Wednesday, June 27, 2007


C.N. faces $1.6m lawsuit in derailment

Names come back to us, when we look at the old photo albums. News about C.N. rail reminds us of B.C. Rail. Reminds us of what that 20-year trainman, Don Faulkner of Savonna, said.

CN had a tough year in 2005 and was sharply criticized for its marked increase in derailments after the corporation took over B.C. Rail in 2004.

Mainline derailments at CN in Canada were up 35 per cent in 2005 from the year before, according to a report from the transportation board. Today's Province tells of another costly CN (that was BCRail) derailment that year:


Before anyone writes to ask "Is this relevant?" let me say that this C.N. story is relevant because CN, not so long ago, was B.C. Rail -- our railway -- 3rd largest in Canada. And if B.C. Rail was still our railway, there'd be something we could have done about that 35% increase in accidents. And something we could still do to preserve safety for trainmen, trains, the environment, and for B.C.'s reputation. That's what the 20-year trainman, Don Faulkner, kept telling us. That's why this news item is relevant. That's why we should be concerned with what happens to "our" old railway. - BC Mary
Besides: has anybody heard one iota of news about the actual B.C. Rail trial which is ... sorta underway but kinda ... er ... adjourned or something?


I totally agree with you, Mary. It is a disgrace what happened to our BC Rail.

CN & all of their linkages reek of bad karma.

The Raid on the Leg is not so much about the minions Basi & Virk but the political 'big boys' who pulled the strings behind the scenes to cut this deal with CN.

I believe the stench starts in the Premier's Office.
"I totally agree with you, Mary. It is a disgrace what happened to our BC Rail."

I second the above Mary, so that's two!
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