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Martyn Brown ... he knows nothing, too!

When Premier Campbell called his first post-raid caucus meeting, the topic of Dave Basi's federal connections came up, and B.C. Liberals pointed fingers at Basi's boss, the then-Minister of Finance, Gary Collins.

Gordon Campbell told reporters emphatically that he was not aware of the extent of Basi's activities on behalf of the federal Liberals.

The premier insisted that his chief of staff, Martyn Brown, was unaware as well.

Some Liberals think the premier doth protest too much. They can't believe that he and his chief of staff, both of whom are known for controlling tendencies, were entirely ignorant of Basi's involvement in the Paul Martin organization.

More likely, they figure, the premier's office turned a blind eye, thinking it could help B.C. to have an "in" with the next prime minister.

The premier's denial meant that the buck stopped with Collins.

Collins can't very well say he didn't know what Basi was doing on the political front: He'd look like a fool.

Vaughn Palmer concludes, "Besides, I have to think that Collins welcomed his aide's well-cultivated connection to the incoming prime minister. It could be useful to him in his other role as finance minister when he needed to pitch B.C.'s case to the federal moneybags.

"And if Collins, who not so long ago considered running federally, were to reactivate that ambition, well, it couldn't hurt politically, either."

And, as we have said ourselves, the emotional story given by Basi and Virk to Gary Mason for the Globe and Mail, might not hurt them politically, either.

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With thanks to Vaughn Palmer for his long-ago column, "Basi's Federal connection upsets some B.C. Liberals"

This old Palmer report is interesting for what it doesn't address as well. Not least of which the questions Gary Collins might have had some difficulty answering if he had continued as Minister of Finance and faced the withering attack of the now much-lamented Joy McPhail in the House or in committee.

One wonders what witnesses will be called and questioned when (should I have written if) this trial actually begins before Madame Justice Elizabeth Bennett.

And how often Cabinet secrecy will be called into service as a reason for holding one's tongue…a much less incriminating dodge than slipping under the umbrella of the Canada Evidence Act as a method of avoiding self-incrimination.
We all wait with anticipation this trial. Ever wonder why Collins suddenly decided to go run a small airline , which by the way supported the Liberal, provincially . Oh flying was his passion. Give us a break, he was a simple flying instructor like so many of us were or still are. He never had a commercial flying job in his life. Now Collins has decided to drop the airline job and is looking for alternative position. Watch for him and Cristy Clark, who retired to look after her child, then took a run at the mayor's job in Vancouver and got soundly thumped. I guess her son grew up in that one year or less. They are reported to plan on running for the federal liberals. Too bad Gordo wouldn't do the same. anything to get rid of him and his sidekick Martyne Brown. BC voters are such suckers
Is it a crime for a provincial Liberal to be a volunteer in the federal Liberal Party? Wasn't this just a political problem because Campbell didn't want to piss off the Tories in his coalition? Not sure what the relevance is here.
The relevance is that a man like Campbell, who has his finger in every pot in this government, could make - with a straight face - the claim that he 'wasn't aware' of anything.

This man used one of the principal's cellphone for Gods sake. Who could possibly believe he didn't know what was going on. Before he became Premier he'd made some noise about his guys being 'BC Liberals' and not having any connection to the Federal gang.

Of course he was being disingenuous - and now we have the spectacle of Mark Marissen and Christy Clark and Erik Bornmann and his brother - and in all probability members of the Basi Boyz gang themselves - falling over themselves to get in line to support Stephane Dion. Because there might be something to be gained if he manages to beat Harper. You think the Premier doesn't know?

Are you beginning to get the picture?
Martyne Brown knows everthing that'a going on in the BC Liberal group.If he knows, Gordo knows. We met the guy a few times way back when Gordo was the opposition leader. The word sleezy comes to mind.Silly us, we figured he was just some slug trying to make brownie points for Gordo. Gordo and Martyne make a good team to shaft the people of BC. In our view he certainly has more authority than any Minister, but not the legal authority to write OIC
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