. Is he doing a good thing by revealing secret documents? Or is he destroying civilization as we know it, by embarrassing a lot of chosen darlings?

Here is what that level-headed little newspaper, Salt Spring News, published today about Julian Assange and his work. Please visit the original articles for their embedded links:


Frank Moore: "I am Julian Assange. And if you care about the truth, you are, too."
WikiLeaks has shown there is an America in civics textbooks and an America that functions differently in the real world. Adequate information might move us closer to the ideal. - James Moore

[Julian Assange] began Wikileaks in 2006 as a “dead-letterbox” for would-be leakers — the real heroes of this saga, the unknown soldiers disgusted with their role as hired killers. ... Co-founder Daniel Schmitt describes Assange as “one of the few people who really care about positive reform in this world to a level where you’re willing to do something radical”. ... The sides are lining up, much like Bush predicted in 2001 with his “You are with us or against us.” A brave Aussie, a principled French judge, an American libertarian congressman, a youthful computer nerd — the enemies of empire come in all shapes and sizes. - Eric Walberg

Governments operate in the blackest of ways, especially when it comes to big war money and big oil money. I can see what they are doing to Julian Assange, I know what they did to me and others (another recent example - Brigadier Janis Karpinski was framed for shoplifting). In a very real sense, it makes little difference if they murdered David Kelly or terrified him into doing it himself. Telling the truth is hazardous in today's Western political system. - Craig Murray, a British political activist, former ambassador to Uzbekistan and former Rector of the University of Dundee. Murray was sacked from his diplomatic post in October 2004 and subsequently charged with "gross misconduct". Having negotiated a settlement whereby he was paid six years salary payment in compensation for the government's attacks on him, Murray agreed to resign from the FCO in February 2005. Craig Murray has continued his opposition to the 'War on Terror' since leaving HM Diplomatic Service.

I am Julian Assange
James Moore Post USA December 7, 2010

I am Julian Assange.

I want information so that I can hold my government accountable. If my country acts improperly and in my name, I want the proof. I want to know if there actually is no evidence proving weapons of mass destruction. I want to know if America is working with Israel to overthrow Iran's leadership. I want data that has not been spun by reporters that work for publishers and broadcasters with political and business goals that conflict with the facts. I want to know. I am Julian Assange because I know unfettered information is valuable to democracy and a peaceful world. I can make the best decisions with the most knowledge. I can vote for the best candidates. I can support the smartest policies to help my country and the world. I am not naïve; I know that not every operation can be transparent but I have a right to know its outcome and how it has affected my country and me.

I do not believe Julian Assange has done anything wrong. The cables that have been published have all been printed in newspapers and redacted to protect individuals at risk. I do not want my country to prosecute a man whose actions are changing the way we get information and how we make critical decisions. I now know that my president and my country's military have not been honest about the war in Afghanistan. I know that my country has killed civilians and that we have refused to acknowledge our mistakes. I have learned that our allies are secretly consorting with our enemies.

I am also Pfc. Bradley Manning. I know that if I saw the disturbing information come across my desk that I would have confronted the conflict between my oath of service to my country and the immorality of its behavior. I do not believe I would have been able to ignore American helicopters gunning down journalists carrying cameras. I believe I would have acted on my conscience and found a way to reveal the facts. There was a reporter at the My Lai massacre in Vietnam but there was only a gun camera on the US helicopter in Iraq. And the Internet. And Bradley Manning. ...

Related: An epic drama is unfolding after the Wikileaks founder gave himself up to Scotland Yard, but will Assange suffer the fate of Daniel Ellsberg (leaker of the "Pentagon Papers" in 1971) or the fate of Jonathan Pollard (an American-born Israeli spy, another exposer of US military secrets, who was imprisoned for life 25 years ago) asks Eric Walberg.

Wikileaks arrest: Julian Quixote
Eric Walberg Dissident Voice USA December 8, 2010

It was United States president Woodrow Wilson who called for “open diplomacy” — number one of his fourteen points in 1918 — so that “diplomacy shall proceed always frankly and in the public view.” He would surely approve of Wikileaks’ efforts at open diplomacy, though current US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called them “an attack on America’s foreign-policy interests” and indeed on “the international community”, though she failed to specify which particular community members were the victims, or what they were the victims of.

On 7 December, the bane of US empire voluntarily gave himself up to Scotland Yard and will face trial and extradition to Sweden possibly by the end of the year, accused of “rape, unlawful coercion and two counts of sexual molestation”, alleged to have been committed in August 2010. The trumped-up cases involve consensual relations, one an obvious “honey trap” by a CIA plant and the other a spurned Lewinsky-like groupie.

Assange is nothing short of a legend after a year of leaks, especially an April video taken from a US helicopter in Iraq in 2007 showing GIs shooting at least 12 innocent Iraqis like rabbits. Starting in July, he issued 500,000 US military documents on the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The straw for the imperial camel was a batch of 250,000 US diplomatic notes (1966-2009) in November, revealing a US diplomatic world increasingly acting as a branch of the CIA, and the cynicism of both Western and Arab regimes anxious to destroy Iran. ...


Another good piece that kinda puts Assange into perspective (standing somewhere alongside Daniel Ellsberg) is from CounterPunch called Truth in Chains. An excerpt:

"....These, of course, are the defenders of Western Civilization, that pinnacle of human progress, that bulwark against savagery like murder and torture, that bastion of temperance and reason. But in his piece, Assange once more gives the lie to the ferocious canards of Feinstein, Holder, Obama and Palin about the “great harm” the leaks have done:

“WikiLeaks has a four-year publishing history. During that time we have changed whole governments, but not a single person, as far as anyone is aware, has been harmed. But the US, with Australian government connivance, has killed thousands in the past few months alone.

“US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates admitted in a letter to the US congress that no sensitive intelligence sources or methods had been compromised by the Afghan war logs disclosure. The Pentagon stated there was no evidence the WikiLeaks reports had led to anyone being harmed in Afghanistan. NATO in Kabul told CNN it couldn’t find a single person who needed protecting. The Australian Department of Defence said the same. No Australian troops or sources have been hurt by anything we have published.”

Yes, how many thousands of people, how many tens of thousands, have been killed by our bipartisan Terror Warriors in the four years of WikiLeaks’ existence? How many millions have been “harmed” not only by the direct operations of the Terror War, but by the ever-widening, ever-deepening violence, hatred and turmoil it is spreading throughout the world? (Not to mention the accelerating collapse of American society, which has been financially, politically and morally bankrupted by the acceptance of aggressive war, torture, elite rapine and authoritarian rule.)

But none of the perpetrators of these acts, past or present, are in jail, or have even been prosecuted, or investigated, or inconvenienced in any way.

The most hideous blogger in BC though who has been threatening to publish "the story of the year" or of all time, any day now - thinks Assange should be hunted down ala Sarah Palin and Tom Flanagan - I coulda predicted that, of course.
I highly recommend that one and all have a listen to/look at Julian Assange putting things in his own words in April of this year:

When watching/listening to him there, I noted that he was releasing classified diplomatic communiques, not top-secret stuff; and that he/and his staff were forced to "interpret" the raw data, because their earlier attempts at dumping "raw data just dropped into the gutter--nobody cared." Or, so he said.

Moreover, it was also the case that his data dumps were made to "certain select" media outfits, namely the ny times, the washington post, der spiegel, le monde, and the guardian. And then just today we learn that, lo'-n-behold, he'd gone and made a deal with the israeli government--one that worked out "good" for him and the israel state. Funny that kind of arrangement--no?

Make of it what you will, folks. But be aware that this rabbit and his hole seem to go down endlessly underground and the shadows get very dark, indeed.

Be(e) well, and wise.
Before we-all get too carried away in hoping for our very own Julian Assange to save the day in these parts, people might want to read this:

And this:
Ellsberg was on the Colbert Report last night; pretty interesting; he says everything they're calling Assange right now they called him back then; the difference between him and Assange, he commented, is that Assane is a journalist, and he wasn't.

There's some real hot debate on the WikiLeaks article talkpage in Wikipedia; won't go into it here, but one new section concerns a "civil war" within WikiLeaks....

As far as BC needing an Assange, we already have one: Julian Assange. Our Big Media have been focussing on certain cables to do with Canada, so far less than two dozen. There's 2,350....

I can't see there NOT being notes on things like the Enbridge pipeline, BC power exports/ownership, water, dealings with provincial politicians, reports on BC's leftist/eco-radical and ethno-political groups (e.g. Akali Dal), foreign-power intrigues (re the CSIS statements about BC politicians), and also maybe info on their own operatives/allies within the province.

So don't let the media hide the dirty details, whatever there may be, by fielding fluff from the cables.....

And really, we have had someone open up the public-information grab-bag, at least for a while. Her name was Justice Bennett.
Oh, Flanagan's mouthing-off was featured on Colbert last night too - "(beat).....and this guy's Canadian".....
Assange has put a lot of people (on our side) in danger. To applaude this behavoir is a tad misguided, to say the least.
Perhaps AnonoKnowNothing at 12:07 should at least read the comments before making a fool of theirself. Like the first one above that mentions in part that:

"“US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates admitted in a letter to the US congress that no sensitive intelligence sources or methods had been compromised by the Afghan war logs disclosure. The Pentagon stated there was no evidence the WikiLeaks reports had led to anyone being harmed in Afghanistan

Perhaps Anon could also consider how many people ACTUALLY may have been put into jeopardy and perhaps even killed as a result of the Bu$h (well the Cheney) Whitehouse outing Valerie Plame to try and protect their lies about imaginary WMDs in Iraq! There was more to this than just getting back at her husband as well, as she was the chief of the anti-nuclear proliferation branch of the CIA, no mere clerical staff was she, but was traveling the mid-east and elsewhere under corporate cover dealing with folks attempting to acquire and smuggle nuclear materials and devices.

Actually I think she stopped Dick and Halliburton from smuggling shit into Iraq to cover their asses(and make WMDs appear, voila) and that is what really pissed them off!
I concur with Kootcoot on both the former and latter points. Assange has revealed nothing much and put no one in any danger; and it seems very likely that the agent Valerie Plame discovered the clandestine movement of rogue nukes heading into harm's way and she managed to alert enough of the right people to put a stop to it.

That means that Assange doesn't matter much at all, except to counter the serious intelligence gaining ground on Crime Inc.
I havent seen this posted here, But wow, it was GREAT.

WikiLeaks leaks PM's and GovGen's whitewash of B.C.'s Railgate scandal

from the Editor's Desk at the Long Bar at the Alberta Hotel
25-Oct-10 - B.C.'s Railgate scandal has driven the popularity of B.C. Premier Trickle-Down to -30%. WikiLeaks --- the maverick web site that's leaked thousands of embarrassing U.S. government documents of torture and untruth has focused its x-ray eyes into Railgate --- WikiLeaks has leaked to The Calgary Eye Opener, exclusively, details of a plot to deep-six Railgate. We are much disappointed to have to report that not only the spurned premier but Prime Minister Big Brother and the Governor General of Canada are co-conspirators. The WikiLeaks release follows:

.........lots of reading
We won the election in the year of Our Lord 2001 --- in fact the anti-democratic-freedom-haters (aka the "New Democratic Party [NDP])") stole only two undeserved seats.
A long, long, long time later, it so happens, we entered into a mere short-term lease of the railroad to Canadian National Railways.

How many decades later? How short-term was the lease?

The short-term lease was entered into a full 20 months after the election. The short-term lease was for only 990 years (mind you the Canadian National Railways had perpetual rights to renew). But despite the fact that I merely leased the railroad, I did not sell it, the socialists, demagogues that they are, claimed I'd broken my campaign promise not to sell --- it is disgusting how low these lefties will stoop.
But worse still --- sometimes I think that Jesus is testing us believers --- it so happened that rogue elements of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police raided the offices of the Ministers of Finance of the Province of British Columbia, Gary Collins and the Minister of Transportation of the Province of British Columbia, Judith Reid, under the paranoidal delusion that we were taking bribes and peddling influence related to the railroad. MUST READ ALL
You really had me going E.M. It appears to me that the Calgary Eye Opener is an online cross between the National Lampoon and Mad Magazine and the "wiki-leaks" are parody.

It is still good to see people on the wrong side of the Rockies paying attention to the clown/crime show going on here in BeeCee, though!
I'll repeat again, I think it's MOST probable that there are WikiLeaks cables to do with energy projects in BC- Enbridge, the IPPs, etc. Or even the need to protect CN and its stocks from exposure to the political liabilities related to a certain trial....
Skookum Uno

I agree that there certainly could be such leaks. I also agree with your previously asserted suggestion that we may have to wait for any semblance of justice until some US Agency like the DOJ, Dept. of State or the SEC gets concerned about the rampant criminality in BeeCee.

As it has taken Nigeria to indict/charge Dickhead Cheney, it may take some other power to wield the sword of justice in Victoria.

If wiki-leaks does release info embarrassing to the "club" of crooks in B.C. don't expect the PostMedia, Glow Ball, CKNW crew of traitors to publish or promote them like the NYT, Washington Post, Guardian and others have elsewhere - especially when they had local ramifications.

Maybe the Toronto Star or the G and M would jump on them, or maybe it will be left to us bloggers.
TODAY Dec. 13.2010 @ 10 am
LIMITED ACCESS & others vs
LIMITED ACCESS & others vs
Vacate all remaining
sealing order and
publication bans
Vacate all and any
remaining sealing orders
and publication bans,
allowing access to
Applicant's (including
entitlement to obtain
copies from Registry;
Vacate all and any
remaining sealing orders
and publication bans,
allowing access to
Applicant's (including
entitlement to obtain
copies from Registry;
Release Roger McConchie
from Undertakings
from Undertakings;
Release Roger McConchie
from Undertakings;
Release designated client
representatives of the
Applicants' counsel from
signed confidentiality
Release designated client
representatives of the
Applicants' counsel from
signed confidentiality
Release designated client
representatives of the
Applicants' counsel from
signed confidentiality
Any such further and other
relief as this Court may
deem just.
Roger D. McConchie has over two decades of experience representing and advising traditional and non-traditional media in matters of access to judicial and quasi-judicial proceedings or publication bans, contempt of court (violation of the sub judice rule), advertising and promotional contests, and free speech issues under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Thanks to all for some great comments.

Also to G West, for informative comment to me, at House of Infamy.

I note there's some anxiety about my health. Thanks for the kind thoughts in that regard but I'm pleased to say that my silence is being caused by a computer complexity which I can't seem to figure out. Sorry I couldn't get onto The Legislature Raids to explain things.

However ... I expect to be back online from TLR by Wednesday.

Small reminder: Dave Basi is scheduled to be back in BCSC on December 15 ... maybe it's only to exchange Season's Greetings with MacKenzie and Berardino ... or ... who knows? December 15, 2010.
I sent a comment today Mary about the proceedings in court today, did You get it? Re Vacate all remaining
sealing order and
publication bans
Vacate all remaining
sealing order and
publication bans allowing access to
Applicant's (including
entitlement to obtain
copies from Registry;Release designated client
representatives of the
Applicants' counsel from
signed confidentiality
@Rag Machine:

I note in recent days there's only been marginal coverage of the leadership races, mostly fluff for the Liberals; no coverage of other political issues AT ALL (as if there was ever much).

I'm expecting in the WikiLeaks cables, also, something about the CSIS statements about foreign governments and BC politicians/cabinet ministers...not that those will concern US government "ownership" of certain politicians, though there's likely - very likely - to be other intimations about "friendly" politicians.

largely most big media seem to be giving the content of the Wikileaks scandal some berth, while covering the Assange witchhunt more and more....
As someone from the wrong side of the tracks (Rockies?) I need things to be spelled out in greater detail. Is this the Publication Ban being lifted? Is someone being released from a confidentiality agreement? If so, who?
Here's another must watch.

(To Paraphrase) 'Julian Assange is a side-show, set-up to get us to look away from the big black tent where they are desperately trying to put out numerous fires raging out-of-control and threatening to burn down their whole circus.'

Welcome to the great un-veiling, folks. Why, yes, Julian you're very welcome. In fact, we're gonna' need your head soon.
For our friend from the "wrong side of the Rockies:

"Is this the Publication Ban being lifted? Is someone being released from a confidentiality agreement? If so, who?

As far as I know the publication ban has been "lifted" ever since the trial was forced to take a dive and the jury was dismissed as not necessary. Now anyone who could take good notes, or lucky enough to be in the "in club" of PostMedia "certified journalists" can publish anything they want that transpired out of the jury's presence.

This hearing is about the ORIGINAL search warrant that was used to execute the infamous Dec. 28, 2003 raid on the Ledge. As merely one of the first in what became an ongoing travesty of legal oddities (otherwise known as obstructions of justice). Unlike most warrants of this nature, which are released in their entirity once charges are filed/arrests made (maybe with the odd name blocked out to protect informants), for some reason (I think to protect the Campbell Crime Family) Patrick Dohm, king judge at the time in the province, released the document with about 80% of the information/text REDACTED, and it is this redaction that the proponents are trying to have removed today. I think!
adrian dix wants to run for NDP high office.

Where was Adrian Dix when the Queen of the North sink, how did DIX hold those responsible accountable? I didnt hear a peep

Where was Adrian Dix when raw logs were sent offshore? I didnt hear a peep

Where was Adrian Dix when Basi Bains was caught red handed accepting bribes, laundering money?
I didnt hear a peep.

And when Campbell got caught drunk driving, the HST, etc and so on?

Where was DIX?

And you can be sure Mo Sihota wont say anything either.

My preference would be do dust the whole lot of them and get some new ideas in office.

But if an election were called today, I would never vote for De Jong, but neither would I Dix.
.. if Julian Assage is a side show, then Dave Basi really is a decent lad who only wants to tell the truth and has never ever done anything criminal.

Pass me the bowl. I wanna get a hit off that whicked weed you are bogin on.
Breaking News!

It would appear that a whole bunch of folks Spidey senses are now tingling.

Big time!

hmmm....didn't hear about them trying to overcome Dohm's redactions......that could be the bombshell that will make the winner's circle in the leadership race resemble a funeral pyre. Given that just from the 20% we already have theoretical access to has already dropped about twenty Big Berthas, ya can only wonder what Dohm saw as necessary to conceal from the eyes of babes and sheep.

And wasn't he the guy who coached the police on "don't give me a warrant with that address; if you want to search that place give me a different address.....and make sure nobody important is named in the warrant" etc. All from his hotel in Palm Springs, it seems....

As I said on Bill's blog, it's not fair to those leadership candidates whose hands might actually be clean (??), and also unfair to Liberal convention delegates, or to the public, if what's in those warrants is only found out, if ever, after the leadership vote.....
And now they're coming with ad hominum attacks:

" Anonymous said...
.. if Julian Assage is a side show, then Dave Basi really is a decent lad who only wants to tell the truth and has never ever done anything criminal.

Pass me the bowl. I wanna get a hit off that whicked weed you are bogin on."

13 December, 2010 8:19 PM

We're onto you, now, however. And it's not going to work this time. Your reasoning is nonsensical (of course, Dave Basi is criminal) ; and your ridicule (it's boagin', not bogin') doesn't stick anymore. Like rain off a duck's back. The truth will out. And that's it. Too bad for you.

Anyway, good people, there's your "tell" (see above), as they say when playing cards. It's easy to see/tell once you know what to watch for. They're holding only bad cards at this point; and you can sense their fears in the ether.

But, i'm afraid, this game is far from over. And so, you can be sure they're going to start getting ever-more desperate in their own defense. These are not the kind of people who go quietly into anything, let alone their own demise--but that is what we're going to have to bring upon them.

So, i respectfully suggest that we are going to have to start thinking about associating for real in the interests of our own safety.

Take care, good people.
Hey Anonymous, 8:19, nice try but boring as all you only-talk-about Basi folks usually are; reminds me of the La Femme Nikita TV series where all the trainees are trying to take down a graduate of the same school of skuldiggery.

But you know what? We need Dave Basi to be like Julian Assange, to release all he knows, and all he knows about who's been dancing with who, and any notes on everything he has on all the "political" actions he was called upon to do by his various superiors and Lords Master. We need BasiLeaks....then it would be valid to compare Assange to Basi; but not before.

Dave, are you listening?
Why I'm Posting Bail Money for Julian Assange
By Michaek Moore
Anon 10:42, I went to your Mikey Moore link and saw this:

**Sarah Palin claims he's "an anti-American operative with blood on his hands" whom we should pursue "with the same urgency we pursue al Qaeda and Taliban leaders."

Which, presumably, means - they're gonna bomb the shit out of Stockholm and invade both Sweden and Australia.

Somewhere, Osama bin-Laden is comfortably having tea in his tent.....
A response from Brian Keiron to K Frasers editorial
Dec 14
Listen up Erik ... the Crown is playing your song
(some History, then..)
Today, I must add that I am just as stunned to learn that Bornmann admitted to the police that this was part of a pattern of behaviour.
There are three things that need to be emphasized: Immediately after the raid in December 2003 Bornmann took a leave of absence from Pilothouse and never discussed with us his activities as outlined in today’s Province story; right from the day of the raid, the RCMP refused to disclose to me any of their findings related to Bornmann; also, I was never invited to talk to a representative of the Crown until this past spring, more than six years after the raid. Even that late in the game, on the eve of the trial, the Crown would say nothing about the activities of Bornmann.
I met Erik for the first time about 10 years ago. My client at the time, Ron MacDonald – the CEO of the Council of Forest Industries and a former Liberal MP – introduced us and asked me if I’d take Erik under my wing. At that time Erik was in a dead-end job and hardly had enough cash in his pocket for bus fare across the city. It wasn’t that long before he was sporting new suits and pulling down six figures as a Pilothouse partner.
My reward for helping him was a profound sense of professional and personal betrayal and a ring side seat watching my once-respected boutique agency go up in flames. Thanks Erik and good luck with the folks at the law society in Toronto.

Thanks to John Wood, who sent this:

Came across Kevin Falcon's name in the court "Oral Reasons for Judgment" under Justice Bennett. I don't know if this is significant or not - given Falcon and Clark's present run for the BC Lie-beral leadership.
Hi BC Mary, the case appears to relate to the gigantic fishing expadition basi was afforded by way of budget-less-all-star-defense-counsel paid for to the tune of $18,000,000, by the tax payers of bc.

And you take sympathey on the defence?

You liken Basi to Assage?

Assange has stated that 911 happened just as the American/Israeli matrix would have you believe. It didn't. Which should tell you what his actual purpose is. He is no more genuine than Gordon Campbell.
And thank you to the above poster who left this address:

Kinda makes you smile when the world renowned leak source has leaks of its own. Reading the article from indybay makes it look very much like one hand washing the other.
Isn't it fun, thinking up "rules" for what may or not be published?

Like ... maybe Assange left Zimbabwe out of his plans, too. Call the cops? No, I think we have better things to do ... and answers to find ...

about, well, how about the free-wheeling, give-and-take of bribes dating from 2001, the earliest days of the Campbell Gang's regime ...

... Was that normal government procedure? Did bribery include the NDP regime, for starters? Better ask that question too, eh?
BCMary says: "Did bribery include the NDP regime, for starters? Better ask that question too, eh?"

Been to the bcndp site recently? Right on the front page they are asking for a full enquiry into RailGate. And how could anyone draw even a vague inference about the ndp from news stories which clearly say that the bribes started AFTER the liberal thief party got elected?
And 'eh?' so far as I can determine, is a Canadianism for 'May I have some more hey, please?' sort of a garbled Canadian reference to the quality of generally available Canadian media.

It's amusing to see what comes out of the woodwork when the only social leftist party we have actually stands a good chance of being elected.
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