Monday, May 15, 2006


Oppal: 52 organized criminal groups operating in B.C.

Excerpts from May 11 CBC INTERVIEW: The Early Edition's Rick Cluff speaks with Attorney General Wally Oppal.

Det. Jim Fisher, a specialist on Asian gangs, had complained that police have lots of information about organized crime, but don't have enough resources to deal with it properly.

He noted that despite the city's massive population growth in the 18 years since he joined the force, the Vancouver Police Department has only grown by about two dozen officers.

"We know far more about organized crime then we have the ability to do anything about. Resources are at an all-time low."

Oppal agrees. He said more police officers are needed to fight the 52 organized criminal groups operating throughout B.C.

"This is a very, very complex and sophisticated form of criminal activity, so the police need more resources," said the attorney general.

Oppal said the provincial government is counting on a federal promise of additional funding for policing,in addition to the extra provincial money. However, he won't say how much more money police forces can expect.

But a couple of months later, in August 2006, the RCMP announced that there are 800 organized crime groups in Canada.

Is Oppal not counting his cousins and Liberal Party organizers?
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