Monday, September 18, 2006


It's September 18, 2006 and ... ?

... and did those pre-trial motions happen in B.C. Supreme Court today??

Has anyone seen anything about lawyers arguing the need for more disclosure in the case of The Crown (on behalf of you & me) against Dave Basi, Aneal Basi, and Bob Virk, who are facing corruption charges?

Remember Bill Tieleman's comment from 2 years ago: " ... But we do know that there are connections between a police investigation into drugs, money-laundering, and organized crime, two privatization deals worth more than $1 billion, and allegations of breach of trust and fraud by top provincial government officials who have extensive connections with the federal Liberal party and the campaign to make Paul Martin leader and prime minister.

It doesn't get much bigger than that."

No mistake, this is an important legal case. If you find out something ... anything! ... please let us know here.

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