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Pieces of the puzzle: we still can't confirm if Basi, Virk, Basi and/or their lawyers showed up, or if they confirmed a trial date

Sunday, 22 Oct: Well, either I've gone blind or there's nothing in print to confirm that Basi, Virk, Basi and/or their lawyers were in B.C. Supreme Court last Friday 20th October. Not even Keith Baldrey's piece. I've tried hard not to believe that it's an agreed silence but it must be. Isn't it increasingly obvious -- as the expected trial date approaches -- that somebody for some reason would like the whole affair kept quiet?

What's the big deal about those two questions: did the accused appear in court for the pre-trial conference? did the court confirm their 4 December trial date?

When 32 police sergeants stormed the B.C. Legislature 3 years ago, it was a matter of great public concern, as it should be. But now, as the trial finally approaches, to hear nothing? This is completely contrary to the function of a free press in a democratic society.

British Columbians have a right to know -- no, they have a duty to know what's going on. And neither the judiciary nor the mainstream press are fulfilling their part of this social contract (for which we pay them well), by deciding we don't need to know a thing about the upcoming trial of the century. I dunno about you, but I'm beginning to damwell resent it.

- BC Mary

On 20 Oct., Bill Tieleman said:

Hi Mary,

Global TV did a piece by Keith Baldrey today - which I haven't yet seen - that
apparently confirmed much of my last column and said RCMP officer Andrew Cowan
did indeed visit the Liberal Party's BC office and did indeed request donor
info. It also said there was a court session today. Don't know if it had any
impact on the trial date.

Regards - Bill Tieleman

Kootcoot left a comment:

I just caught a bit of Keith What's his Name on Global. Unfortunately I didn't catch it right from the start. But what I did catch is this.

There seemed to be a question raised about the Special Prosecutor (Bernadino?) perhaps having some personal connection to Spider Man Bornman - Spec Pros said he (Bornman) may have attended a lecture he (Spec Pros) gave - as a law student or something to that effect. In other words nothing smelling of a conflict. Something smells of a stall though and a change of Special Prosecutor could hardly slow down something that seems already to be either stationary or moving backwards.

Keith doesn't think the trial will go ahead in December, he thinks not till next Spring at the earliest. This is really really really starting to suck and blow.

Keith pointed out that Virk had had TWO babies (his wife I presume) since the Raid on the Leg. Tough life, must be hard raising a family as an accused criminal, NOT.

Keith also said that unbeknownst (how unsual) to the public the RCMP raided the offices of the BC Fed Lib Party in March or May of 2005 or 2006 and seized financial records. Apparently this is the first anyone outside of God has heard of this.

And the remarkable DL comments:

I took a look at the Supreme Court page awhile back. seems they have a new system of court reporting and it isn't working just yet. I'm not convinced it's a stall, they are short of everthing in courthouses.

Last time I was at a trial , the date was set for Duncan. we all showed up to find that the judges were backed up for about a year. This lawyer couldn't go that day, try another, can't get the judge that day lets flip a coin.

The long and the short was that about six months later it ended up in the Nanaimo Supreme Court and the case was held, the decision came out shorly thereafter.

WE were quite happy with the results and impressed with the judge, who didn't look down on the ordinary folks appearing. Shutting down court houses don't make things go faster and we all know who shut down courthouses. Gordo.


Many thanks to these contributors ... I'll try to find the Keith Baldrey article.


It's being called here. Basi was 'collecting donations' for the Libs that never made it to the Liberal Party.
saw something on the Victoria TC website from Saturday, but couldn't access the whole story.
Anon: could you say a bit more about this, like the headline for the story?

And who was it, that said that Basi was collecting donations?

I'll scour TC again ... darned if I saw anything. So thanks for the tip. Hoping to hear more ...
Yes, my blog was "frozen" yesterday as well. The downside of technology-, meant to prevent human fugups, but creates a whole new category set of its own.

And just to let you know Mary, I set up that link to your blog on The Peoples Voice, and my being here is a demonstration that it works.

Love ya, good woman. Keep up this good work.
Here's the headline...The story was in the Capital News section, but need a subscription for the whole stoyr

Procedural issues plague corruption case
Lawyers for B.C. aids want to question cops
Anon: a friend scoured TC front to back without finding anything ... I'm not gonna ask you to type out the whole TC item but a buncha people are desperate to know:

were Basi, Virk, Basi in court? In the judge's chambers?

did they agree on a trial date ... or is it on hold until they get around to questioning the RCMP.

And for cryin' out loud, how could it take them 3 years to think of checking things out with the RCMP ... grumble, grouch ... and wait a minute: aren't the RCMP on the Special Prosecutor's team? What goes, anyway?

And, hey ... thanks!
Page b02
Procedural issues plague corruption case
VANCOUVER -- A lawyer for David Basi is concerned about the "integrity or wholeness" of the disclosure process in the government's corruption case against his client and wants the RCMP to attend court for possible questioning.

This is all I could get online...

here's the link:

It showed up on my GOOGLE news alert for Basi.
Here's the entire article

Procedural issues plague corruption case
Lawyers for B.C. aids want to question cops
CanWest News Service
Published: Sunday, October 22, 2006
VANCOUVER -- A lawyer for David Basi is concerned about the "integrity or wholeness" of the disclosure process in the government's corruption case against his client and wants the RCMP to attend court for possible questioning.

Basi and Bobby Virk, both former provincial government ministerial assistants, were charged in December 2004 with accepting a bribe, influence peddling, breach of trust and two counts of fraud over $5,000.

Michael Bolton says he and the other defence lawyers are asking that Cpl. Chun Ma, a member of the commercial crime section responsible for the disclosure of electronic materials, be available.

"We may seek to cross-examine him regarding certain aspects," Bolton told B.C. Supreme Court Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett.

Special prosecutor Bill Berardino said he would take the request "under advisement" but pointed out if there are any "substantive issues" to be raised, they should be identified in advance.

The judge told Berardino "it may be useful" to have the officer present during a week of pre-trial motions starting Oct. 30, but that "doesn't mean there'll be a free-for-all cross-examination."

Bolton told the court that he and the other defence lawyers, also intend to address the question of vetting or editing of material disclosed for the case.

Aneal Basi, a former communications worker in the transportation ministry, also faces two counts of laundering money.

The charges relate to the $1-billion sale of B.C. Rail.
Anon, you did it ... thanks a million for digging up the one, the only story in print.

Now we can puzzle our heads over what they discussed. Like, "a week of pre-trial motions starting Oct. 30", and crikey, I should think there are umpteen "substantive issues" needing to be identified in advance.

But like the guy said, "We rock at these things ..." and it looks like the train is actually leaving the station soon.

Thanks again, Anon.
Just a reminder: we still haven't tracked down the statement that Dave Basi might have been collecting Liberal dontions ... did somebody actually write that??

When I look at it really, really hard ... it's gotta be a joke, right?
so let me get this straight 2003 the police can tap the phone lines of both the BC Premiere & Finance minister with out a warrant , with out a judges permission . thus the obvious questions become

1) who control's the RCMP

2) why would the RCMP want to listen in on a conversation between Campbell & Collins while investigating a cross-border weed & cocaine smuggling operation .

3) did Coleman , Claude Richmond & the RCMP meet in a plane hanger to avoid being listened to

4) Coleman contacted Gordon shortly before the raid went down

5) Coleman claimed he did not talk to gordo about the upcoming raid , he just told gordo be ready for something .

6) if you look at the lies told by gordo & Coleman over the last 5 years , why should we believe Coleman did not tip off gordo about drug link

7) I would still like to know who tipped off Dave basi the cops were on their was to bust his rental property ..

steve dockeray
milner bc

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From: Steve Dockeray
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Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2006 4:46 PM
Subject: once you ask yourself the first 7 questions about the ledge raid you move to the next set 1) why is no one in the media asking questions or following up tips related to the smuggling bust

once you ask yourself the first 7 questions about the ledge raid you move to the next set

1) why is no one in the media asking questions or following up tips related to the smuggling bust

2) why is no one in the NDP going after Gordon Campbell for drug links to our finance & transportation ministry .

3) are the media protecting Gordon Campbell intentionally or has gordo duped the media

4) the same question can be asked of the NDP & GREEN PARTY ,,,

steve dockeray
milner bc
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Thanks for keeping in touch, with your real concern for the issues this corruption case presents for B.C. and Canada. I hope you'll stick with us, in the days and months to come.

I owe you an explanation about removing your two lengthy drug-related comments from the blog.

* they were not relevant to The Legislature Raids
* they were suggesting/alleging guilt which is unproven

This is not saying that the information you gathered isn't useful in the larger picture ... god knows, we all need to be able to assess the much larger workings of corruption. I thank you for trying to do that.

So I am wondering if you'd provide us with an e.mail address where people can contact you directly and privately to continue your discussion of that information. Maybe a hotmail or g mail address. Post it right here on these comments.

And it would be good if you'd to let us know -- here on this blog -- what insights and progress you may make as time goes on. Best wishes, Steve.

BC Mary
hi , bc mary it is steve & i have been following the true organized crime scene in canada for 25 years . you can contact me at .


i have gone to the media about these issues for the last 7 years & they don't care .

Thank You For Your time
Steve Dockeray
Milner\Langley BC
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