Thursday, August 10, 2006


Key federal liberal activists and executives are linked to this disturbing story

Under the heading of Political Connections, Bill Tieleman wrote on 11 March 2004 in the Straight:

" ... Following release of the search-warrant summary, federal Liberal party B.C. president Bill Cunningham said: 'There really wasn't a linkage between the investigation to any Liberal party federal matter or political activity of the party.' "

But Bill Tieleman disagrees, and says: "In fact, key federal Liberal party activists and executives are very much linked to this disturbing story." And he promised more background analysis: "In a future column, more on the key federal and provincial Liberal players, including federal Environment Minister David Anderson, Sharon Apsey, past B.C. president of the federal Liberals, Erik Bornman, Bruce Clark, and others."

I'll try to look this up on Monday but today my time is up at this wonderful little public computer lab run by the Parksville school district's "Project Literacy" where others are waiting to use one of the 7 available computers. But if anyone has a spare hour on the weekend, maybe you'd check out Bill Tieleman's columns while he was still at The and post your findings. Me, I'm heading back to the beach. Cheers.

Mary: In archives, under "Political Connections", note these dates:
2004 -
March 11, 18
April 1, 15, 22
May 13, 20, 27
June 3
Sept 16, 23
Dec 16, 23
2005 -
January 13
Oh what a tangled web we weave!
Not even 50% of the story has been told. Erik is a soldier, Mark is the corporal. Keep digging, there is a General.
Thanks for the clues ...
Erik is a soldier ... Mark is the corporal ... Ujjal is a general??
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