Monday, June 26, 2006


Dave Basi owns the UVic Young Liberals

Note the dates. People seemed willing to discuss these matters when news first burst upon the province, that police had raided the B.C. Legislature. But as time went on, discussion dwindled away almost to silence. Here's a snippet from a column by Jody Patterson wrote, 3 weeks after the raids:

Saanich-Gulf Islands Young Liberal pays price for loyalty
Jody Paterson Times Colonist 19 January 2004

A young legislative assistant working in the B.C. government caucus says he was fired in the fall for campaigning for a federal Liberal candidate who didn't have David Basi's backing. Less than two days after trying to organize an October meeting between Saanich-Gulf Islands Liberal hopeful Bob Russell and the UVic Young Liberals Club, the worker was called into his boss's office and given an ultimatum: Quit Russell's campaign or be fired. His boss told him the B.C. government didn't like any of their appointed staff to be involved in federal campaign work. And if not for a number of his legislature co-workers doing similar political work without repercussion -- Basi and Bob Virk most notably -- he might have believed her ...

"One thing you need to know is that Dave Basi owns the UVic Young Liberals Club. I guess he has owned them since he was at UVic himself," [he said.] "So the first thing that happened was the club got the event cancelled that I'd been putting together. And then I heard that Dave Basi had been asking who I was and where I worked. Two days later, I got called into my boss's office." ...

Russell remains appalled at his young helper being hounded out of his government job. But he's happy to have him on the team, and says the ongoing media scrutiny of Basi's organizing style and the federal Liberals' tainted membership lists will benefit the party immensely in the long run. ...


Yeah, right. That's what we all thought. "Ongoing media scrutiny" my foot.
- BC Mary.

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