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Bill Tieleman reporting from B.C. Supreme Court today

Hi Mary,

Well, more delay is the word from BC Supreme Court!

And our friend Robin Mathews will be in the news - Justice Elizabeth Bennett started off by saying she had received a letter from a member of the public [that would be our Robin. - BC Mary] concerned as to why they couldn't get a copy of the defence disclosure application from BC Supreme Court's registry.

And Justice Bennett wondered why she had read about the application in the Globe and Mail while she was in Quebec before she had seen the application herself as the presiding judge.

Much "not me" comments in the court from lawyers present but Justice Bennett impressed upon them that a) she wants maximum disclosure and b) it has to be done properly.

Robin talked outside court with Global TV, CP and the Globe about his request.

A lengthy hearing then ensued with the result that the defence disclosure application will be heard starting April 16 for an estimated three weeks. Then Charter applications and questions of privileged evidence.

Perhaps the most telling point was when Justice Bennett noted that she is scheduled to teach a course in July - but will give it up if necessary for the trial!

Looks like a long, long trial awaits if it does indeed go ahead.

I'll be filing a story for 24 hours Thursday edition and may do more for the Tyee subsequently, as well as posting more info and dates on my website blog later today when I get a chance.


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Bill ... great report. Many thanks! - BC Mary.

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