Thursday, October 19, 2006


Friday 20 October in BC Supreme Court

A reminder ... Friday 20 October 2006 is the Basi, Virk, Basi pre-trial conference date, in Vancouver Supreme Court, probably at 9:45 AM.

A pre-trial conference is when the court requires the parties to attend at a conference to discuss issues prior to commencement of the trial.

The Basi, Virk, Basi trial date is tentatively set for December 4, 2006 ... in Vancouver.

[from Stan Lowe, Crown Counsel, Criminal Justice Branch, Office of the Attorney General, in reply to questions]

Be there, if you possibly can. Tell us what you see and hear. A lawyer friend tells me that pre-trial conferences can take place in the judge's chambers where the public never sees anything. Well ... even that would be interesting to find out, because there is a serious need building up in the farthest reaches of British Columbia to hear all, all, alll about it.


Google "Court Services Online" then, on the daily court lists, select Supreme Court, then Vancouver. On the actual day of Friday, October 20, it should list Udhe Basi, Bob Virk, Aneal Basi, and will confirm the date and location.

Any news?

And on any news on whether the local media mavens have decided if the news is, in their estimation, news?

Gee, no, Ross. No news. Nuthin'.

The Basi Boys aren't on the day's Supreme Court listings ... not Vancouver or Victoria ... I even checked Nanaimo and New Westminster.

No mention that I can find in any newspaper, either. Maybe tomorrow?

I just caught a bit of Keith What's his Name on Global. Unfortunately I didn't catch it right from the start. But what I did catch is this.

There seemed to be a question raised about the Special Prosecutor (Bernadino?) perhaps having some personal connection to Spider Man Bornman - Spec Pros said he (Bornman) may have attended a lecture he (Spec Pros) gave - as a law student or something to that effect. In other words nothing smelling of a conflict. Something smells of a stall though and a change of Special Prosecutor could hardly slow down something that seems already to be either stationary or moving backwards.

Keith doesn't think the trial will go ahead in December, he thinks not till next Spring at the earliest. This is really really really starting to suck and blow.

Keith pointed out that Virk had had TWO babies (his wife I presume) since the Raid on the Leg. Tough life, must be hard raising a family as an accused criminal, NOT.

Keith also said that unbeknownst (how unsual) to the public the RCMP raided the offices of the BC Fed Lib Party in March or May of 2005 or 2006 and seized financial records. Apparently this is the first anyone outside of God has heard of this.

We are not being well served, the assets of the province will be gone and the slime involved in whatever is going on will all die of old age before anyone is brought to account.

Must be a great gig, stealing from the people and stalling justice while living the good life at least until there is nothing left to steal anymore or nobody is alive that even remembers December 28, 2003.

Very grateful for this ... I'll start re-checking some more sources and see what else we can find.

Thanks, thanks.

I took a look at the Supreme Court page awhile back. seems they have a new system of court reporting and it isn't working just yet. I'm not convinced it's a stall, they are short of everthing in courthouses. Last time I was at a trial , the date was set for Duncan. we all showed up to find that the judges were backed up for about a year. This lawyer couldn't go that day, try another, can't get the judge that day lets flip a coin. The long and the short was that about six months later it ended up in the Nanaimo Supreme Court and the case was held, the decision came out shorly there after.WE were quite happy with the results and impressed with the judge, who didn't look down on the ordinary folks appearing. Shutting down court houses don't make things go faster and we all know who shut down courthouses. Gordo.

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