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Still having Blogger problems ... sorry! not my fault!!

I'm trying to work up enough courage to move out of Blogger and into Wordpress. Blogger promised that if everybody switched to Blogger Beta, all our URLs and text would be untouched (true) and that nothing would change except that all the functions would get better. Well, they lied.

Some bloggers have lost their web-sites completely.

Others are locked out (c'est moi), find their blog distorted or can't leave comments (me again).

Thank you for your patience ... and for politely turning your heads away while I go nuts. Much appreciated.

So here, I'll paste the comment I just tried to leave but the %#$#@&?? New Improved Blog wouldn't accept it:

Anybody watching Question Period in the House of Commons today?

It's not that Stephen Harper is my favourite prime minister, not by a long shot, but I was appalled at the way he was treated.

The Liberals were primed and ready for a comment regarding Mr Bains, M.P., and they began, right on cue, to bawl and roar like a pack of hoodlums, literally overwhelming the Prime Minister who -- after about a minute of sound-blasting -- gave up and the Speaker of the House signalled for the Bloc Quebecois to take the next question.

Harper would've done far better to have simply stated the case: he thought the Liberals had shifted their position on the anti-terrorist Bill; but he wanted to continue his "attack ads" campaign and went too far ... suggesting that the Liberals were trying to protect one of their own.

The Liberals, however, went waaaaay too far, and turned the House of Commons into a back alley brawl.

I'm not arguing the right and wrong of the issue itself.

What bothered me was the premeditated, planned use brute force to bully an M.P. into silence. Why?

The Speaker is there to rule any M.P. out of order when a statement crosses the line.

Today the Liberal Opposition used a primitive blunt instrument to briefly protect themselves -- a clear signal that we are dangerously close to a culture of corruption.

Both sides are positioning for a election that might be sooner than later. Let's not forget Joe Clark who went down when his side couldn't count then got into a situation with a vote of confidence. Watch Harper in the next little while,sure they act like kids and the speaker should rule with a heavier hand after it starts to get stupid. I do recall Dave Barrett getting bodily removed from the BC house because the speaker lost control. and we must remember it's a Liberal who is the speaker because without him steve and the boys would be history. dl
Well I guess they were rude and unruly, but it couldn't happen to a nicer guy! Instead of all the hootin' and booin' I'd rather see them ride him out of town on a rail to the tar and feathering place. Then ship him back to Alberta and tell him to STAY!
Dam'it, I missed it! must listen to it on itunes as I've missed the cpac rerun now too.

Mary, about wordpress, I've been looking at it and it does seem to be much more stable and with a much more clean interface. As for saving all the files/archives that make this blog so valuble I'm not sure how easily that can be accomblished but I know it has been done. Make a couple of good back ups to be on the safe side. And then go for it while there is some time before the trials start.

We do have a bit of time still don't we? I have them written down.

Sigh, but no tv, nor newspapers, I'm relying on you and Koot and Bill, when he gets back from Mexico, lucky dog, but mostly you Mary.

Your stuff is best:) I'm a fan.

Many thanks, Georgine. Gosh, I needed those wonderfully encouraging words!

Y'see, I think I've figured the problem. It seems that when OLD Blogger said "Press here" to switch, it created a NEW Blog ... i.e., TWO identical Legislature Raids blogs.

And now the identical twins don't know which one is expected to do what, when, and for whom.
Mary I never did agree with you on this. I think Harper was the outrageous one in this occurance. Perhaps for some pespective go to:

An excerpt: but do check out the whole thing.

"Appropriately, Harper was shouted down by the Liberal caucus(shooting him may have been more appropriate-kc) and not even allowed to finish his answer (the first such occasion in collective memory for a Prime Minister), for what amounts to a completely irrelevant, and more damaging, outrageously unacceptable attempt to associate the Liberal party broadly - and worse, Mr. Bains specifically - with terrorism. I've always been impressed with Mr. Bains, who is as partisan as any MP but always well spoken and respectful in the House. By all accounts, he has been an honourable member of parliament, which is rare indeed. To slur his name for no good reason on outrageously spurious grounds is unjustifiable."

As the posting points out this was the Harp seal's response to a totally unrelated question - which is not unusual for this ass.

Then the next day the complete creep walks in accompanied by a covey of Air India victims - Canadians aren't going to fall for this crap I hope!

which part of what I said are you disagreeing with? I don't get it, when in fact, I said both sides were wrong.
Mary, I thought you were too harsh on the Liberals. For Harper to wrap himself in a tragedy that happened under the reign of the Jaw that walks like a man, if I'm not mistaken, is too much like The Idiot King to the south shouting 9/11, 9/11 all the time. And to smear a fellow MP by implying that he or his family were terrorists should have had him expelled from the House, for the day if not forever. But then one has never had to worry about Stephen "fat white boy" Harper acting with the dignity one would like to see in their Prime Minister.

I'm sure the Harp ain't pleased with them damn judges at the Supreme Court - but hey as the guy at the press conference wearing the bracelet said, "CHARGE ME with something." Locking people up for years on secret charges that they can't even know went out with Torquemada, except for in the Kingdom of Latter-Day King George Duhbya.

The Canadian Cynic today said maybe Harper should just go ahead and cross the floor himself and join the Republicans. You know the party that will be a trivia question in a few years.
You tryin' to legislate niceness, Koot?

Yesterday I saw an act of lumpen brutality in Canada's House of Commons as voices were used as a blunt instrument to cut off free speech and force a speaker to remain silent. That should make your blood run cold, Koot.

I said that both sides of the House were wrong. Harper was wrong on several counts. But forcing an M.P. to knuckle under was the planned, premeditated act of hooligans.

There are appropriate measures in the House to deal with outrageous statements, including expelling Prime Minister Harper from the House. In every way, that would have been more effective. But the Liberals like a pack of hoodlums prevented even that from happening.

Furthermore, I find your view highly offensive when you say that "shooting [the Prime Minister] may have been more appropriate".

I don't think you have anything to teach me about perspective in Canada.
What can I say, I really detest the prig!
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