Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Tales of RCMP antics may shatter Crown's case, says Gary. Again.

Gary Mason didn't stay out of the dog house for long. Although he bravely refers to the BCRail case as "a government corruption trial" Gary is right back on his pre-Christmas hobbyhorse, pre-judging the Trial in favour of the accused. And of course, selecting a new villain: the RCMP. Because it's The Globe and Mail's story, it is listed here. - BC Mary
Tales of RCMP antics may well shatter Crown's case

The Globe and Mail
Print Edition 28/02/07 Page A12

The case against the principals in a government corruption trial is looking flimsier by the day. And the conduct of our national police force is once again being called into question. In fact, the actions of the RCMP have laid the groundwork for a future stay-of-proceedings application by defence lawyers representing three former political aides charged with various counts of bribery and influence peddling in connection with the sale of BC Rail.

Is it unreasonable to suggest that we now know why Mr. Mason wrote his preview piece in December?
I actually took the trouble to look back again at Gary Mason's little Christmas gift to the Basi Boyz and noted - apart from a certain amount of family detail - that the two stories were remarkably similar.

It reminded me of that little speech of Hamlet's to Horatio in Act I, Scene II...You know the one:

"Thrift, thrift, Horatio! the funeral bak'd meats did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables."

I just hope the Globe isn't paying scale for both articles.

Some habits of the sports writer die hard.
Very hard, indeed.

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