Tuesday, November 21, 2006


A note from Judi Tyabji Wilson


When Judi & Gordon Wilson were told about this blog ...

Hi Mary,

I'm so glad someone is trying to break the silence.
It's really amazing to me that there's no opposition,
perhaps they'll try to make up for it when they see
the efforts you're putting in.

Good luck with it.

Cheers, Judi

Then ANONYMOUS said ...

More to the point, way to go Mary.

Good to hear from Judi too. How are Gordon and she doing? If Gordon Wilson was leader of the NDP they would not be trailing in opinion polls. This coming from a someone who did not support the time before last.

November 21, 2006

Globe and Mail Column from Sat. Nov. 18/06


Is there anyone, besides modest me, without a blog or a website?

Erik Bornmann, increasingly in the public eye as a key figure in the high-profile political corruption case soon to go to trial, has not resisted the temptation.

From his website, adorned by a series of photographs from around the world, we learn that Mr. Bornmann "enjoys food, wine and independent film." Don't we all?

There's more. The former politico, once deeply enmeshed in the federal Liberals and an aide to Paul Martin, allows as how he also has "a keen interest in Canadian politics."

Mr. Bornmann is expected to be a pivotal Crown witness in the breach of trust charges against former B.C. government aides David Basi and Bob Virk. A search warrant alleges that Mr. Bornmann, a lobbyist at the time, paid the two for inside information on a government bidding process.

No surprise then, to learn from his website that Mr. Bornmann "has actively participated in federal, provincial and municipal politics."

Finally, what is wrong with this picture? Sharp-eyed observers (ahem) will have noted something different about Mr. Bornmann.

Once simple Erik Bornman, the wannabe Ontario lawyer has added an extra 'n' to his name since moving east. Ontario will do that to a fella.
Bornmann's lawyer's statement for those that didn't catch it:


The Law Society has requested an adjournment of this Hearing until the conclusion of the criminal trial in British Columbia.

Erik Bornmann has asked throughout that this Hearing proceed without delay because until the issue of his good character is determined, his professional life is on hold. It is important to note that this Hearing is the result of Mr. Bornmann reporting himself to the Law Society.

As a result of the criminal proceedings in BC and Court orders which were made there and which were a direct result of motions brought by both the Crown and defence in British Columbia, the hearing here must be held in camera if it is to proceed now.

Our motion for the Hearing to be held in camera was necessitated by those Court orders. This has nothing to do with to Erik Bornmann’s views or interests, rather he would prefer that this Hearing proceed in public.

Erik Bornmann has given much thought to not only his position, but also to the public interest in this Hearing as to his good character. If at all possible, it should be conducted in public.

As a result, Erik Bornmann agrees that this Hearing be adjourned to allow for the criminal proceedings to proceed first in BC, so that this Hearing can be carried out in public. This will also enable the Panel to have full and complete access to his evidence at that trial as well as to all the other witnesses in the criminal proceeding.

While this will result in Mr. Bornmann’s professional life being held in abeyance for a time, he believes this to be the right and proper course of action on his part at this time.

The criminal proceedings were commenced by an indictment dated January 28, 2005. We are prepared to consent to an adjournment to permit the criminal trial to take place, which is now scheduled to commence January 2007. Erik is to be called as a witness in the spring. Consequently we would ask that this hearing be adjourned to July 2007 to set a date. It may be that if the criminal trial is further delayed, there will be a need to proceed with this Hearing without further delay. Erik’s professional life cannot be held in abeyance for years.

November 21, 2006
The basi crew, and their pals, are certainly out for Bornman these last couple days. Every time I see Baldrey talk about this issue it looks like his head is gonna pop. Still, I don't care for this 'let's put the cops on trial instead of the crooks' approach to reporting.
I must confess to being impressed by Bornman(n)'s pictures. Are they his?
More to the point, way to go Mary.

Good to hear from Judi too. How are Gordon and she doing? If Gordon Wilson was leader of the NDP we would not be trailing in opinion polls. This coming from a someone who did not support the time before last.
If Gordon Wilson was the leader the ndp would not be in the position it is in today, it would have been wiped out. Carole James is the right leader at the right time for the ndp.
I wish I could believe that. But, since you seem convinced, I'd like to hear a little evidence that might make me feel there's some small chance that the Campbell Liberals won't win another majority in 09.

I think that governments tend to be 'thrown out' in our political system. In order to get the people to understand why the Liberals need to be 'thrown out' the opposition has to perform its proper function and oppose. Carol James shows absolutely no evidence of being up to the job and her latest trip (paid for by Taiwanese ? business) makes her look worse than ineffectual and more like Campbell than anything else. If she doesn't tear a strip off de Jong - Campbell can't - or won't even be there - then I have little hope for her. I have written to the party and not even received the courtesy of a form-letter in reply.

If something good is going on behind the scenes, my information from the grass roots is that nobody there has heard about it either.

I can't get over the feeling that many of the current crop of NDP MLAs kind of like the salary and the expense account. The Raging Grannies are a better opposition.

I saw a poll the other day http://www.robbinssceresearch.com/polls/poll_276.html
which put the NDP ahead of the Liberals - imagine what could be done by a real leader.
Tearing a strip off de Jong is nothing but theatre. Making constructive criticisms and engaging the public by trying to show the ndp as a viable government in waiting is much better. Having a person like Gordon Wilson who at one time led the BC Liberal party, was booted out and formed the PDA - borrowed money from somebody who called it a loan but then later died whereupon Gordon Wilson alleges it was forgiven as a loan (no witnesses to this) to defect to the ndp after repeatedly calling Glen Clark and his cabinet ministers "manequins" is not the type of leader who inspires confidence and the strength of his/her convictions. If we have sank to the level of calling the raging grannies an effective opposition in this province then this doesn't bode well for all the hard working average people that truly constiute this province.
jr, for cryin' out loud ... a simple announcement is "Tearing a strip off de Jong"? Are you nuts?

What kind of world are we creating, if people can't read a name without getting into a rage about how dreadful, awful, terrible they are ... or were ... or might become.

This blog is a place where we try to inform ourselves about the issues surrounding the police raid on the B.C. Legislature. OK?

I have to warn you that I don't like what you've just written but I'll let it stand for now. Others may wish to comment on that decision.
jr, this is specially for you. I found it on that excellent little news service, "Salt Spring News on-line" as follows:

Regional News
Question of access dogs the whole Basi, Basi, Virk affair and the hearings

The Legislature Raids

Congrats and encouragement to BC Mary from Judi Tyabji Wilson who knows, from the inside, the dirty of BC politics (and the personal private pain it can cause):

"I'm so glad someone is trying to break the silence." ...

Update: We want to add some context for Judi's note to BC Mary. We'll ignore, without forgetting, the vicious and unwarranted attacks on Tyabji Wilson's person in the past. We'll just say the nature and intent of those attacks by some who became members of Campbell's gov't and Judi's and Gordon Wilson's personal responses speak to character.

If you never knew or have forgotten the whole ugly business of the ousting of Judi's husband Gordon Wilson from the BC Liberal Party leadership in favor of Gordon Campbell, a move publically spearheaded by Gary Collins (David Basi's former boss), and behind the scenes by those now running the province, Wikipedia skims the surface of it all. Do your own search for more detailed information.

Wilson left the Liberal Party along with fellow MLA Judi Tyabji and the two formed their own party, the Progressive Democratic Alliance.

Now out of politics, the couple have been working to develop trade relations with India. Wilson is the author of the book, A Civilized Revolution. Of the book, Paul Tennant—the widely respected professor of political science at UBC—wrote: "Wilson's ideas for reforming representation in this province are both radical and revolutionary."

As well as having been leader of the provincial Liberals, Wilson is a former Minister of Finance and a former Minister of Employment, Investment, and International Trade for the province.
Mary I am responding to the post from anonymous where he/she chides carole james "if she doesn't tear a strip off de jong" those aren't my words! I didn't start the thread on the ndp, just responding to what i think is unfair criticism of a party that stands for the working folks in bc.

Oh. Hangs head, scuffs toe. Thank you for a most serene response which I much appreciate.
sorry i am not a gordon wilson fan, never have been and never will be. the facts i stated above are just that facts. if anybody has any other information on the pda loan i am all ears and ready to listen.
i really like your blog and the questions you ask Mary. a lot of people are thankful we have people like you around, if we didn't we would get our facts from the big conglomerates who would like to control what we think and what we read.
And this 'anonymous' stands by his post about the urgent necessity for Carol James to stop pretending she's leading a government, stop taking handouts from any business or commercial entity and begin to recognize the essential truth of what I posted: TO WIT - Governments are thrown out for their own greed, blindness and incompetence.

It's her job to oppose, and if someone doesn't start tearing a few metaphorical strips off our current government for being in the portmanteau of big business, the citizens of this place are going to have Gordon Campbell or worse as their premier for a very long time.

I don’t blame her for enjoying the perks of a job she earned fairly and squarely – but it’s long past time she started doing the job she’s being paid to do.

The last people who ought to need to have this lesson spoon fed to them one more time are the BC NDP.
Dear Fiery Anon (Nov. 22):

Well ... the Leader of the Opposition did her job, don't you think, when she quietly but firmly presented the recent facts, lies, and contradictions about the Children & Families file? And assured the government that they weren't going to abuse the Legislature that way?

It's the first time I've ever felt that her dignified style was capable of providing a determined Opposition.

Of course, she might have been hearing a certain amount of restlessness amongst the constituents, too.

Good to hear from you again. Sorry I had such an unworthy and Un-James-like fit yesterday ...
Sorry I had such an unworthy and Un-James-like fit yesterday .

Nothing to apologize for Mary, these guys are lucky the raging grannies and friends, who by the way weren't even mentioned in any media here, were packing guitars instead of pitchforks. Even the Legislature being in session has been very downplayed on TeeVee here (with heavy prominence given to DeJong's charge of playing politics, well duh, what is it that you are you ignorant excuse for a politician?), with a bit more coverage on CBC radio.
Carole James has done a great job in the way she has ensured the session will run until Monday. As I stated above, a dignified debate with facts is what people want to see, we have had enough drama to last us a long time! The foi stuff was shocking to say the least. We need to demand an investigation into this coverup. Where is the rcmp when you really need them??
Aw, jr ... just when I was thinking Yes, how right he is ... !

When the heck was the last time "we have had enough drama" from the current NDP Opposition?
point well taken Mary!!
Have you seen this video on YouTube about Eric Bornmann? Pretty funny.

Did you think it was funny? I think it's a lot of things ... but not especially funny. I mean, isn't it really "Aw, Erik, don't feel bad ... just a little bit of boyish fun ... nothin' to worry about."

Like, not a real railroad. Not the BCRail guys killed on the trains. Not a province stripped of its finest public assets. Not to worry. Be happy.

I'd like to know who made that video. Who paid for it. And why.
Kootcoot found out who made the video and a lot of other stuff about it ... visit his website and ask:

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