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Bless the journalists ... and the fearless publishers

From 1 August 2006 edition of "24 Hours", Bill Tieleman writes:

Erik Bornman, the prosecution's key witness in December's B.C. Legislature raid trial, has resigned his position as an articling law student with Toronto-based law firm McCarthy Tetrault after a complaint against him was filed with the Law Society of Upper Canada, 24 hours has learned.

"Mr. Bornman resigned July 6 from the firm. That's all we're prepared to say," McCarthy Tetrault Communications Director Doug Maybee confirmed in an interview. Bornman's name has already been pulled from their website.

Bornman has been identified in court documents as allegedly providing bribes to David Basi and Bob Virk, the two former B.C. Liberal government ministerial aides who face breach of trust and other charges stemming from the December 2003 police search of the Legislature.

None of the allegations have been proven at trial.

The case involves allegations that confidential government information connected to the $1 billion privatization of B.C. Rail was provided to lobbyists working for a bidder. Bornman was a lobbyist working for OmniTRAX, which tried unsuccessfully to buy B.C. Rail.

Although the Law Society of Upper Canada refused to confirm or deny Bornman is the subject of a complaint, 24 hours sources confirmed a complaint was filed against Bornman.

Law Society spokeswoman Lisa Hall said that unless notice of disciplinary action is sent to a lawyer or articling law student, complaints and investigations are confidential.

The Law Society has a "Good Character Requirement" for all members. The requirement asks whether the applicant has been involved in criminal proceedings, fraud or other misconduct.

Bornman and Brian Kieran, his former partner at lobby firm Pilothouse Public Affairs [now K&E Public Affairs] are alleged to have provided money and other benefits to Basi and Virk but have not been charged with any criminal offence.

McCarthy Tetrault is a major donor to the federal Liberal Party, contributing tens of thousands of dollars in past years. The law firm also gave $118,000 to Paul Martin's leadership campaign in 2003.

Bornman was an aide to Martin when the former prime minister was finance minister.

Bornman could not be reached for comment. His former Vancouver telephone is disconnected and there is no number registered for Bornman in Toronto.


So the guy that admits to bribing public officials can go off to Toronto and become a lawyer!!?? What does that say about the justice system?

Mary you need to find out more about Bornman, Kieran and Elmhirst!
I'm also curious about how Basi, a former government employee, can afford his hot shot lawyer after almost three years of being unemployed. Where is all that money coming from? Is his silence being purchased?
I'd sure like to know the answers to those questions too.

I did hear that Elmhirst now has a hideaway near my old home on Pender Island ...

I read in the news that Paul Martin was due back in B.C. to help with the leadership campaign, which strikes me as ludicrous.

And that Steve showed up yesterday to tell the Indo-Canadian contingent that he's found an intolerable 90-year-old outrage for which he's prepared to issue a prime ministerial apology. So will they block-vote for him?

Did you notice (or am I mistaken?) that not a word about Erik Bornman's resignation from McCarthy Tetreault has appeared in any of the mainstream news media??

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BC Mary.
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