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commentor: Frankposted: 12-27-2004

Nothing to do with politics but Bertuzzi did have the guts to face Moore, it was Moore who turned his back. You have to watch the whole play not just the last 3 seconds.
As for politics, "I Have a Little List". Good list. Stuff on there I had forgotten about.

commentor: BC Maryposted: 12-27-2004

Thank you to: "I have a little list", for kick-starting our own B.C. investigation. There's so MUCH for any red-blooded investigative reporter to dig into, beginning with Liberal memberships and the way in which federal candidates were muscled into place. Then the proliferating Casinos -- who's authorizing them? and why at such break-neck speed? There are side-bars such as the curious break-in at Bruce Torrie's home. The facts appeared only once, never again, not even in Tyee. Here's the only announcement: [from:] Victoria Independent Media Center Did Basi's Boy's Burgle Bruce Torrie's Victoria Home? by Alan Rycroft and Bruce Torrie , via CCC • Friday February 06, 2004 NEWS RELEASE Liberal Lawyer's House Burglary Follows Briefings on Organized Crime VANCOUVER -- The Victoria home of Bruce Torrie was burgled last weekend, three weeks after he began briefing high-placed Liberals about the possible infiltration of the Liberal Party of Canada by organized crime. Bruce Torrie is the former Legal Counsel to the LIberal Party of Canada (B. C.) and the Liberal Party of B. C., as well as the former President of the Vancouver Centre Provincial Liberal Riding Association, and the former Policy Chair of the LIberal Party of B. C. "Police tell me that this was the work of professionals, who cut phone lines to disable the alarm system," said Torrie. "They left almost everything of real value, taking only three large jars of pocket change and a few other items. They found two secret hiding places in my home that I didn't even know existed, and turned my house upside down apparently looking for information." Torrie has been briefing high-placed LIberal Party officials and activists from his Vancouver home since January 9, and believes the burglary is related to his briefings. "After the RCMP raid on the B. C. Legislature, it's no secret that police are investigating organized crime at the highest levels of Canadian society," said Torrie. "I think organized crime was trying to find out what I know about their activities within the Liberal Party of Canada." Torrie believes that there are two crime rings fighting for control within the LIberal Party of Canada, and that several prominent politicians and party functionaries are "patsies or proxies for organized crime." Information: Bruce Torrie, 604. 685 0222 RCMP, 250 474. 2264 (file no. 20041551) The burglary is being investigated by the RCMP. Media outlets wishing to gain access to the crime scene in Victoria are asked to schedule an appointment through Bruce Torrie. [End of quote] If anybody has any new information on this, please write. And write to the media. It's true, that very few letters are chosen for publication. But it's also true that every letter is read and tallied according to subject matter. Be brief, be polite, check for errors, but write! How else can the bastards know that the public truly does care about veracity, integrity, and the fate of the nation.

commentor: howard brownposted: 12-27-2004

Anybody notice that the then transportation minister Judith Reid was 'non-involved' elected official to beat a hasy path to the door?

commentor: Burgessposted: 12-27-2004

Everyone knows about Doug Walls and his 'salivating' over the billion plus dollar account that was about to end up in his hands. (Can you say 'skimming'?) How an account for his wife was set up to cover HIS ass from his creditors and and to keep his creditors away from the dollars HE was earning before being discharged by the courts. The kicker was the investigating powers gave this scam the okay.(This man never even gave a thought to the citizens of Prince George that ended up having their cars seized and salaries docked by HIS creditors.) Gordon Hooge had to know what was up because they worked out of the same office building and were personal friends. This guy let Hooge take the fall because it is all about him. Me, me, me and to hell with the rest of you. (Campbell stayed with the Walls in PG but our illustrious premier played 'dumb' when first questioned about his relationship to the Walls. Mendacity fits well here mr. premier.) For anyone interested check out The Public Eye on Brian Bonney. Another admitted bankrupt (see Burnaby Now and New Westminster Newsleader archives) To make a trite statement 'Those that can - run a business those that can't take out a membership with the liberal party and feed at the public trough. With the scandals that this liberal government has imposed on BC, and if gets re-elected, we the citizens will surely get what we deserve, another four years of criminal ineptitude and greedy hands on public monies. Trouble is what is the alternative? PS. And the fish farm fiasco was not even mentioned this time around.

commentor: relayerposted: 12-27-2004

As long as we're asking about the stories the media seems to be ignoring, what about the persistent reports that when Gordo got busted in Hawaii, he was there with his girlfriend? Which explains why she looked like she was ready to kill him at that pathetic news conference he gave when he got back.

commentor: Who knowsposted: 12-27-2004

I wonder if the $250K 3 month consulting gig that Tejinder Basi participated in a week before the leg raids last year might somehow be related.

commentor: relayerposted: 12-27-2004

explains why his WIFE looked the way she did. Sorry...

commentor: Garry/Richmondposted: 12-27-2004

There seems to be some aspects of the BC Rail deal that run parallel to the Watergate scandal. Illegal operations were involved in both affairs. Three BC Liberal aides were caught in the BC Rail deal while five Republican aides were caught during the burglary at Watergate hotel. In the Watergate scandal, the aides eventually implicated their superiors who eventually spent time in jail. There are still a lot of questions not answered in ther BC Rail deal. If the BC Rail deal was not compromised, why are these three aides being fired and charged with fraud, breach of trust and influence peddling? Why was the Robert Bank deal killed when the BC Rail deal was already signed? Which means the BC Rail was also criminally compromised because it was negotiated first. The people should know more.

commentor: Baileyposted: 12-27-2004

This is a very important story. It must be brought out into the light and be seen.
These people seem to be masters of the diversion, the misdirection, the sleight of hand. Roberts bank was likely trashed so spectacularly for the same reason a magician points at his right hand and releases a flock of pigeons while his left hand does the dirty work. To make you look away from the real deception. You can stare as hard as you like at that right hand but if you do, you never will see the trick.
Here's something for the little list. Parliamentary procedure dictates that governments must fall if certain things happen, failure to pass a money bill, or a big scandal. It cannot tolerate an American style fixed election date. When the BC Liberals set a fixed date, what they were saying was they refused to leave no matter what anybody said, no matter what they were caught doing or who they were caught doing it to.
If the next election results in a minority, like the one the Feds are dealing with, how will the opposition parties operate? They must be able to force an election, but the new law forbids it. Essentially it seems to mean that they will not go even if they lose, unless they're completely routed.
Another magical piece of mischief, destroying Parliament's ability to function while distracting the audience so they won't notice what's gone until it's too late. They clearly mean to hold on to power no matter what. Even if it costs us the very heart of what we are.

commentor: NAME WITHHELDposted: 12-27-2004

I heard the Premier was getting half of the cash/BC bud from the Basi ring in kickbacks and had been sending it to his buddy "Glenochio" at Pattison Motors to get it laundered and clipped, and that he and his pal/gal are regulars who whoop it up at secret party headquarters in Nanaimo in the New-Era Right-Wing NeoCon-Liberal Hell's Angels Bingo Parlour, (a former NDP gig), rumoured to be operated by Solitor General "Big Piggy" Coleman. Who knows, eh!

commentor: sgregsonposted: 12-28-2004

All seems a tad more serious than a dubious wooden deck. By rights this scandal should bring the BC Liberals a harsh defeat in May 05 - but after seeing Bush re-elected in the US we have to admit anything is possible.

commentor: Wonderwomanposted: 12-28-2004

Excellent article, Barbara. Everyone sees the obvious: the desperate attempt of the media to submerge this growing disgraceful scandal. Kuddos to all who posted comments above. If one scratches the surface, almost every initiative that Campbell has pushed directly benefits his tight circle of friends; including the Olympic venues with J. Poole holding the reigns, many key corporate interests sitting on the board with large land holdings in Whistler and the Sea to Sky Corrider and Furlong eminating from the Arbutus Club, owned by Mr. Ho; the casino expansion with the co-campaign chairman Kinsella's involvement along with other key Liberal/Conservatives (oh my - doesn't RAV take you right to the RiverRock Casino? Isn't the Casino going to pay for part of the Ice Rink venue taken from Simon Fraser for Richmond's benefit? Or is it for some other benefit other than the people of Richmond?) As for CN and an "inside deal": I heard a whisper that one of Campbell's friends from University heads up CN; could it be true? OH WHAT A TANGLED WEB THEY WEAVE. They have become blinded with their greed; too clever by half; too arrogant to see that the power of the people given the truth is a worthy opponent and will win every time. The Hon. W.A.C. Bennett understood the power of the people. He built B.C. Rail and established B.C. Hydro and other visionary PUBLIC enerprises for the benefit of the people of B.C. vs a select group of private interests. The actions that Campbell and his crew have taken against the best interests of the people of this province to benefit themselves, is truly a crime. Perhaps beyond all of our comprehensions, W.A.C. will have a hand in bringing them all down to the level where they belong.

commentor: MacLachlanposted: 12-28-2004

Although I am largely unaware of many of the sordid details of McLintock's piece, It does not suprise me. The most troubling aspect of McLintock's story (as well as the most entertaining and informative comments in response) is that the cancer with respect to political leadership goes largely unnoticed by the public at large. The trouble is that a critical mass of the electorate are far too preoccupied with their own bread and butter issues that they are only too happy to have mainstream media spoon-feeding be the sole source of their "information". Being so informed, they appear to be totally content with the sleezebags who somehow pass themselves off as responsible and moral leaders. So, the real question in this polity, as in any liberal democracy, is how to encourage more of the electorate to take a greater interest in the institutions that have a significant bearing on their lives, but more importantly, to hold political leaders to a much higher standard than what we have in either our provincial or federal political arenas? In the several decades I have followed politics I have never felt as disgusted with the process as what I feel now. Is this the result (and triumph) of corporate infiltration of both mainstream media and governmental institutions that the public (at large buys into a rationalist ethos that) settles for a far less than optimal status quo? Or is it that the public at large is terminally braindead to the extent that they are easily manipulated and therefore are fair game for for those who have the power and the will (not to mention the greed) to exploit that weakness?

commentor: Stink Watchposted: 12-28-2004

The timing of this story reminds me of the late November finding of budget surplus that just happened to be announced before the RAV financing was running out of time. You all know the re
On Thursday, November 16, 2006, at 12:56 AM, Lynn Smyth wrote:

Much agree, Mary and Jim ...Tina is posing some very good questions.
Here is a great article from Tyee, (Dec.24,2004.)...but it is the commentary that is really worth the read...sometimes I think Beers doesn't  appreciate enough the level of commentary ;-)...anywaaaaay.....some really very good info and questions being asked in it:
This has been a very lonnnnng day... for many reasons. Wind, lightning, monsoon-like rain...and the run-off from the hills behind us has created a raging waterfall down the cliffs we live on.
Hope our house is not sitting on the low tide mark by morning.
Oh well, tomorrow is another day, right Scarlett?

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