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News tomorrow on Basi, Virk, Basi trial

Something did happen in B.C. Supreme Court today (26 Feb) but not exactly certain what it was. Confirmation should come tomorrow. What I've heard suggests that the lawyers for Basi, Virk, Basi aren't looking for any further postponements of the trial. Can't be sure, yet. Check back for more news tomorrow. Bill Tieleman is on the case! - BC Mary.

Documents were filed in court today that have some shocking revelations like for example Erik Bornmann accused Bruce Clark of bribing basi and virk. We also found out the first statement Bornmann gave to police stated the job for aneal basi was legitimate and above board, this clearly shows Bornmann changed his story later on when he was given his deal. There is more detail about omnitrax threatening to withdraw from the bidding for bc rail and all back room things that were happening, questions are asked about cn and whether or not they paid too much for bc rail if we are to believe the rcmp theory, there are demands for more disclosure, also things about missing files. From what I have heard these documents paint a very bad picture regarding the bc rail deal and what was happening behind the scenes. I have also been told basi and virk make it very clear everything they did was on the direct orders of their superiors to keep the bidding process going to prevent it from collapsing and causing another fiasco like the Coquihalla privatization, there is also stuff in these documents about the government breaking its promise to sell bc rail. I will report back with more information if I am able to get any.
On one of its Feb 26 evening newscasts (maybe 9:00pm?) CKNW reported that the defense is alleging that the RCMP got an office number wrong when they raided the Ledge.

It's not up on their website yet (10:45pm) but they are often slow at night - too much sports talk goin' on for the (nolonger) Giant98 to keep things up-to-date I suppose.

Jeff Miller:

For an hour or so, I held back on your report as I couldn't be sure whether I had received a few more pages from Ken Merkley's book (The Raid - A Novel) or the hottest-ever tip on the B.C. Rail affair.

Then came the Fowlie article in Vancouver Sun, which provided background confirmation that the documents filed were available for viewing.

Y'see, I just couldn't figure that you had access to documents filed in Supreme Court. Especially when Robin Mathews had been there yesterday morning, too, and had come up 0 for 0, and I had thought it was all my fault for not being able to confirm the hearing date -- which wasn't listed in Court Services; two queries to the Attorney General's Office went unanswered; so eventually I asked Bill Tieleman again.

Turns out it wasn't a hearing, it was a filing. Who knew? Who could imagine such intricacies? But having imagined it, I found it difficult to picture you with those filed documents actually in your hands, able to tell me all these things.

And remember, this came right on top of the Kim Bolan episode -- which began right here on my blog -- when Anonymous detected that a respected reporter had helped set off a firestorm of doubt on another issue ...

All of which, totalled up, Jeff, is to say that I thank you very much for your report. And if anyone asks me, I'll have to tell the truth: no, I don't know you, have never met you, and could not vouch for your statements.

Sigh. What a strange world this is.But thanks again.
Thanks for the compliment Mary. I wanted to give you something to post because I know how much you have followed this. I will be attending the hearings and report in when I do. You should get a copy of the motion and post it on your site. Its a fascinating read and really spells out how flawed the bc rail process was. The bribery accusations made by bornmann against bruce clark were shocking. The fact bornmann changed his story after his first statement is another nugget in this document. Doesn't bode well for the key witness if he changes his tune. Its also clear basi and virk aren't protecting anybody. The rcmp also doesn't look very good after it was exposed that a senior investigator debruckereye is related to the executive director of the bc liberal party kelly reichart. How can you investigate the government if you have such an obvious conflict of interest - something smells really bad.

Would you please contact me at

Thanks again.
Jeff Miller, thanks for showing up, perhaps you should join the team. It is so refreshing to discover anyone else who finds this affair of interest. I must admit, I'm puzzled as to how you came up with the info so promptly - but I'm certainly not complaining. I too queried the office of Attorney General, but didn't even get a reply until late yesterday. And then all they would divulge was there is to be a meeting/pre-trial hearing/application on March 7. Indeed they wouldn't even admit anything occurred on Monday.

I must admit that I agree with you 100% regarding the smell!
I also echo the thanks for Mr. Miller's work and hope that he can send regular, Marcy Wheeler-esque, trial reports to Mary.

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