Monday, June 05, 2006


Can a trial just go missing?

Last time he wrote (and bless all journalists who reply), Vaughn Palmer said they were checking the court records to see what new trial date had been set for Ravinder Dosanjh.

This morning, June 4, I e.mailed again, asking "Any news of Ravinder Dosanjh?" And here's the reply:




I'd say that Vaughn Palmer has done his best for us. But those bothersome question marks still blink and flash in the air all around us ... can a trial just disappear into thin air? ... And everybody pretend they didn't notice? ... If so, isn't that news? ... And isn't former Constable Ravinder Dosanjh (and his family) going stark, raving nuts with the ominous uncertainties which have invaded his life?

Please leave a message, eh?
Ok Mary,

I will leave a message.

As for the mystery of the disappearing trial, I didn't find Vaughn's response to be clear.

Did no mean that he had finished investigating and cound that the trial had, indeed, disappeared?


Did no mean that he wasn't finished investigating and therefore had no news yet?

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