Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Did Gary Collins offer OmniTRAX a consolation prize?

Collins denies offer of 'consolation prize'

The Globe and Mail
Print Edition 28/02/07 Page A12

Former provincial finance minister Gary Collins has flatly denied suggestions that he offered a ''consolation prize'' to an unsuccessful bidder in the controversial sale of BC Rail.''There was never any offer by me, or on my approval, in return for any party staying in the bidding,'' Mr. Collins declared in an e-mail to The Globe and Mail. Further, the former high-profile Liberal cabinet minister said he would welcome seeing the details of a restaurant dinner he held with private railway executives - a dinner that the RCMP staked out - broadcast on the six o'clock news.

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Looks to me like the upper echelon cutting the two aides loose. what do you think mary?

I think it matters a whole lot, HOW those documents got into the hands of anybody who "just happened" to know where to be at the right time ... more about this as soon as I check out a few other details.

It just doesn't happen in real life. Note that I doubted Jeff Miller's colourful report when it came in. I just couldn't imagine anybody (not even the media) having court documents in their hands.

More soon ...
Looks to me like one could do a whole lot of parsing of that Email statement from Mr. Collins to the G&M.

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