Tuesday, July 18, 2006


B.C. farmland under attack

Three men face charges of influencing the removal of land from the Sooke Agricultural Land Reserve. Read the whole background analysis by Charles Campbell, published in 20 April 2006 in The Straight:


Hey Mary.

How did things go at the Victoria Courthouse yesterday?


Ross, thanks for asking. I survived, with skeletal fragments of info. A very uncanny experience.

Was strangely impressed by the kindness of the judge ("Oh, it's Brian," said a voice behind me, as we "All rise ..." at his entry); and despite lawyers by the score, I was pleasantly surprised by how attentive they were to their mostly youthful, mostly male clientele. All this, with an unbelievable workload of 90 charges to be heard in Courtroom 101. As for info., it proved as elusive as ever ...

I've just written all this up, from a friend's computer in the shade of Salt Spring Island, and the damn posting has disappeared ... will keep trying.

Very cheering to hear from you ...

BC Mary.
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