Friday, December 01, 2006


Gary Collins, ex-BC Finance Minister, quits Harmony Airways today


Gary Collins shocker - Ex-BC Finance Minister quits as CEO of Harmony Airways!
By Bill Tieleman
1 December 2006

Former BC Liberal finance minister Gary Collins has dropped a bombshell this afternoon by quitting as President and CEO of Harmony Airwaves!

Harmony owner and major BC Liberal donor David Ho must be in shock, since Collins has been there for less than two years. Collins quit his job as Premier Gordon Campbell's finance minister on December 14, 2004 to move to Harmony and a reputed $300,000 annual salary running an airline that currently has just four aircraft.

Collins has told media that he will be pursuing one of several employment opportunities but has not given any details.

Collins' former ministerial assistant, David Basi, faces trial on breach of trust charges that will be heard in the new year. In a defence application for disclosure of evidence in November it was disclosed that police had put Collins under surveillance when he met with an executive from OmniTRAX, one of the companies bidding in the $1 billion BC Rail privatization.

The defence application also disclosed that a conversation between Premier Gordon Campbell and Collins was captured on a police wiretap on Basi's cell phone.

You can see an interview by Public Eye Online's Sean Holman with Collins this afternoon and Sean also reprinted Collins resignation news release.


Other members of the Harmony Board are Steve Bellringer, William (Bill) Dalton, William (Bill) Cohen, Anthony von Mandl, John Reynolds, Greg McDougall, David Chu, Lyall Knott, Robert (Bob) Weins, and Doug Black.

What would these fine fellows and upstanding citizens also share in common with the former Finance minister?
Well, Anon: John Reynolds ... aw, stoppit ... this wasn't supposed to be fun games.

But suppose it was. Has anybody seen an announcement of the Gary Collins resignation in CanWest media?

If this was, indeed, done to clear the runway for clean landing in a federal Lib riding the timing is sure curious (ie. the Friday before the big Marissen win). Did somebody know something that the rest of the 33 million Canuckistanis were completely unaware of?

Or, was there a double-whammy 'heads-you win; tails-you win too' type deal in the works for Mr. Collins regardless?

And if one were truly a conspiracy-minded tinfoil-hat wearer, one might be getting a pretty bad case of aluminum sunburn if the Ledge Trials still haven't started in earnest after the federal writ has been dropped.

David Ho of Harmony Airways. Is he the son of Stanley Ho, the casino and mafia kingpin of Macau?

How much do John Birch Society members charge to launder money anyhow?
Huh ... ?
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