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Anne Cameron, on hearing of the Tsawwassen land deal


-AND right out of the blue, zippidee doo dah, a previously unheard of treaty is signed with the Nuu Cha Nulth which will give them..............YEP...........the Carmanagh........and the agreements are already in place to allow logging and.....
and Carole James is as much help as a quart of warm goat piss.  The NDP did a better job when they only had Jenny Kwan and what's-er-name the redheaded virago who is now seen pulling tickets out of a barrel for the win-a-dream-home lottery (which we wouldn't even need if the fekkin government would properly fund the hospitals).
What isn't being said is that this ALR deal with the Tswassens includes Burns Bog.  Kiss it goodbye.  And if you want to see the snow geese better get in the old SUV and get out to the bird sanctuary while it's still there.
There's a thing happens on steep snow covered slopes.  All it takes is for one little hunk to slip.  In slipping it attaches to other little hunks and then a bigger hunk slips and in no time flat lordy baldy look out there's thousands of tonnes of the white shite racing down to bury the town!  And that's what has already happened.  Too many people have sat back and thought Well, they don't need me, between the environmentalists and the natives' things will be protected.  So too many have sat on their airses for too long.
And the Phillistines have found a way to divide and conquer.  Now the environmentalists can go at it hammer and tongs against the natives and the corporations will profit, the lawyers will profit, the arstles in Victoria will profit and if you can't sit down comfortably, it might be because of ... well.
And I'm insane. I know I'm insane because a sure sign of insanity is to keep on doing the same non-productive thing time after time after time, expecting a different result will occur in future than has in the past.
I write my letters, I go to Council meetings, I try to keep myself informed, I support WC-squared, I just keep on doing what I've been doing for more years than makes any kind of intelligent sense at all. I'm insane.
The FlimFlam men have come to town and they've been made welcome.  It's Doctor Do NoGood's travelling snake oil show, come one come all.  Dig in your pocket, buy a bottle of this elixir, drink it and do not notice your wetlands are being drained, your forests shaved, your children dumbed down and your politicians are hand-in-glove with the corporations.  All the way to the top.
Steve is going to pour millions into a plan to assess the types and amounts of toxic chemicals being poured into the environment.  That doesn't mean he's going to make them stop pouring, it just means a new bureaucracy, keeping track (more or less and probably more less than more more) of what it is has inflated the rate of childhood chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
But not to worry.  Because both levels of government are going to "do something" about the starving homeless on Vancouver streets and have the streets clean before 2010 when the world comes to watch the privileged play winter games.  And THAT is going to mean that small towns in remote areas have a surge in population as these poor bastards are deported to areas where they won't be seen by the moneyed crowd when it arrives.  It would be quicker and cheaper to just gas the bastards but if anyone noticed we'd be in warm water so we'll do our own polite version of ethic cleansing and send 'em to Spuzzum or Horsefly or Leaky Gumboot or Patched Elbow.  Well, not Patched Elbow, that's in Saskabush.
Is it an accident?  Who profits?
In the sweet bye and bye
there will be pie in the sky bye and bye
raisin pie, apple pie,
there will be pie in the sky bye and bye...
when I was tiny, many years ago, my grandfather, Bill Graham, mine union organizer, would hold me, rock me, cuddle me and sing me to sleep with that song.  Grandpa, I love you, and that song is more true now than when you sang it to me.
all together now
In the sky, in the sky, there will be pie in the sky bye and bye.

Dear Mary. Your link-up of the Tsawassen "treaty" with the B.C. Rail scandal is masterful. The same is happening, exactly, with the sell-out of the rivers.

Ledcor has brought in the native bands in the
Squamish area (promising god-knows-what and paying the same) so that they appear at public protest meetings as the allies of Ledcor - which is destroying the area, and is going to have "facilities" for electrical energy creation that will go straight into the U.S.-supplying grid.

And the locals fighting the whole dirty thing are blocked. The relentlessness of it all is quite stunning. And as
Anne Cameron says, the actions of the NDP are simply not credible unless someone among them is bribed more than we can imagine. best,
Amazing that someone else out there sees through this scam. These treaties are not about historical injustices, sovereignty, etc. - they are all about taking land out of the hands of the public so that government, corporations, and an elite few (as always), can run amok.

Everyone will be impoverished as a result.

...and all in the name of "political correctness."

Heaven forbid I say anything like this publicly or I'd be crucified as a "racist" when I am anything but.
How can you think the bands on the West side of the island just sort of popped up with a treaty. George Watt was leading the group at least ten years ago. His own band walked away from the table, he stayed with the other bans at the table. We watched some of the action years ago. Just check the web site of the BC Treaty Commission. It shows who is in, and at what stage they are at, and when they passed through each step.It would be nice if things moved quickly but it's simply not the way thing happen. It's not unusual for the parties to sign a AiP then spend a year or so sorting out the legal bits These things are taking much longer than expected. Minister Cashore, and that goes back quite awhile used to figure ten years tops for the whole works. How can anyone say the NDP is somehow being "Bribed" Bribed to do what. the Commission overseas the events and they are federal, provincial and Indians, all placed there to try to facilitate things.They are all appointed, and they select the person to be the Chief Commissioner. The provicne may be pushing things to make them sleves look good or to feather the nests of supporter companies but the rest of the system works, slow for sure.
Hi, Anon-D:

Nothing was said about any FN bands "popping up" with a treaty. Doesn't matter how long it took to get to the place where we are now ... it's still a real estate deal which IMO favours the realtors and industrialists, not the FNs, and not the longterm wellbeing of FNs and all British Columbians.

Oh yes, indeed, "the province may be pushing things to make themselves look good or to feather the nests of supporter companies" ... good on ya. You got it.
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