Sunday, October 29, 2006


We'll be there, taking notes fast and furious

Great news:

Dear Mary. I should have written sooner but I was most of the day at the Vancouver rally and march for Canadian troops out of Afghanistan. My friend trained in law at UBC is (as of now) going with me to the court Monday at 9:15 ... Anyhow, it looks like we'll be there, taking notes fast and furious. (All this because of the good work you do and have done.) Courage, Robin

Heard on the radio that the defence are not getting disclosure despite detailed requests.

Apparently, the news report also said that the Special Prosecutor doesn't even know the amount of evidence in the case.
jd ... you've just given me the first clue that something did happen in B.C. Supreme Court today.

Basi, Virk, and Basi weren't even listed in today's Court Lists.

Was it CBC ... CKNW ... or what, that you heard reporting on this?

I'd even been thinking of contacting the Editor-in-Chief of the Times Colonist again.
I didn't hear/see anything on CFAX, CKNW, News 1130, or CBC. Where did you hear this jd?
CKNW at 5:00 PM said that the RCMP met with the Solicitor General Rich Coleman and Speaker Claude Richmond in a HANGAR IN KAMLOOPS the day before the raids.

I almost had an accident while I was driving - I can't believe this.

What is the government hiding??

You can listen to this on the CKNW archives.
Rich Coleman is a slimey character. His role in this affair has always bothered me.
Something! There's no doubt about that. The question now is, is the justice system up to the task of dealing with it?

I think there may be some doubt about that. The other question is, how deep does the corruption actually go?

You have to ask yourself a number of questions?

Why is it so hard to find any information about this case in the media?

Is it just because the media is useless? Given the amount of attention they've devoted to what's going on in Mexico you might think that. In fact, I heard someone say that the only interest here in Canada relative to what's going on in Oaxaca is in terms of the potential problems for holiday travellers. That may well be the very least of it.

Some members of the media are taking the same attitude toward the Basi/Virk/BC Liberals case.

Notice how few commentators list three parties when they name the case and talk about it. Everyone seems to forget how big and important a BCLiberal 'insider' Dave Basi actually was.

Why would a clerk confirm a court appearance on Friday, only to have that appearance 'disappear' on Monday?

DO you think that was the clerk's doing? This wasn't BCMary's imagination either, at least I'd bet it wasn't

Someone, behind the scenes, is pulling strings and the media is too stupid to notice.

Let's see what happens on Tuesday......and hope the public isn't as gullible as the media.

Does anyone really believe the public interest will have been served if this case ends in a plea bargain and the real story never gets out?

It's the third party, the one that never gets mentioned, that makes me wonder about what really went on in court today.
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