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Helping Lara Dauphinee raise money "in a time of new experiences ... " Pure speculation, of course. Part II.

ron wilton has left a new comment on  "Helping Lara raise money in a time of new experiences ...":

Preliminary follow-up on the Enbridge, Fort Chicago, Swift power, Enmax connection.

Fort Chicago bought Swift Power, Pristine Power and the BC Hydro assets of Enmax Corp.

Enbridge and Fort Chicago are equal partners/owners of Alliance Pipeline Ltd and Aux Sable Canada(ASC).

ASC owns the Septimus gasplant in Ft.St.John BC.

Fort Chicago as of 01/01/11, is now called Verasen Inc.

Together Verasen and Enbridge appear to be getting their ducks in a row for supplying electricity and liquified natural gas to facilitate moving the bitumen sludge from Alberta across BC to Kitimat.

The dispersal of Run of River projects via the compromised BC Hydro and BC Utilities Comission, appears to be a prospecting 'gift' from the present provincial government to 'friends, colleagues and financial supporters'. The 'prospectors' then develop a prospectus (real or imagined) which they use to obtain permission to proceed from BC Hydro and BCUC.

Upon receipt of the green light, they then quickly sell their 'claim' (for a windfall profit) to out-of-province, interested parties.

eg; -friend of government (Eggar & Zawadzki) establishes a 'power' company (Swift Power Corp.) and obtains access to a river. (Dasque cluster near Terrace)

-friend gets go ahead from BC Hydro and BCUC to develop said river.

-'power' company sells(flips) licence to out-of-province interested wealthy developer(Enbridge,Verasen, Enmax consortium).

-wealthy developer gets lucrative long term (35 yr)renewable geared to inflation contract to sell 'surplus' power to BC Hydro at bankruptingly high prices that BC Hydro must pay, regardless of need or price.

-BC Hydro passes on extortion fees to end users.

All of these chameleons change their colours so deftly and easily, so are not easy to keep track of.

No doubt some of the filthy lucre finds its way to the top of the food chain - the initial issuer who appears to reside in the upper echelons of the present government.

More to come, if you want.

More ... 

ron wilton has left a new comment on your post "Helping Lara raise money in a time of new experiences ...":

I think given our illustrious quasi premier's history with Marathon Realty, that he would have encountered David MacLean(or vice-versa)(vice intended), before he usurped the throne. The plan to parlay the lucrative BC Rail(as CN has since proved) was developed in those pre-governing days by those two and others.

Certainly the Pacificat Passion Play was devised to test the feasibility of the Rail theft by conversion, and that worked all too well.

The collusion by the press was a welcome side benefit. Because of their zeal to crucify the previous government, they were vulnerable to aiding and abetting the 'new kid on the block', and cannot extricate themselves without admitting culpability. Too late now, they're on board and will go down with ship.

What is really incredible, if not a tacit admission of guilt, is that none of them deny or challenge your assessment from day one to the present.


And more:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Helping Lara raise money in a time of new experiences ...":

Lets not forget the revelations in the plea bargain from Basi and Virk on October 18, 2010 of how the Washington Group was ....... tied indirectly to the sale of BC Rail to CN Rail via their Consultant Bruce Clark who received leaked documents.

The fast cat ferries could have been berthed anywhere on the coast of BC, but they weren't. The Washington Group were good enough to tie them up in plain sight, no problem with that, it's politics ...

however the recently purchased BC Ferries from Germany sit idle, out of sight + out of mind, because David Hahn and his Board of Directors choose not to look as foolish as their predecessors were made to look like.

They're [the German-built ships are] tied up because fuel costs are highest during the winter months. The ships from Germany are more fuel efficient Hahn said in an interview with Vaughn Palmer but there's not enough traffic (paying customers) during the winter months therefore the old fleet is ferrying the passengers.

By 2013 the debt on the German Ferries will be refinanced......

How much money did BC Ferries pay for them to sit idle?


Click HERE for a summary of how Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers held a 10-minute auction in Vancouver and sold all three (3) PacifiCats for $19.3 Canadian dollars.  Did the buyers from around the world realize it was the curtain rising on the imperial reign of G. Campbell and his Gang?

When I first read your post today Mary, I read Terasen instead of Verasen. Made me think of our old BC Gas. From their site, here is the info on who owns and profits from the natural gas of our province.

Fortis Inc. is the largest investor-owned distribution utility in Canada, serving approximately 2,100,000 gas and electricity customers. Its regulated holdings include electric utilities in five Canadian provinces and three Caribbean countries & a natural gas utility in British Columbia. It owns non-regulated hydroelectric generation assets across Canada and in Belize & Upper New York State. It also owns hotels & commercial real estate in Canada.

I'm told that a picture is worth a thousand words. With all this flip flop going on by the BC Liberals (Christy Clark change of heart yesterday on the HST comes to mind) and that which Ron has raised here, this is a good photo, which I've just used on my own blog this morning.
Anon 11:08,

thank you for sending that link ... it's very appropriate and helpful at this time.

I meant to look that up, to see if Verasen was a typo or something ...

so thanks for saving me the bother of squinting and searching ...

but I'm not sure it's good news, eh?
Sorry. It is misspelled, but not the 'T'.
It should b VERESEN INC.(all E's), not associated with Terasen/Fortis (formerly ENRON) as far as I know.

Maybe I should get my eyes checked as well.
It's spelled Veresen, not Verasen.

If you go to you get a really nice painting.
Now that you mentioned real estate.....

BC Mary has put forward the real estate connection to BC Rail. Somewhere else I've read real estate is linked to the South Perimeter Road and Sea to Sky highway. Though Basi-Virk trial is the main topic here, IPP insiders appear to have real estate connections as well. A lot of BC Liberal policy, even though in different areas, is intertwined at the highest levels. On the EAO website public comments section for the Stlixwim Hydro (now NI Hydro Holdings)IPP project there are a few comments in favour of the proposal to drain lakes, divert waterfalls and criss cross the Sunshine Coast inlets with powerlines on their way to California. This is OK, everyone's entitled to present valid points to back up their opinions. But the issue of mistrust looms high, mainly because of the secrecy and how quickly deals are made without awareness of the general public. A Bibi Malek speaks in favour of the project. So does a Marjan Navabi. Both show financial contributions to Collingwood School. Navabi is/was a director of Millenium Developments. Malek is the wife of Bern Niamir. Niamir is an owner of Renewable Power (recently admonished for poor construction and operation of the Tyson Lake project). Niamir is also an owner of Stlixwim/NI Hydro Holdings. Stlixwim/NI Hydro has been awarded an Agreement to Purchase by BC Hydro.

So far pertaining to Basi-Virk, such issues as Lara, cycling and real estate have come up. Just interesting to see the parallels to IPP's...can't wait till BC Mary or ron wilton find a local entertainment industry link to
Basi-Virk (I don't know of any)... just so I can expound on that in relation to IPP's on this site as well.

BC has some of the best electrical/hydro/alternate power engineers in the world, and some of the best projects. Same can be said for the real people behind the growth and operation of BC Rail. Too bad penny stockbrokers and their lawyers took over, just so they could give it all away to real other countries.
If we had the same potent media machine that the Libs had on hand in the persecution of the NDP over the PacifiCats, we could dub this the "Slow Ferries Fiasco" os "Slow Ferries Scandal"....

"Invisible Ferries Scandal"?

or the Slow Boat to China

no matter how quickly the south fraser perimeter road moves people, products, and processed commodities through the area, there's still the slow boat to, and from, china.

And with the sfpr, the only thing for sure that will happen is, MORE VOLUME.....

Development of the land Skookum has been in the works since the BC Liberals came to power in 2001.

Wouldn't it be lovely if we could get our hands on who has been buying up land along that corridor?

Would it make the Coquihalla highway, steal of a deal, pale, by comparison?

Dave Basi with his comments, over at Alex's blog, went so far as to say that the sale of BC Rail mustn't end up like the Coquihalla.

Does that mean it did That's what all the fuss is about, that BC Rail was given to a buddy, there was no fair process no matter what the Charles Rivers report said.

Just ask CPR who pulled out of the bidding process.
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