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"F--- with us, you die!" said the 30-year-old Vancouver lab technician

When I came across this May 8 news item with its political connections, I wondered if it should be part of our consideration of the upcoming trial which started off as a drug investigation: "Project Everywhichway". But I hesitated: it's so disquieting. Then I remembered RCMP Sergeant John Ward's warning that "organized crime had crept into all levels of society since 2001" and how some media are trying to downplay that warning ... so I went back to the original arrest reports and saw that Basi and Virk are mentioned in Ravinder Kaur Puar's story. So I copy the links below, for anyone wishing to look more closely at the case of an ambitious Vancouver politician and "Mother-of-one" caught in cross-border drug dealing. - BC Mary


The Province -- May 08, 2007

A woman shot in her home over the weekend once boasted to undercover cops in the U.S. that "in Vancouver ... you pay for it and you know how bad you pay for it."

Ravinderjit Kaur Shergill, also known as Ravinderjit Kaur Puar, was shot in the leg early Sunday morning after answering the door to her apartment in the 8400-block of Cambie Street.

The 32-year-old was rushed to hospital suffering massive blood loss and was not cooperating with police.

Ravinderjit Puar was jailed in the U.S. for conspiracy to import ecstasy. She was shot in her Vancouver home on May 6.

Puar was captured by U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency officers in July, 2005, after a four-week undercover drug sting.

In May last year, the mother-of-one was handed a 15-month jail term after pleading guilty to conspiracy to import ecstasy. She had faced a maximum jail term of 20 years. {Snip} ...

'F-- with us, you die'


Macleans - Aug 12, 2005

It was a disappointing winter for Ravinderjit Kaur Puar, a brash and ambitious would-be politician in British Columbia. In January, the 30-year-old lab technician at the B.C. Cancer Agency and mother of a young daughter lost her bid for the provincial NDP nomination for Vancouver-Kensington, an immigrant-rich riding in the south of the city. While her family has solid connections in the Indo-Canadian community there, some said Puar -- who often uses her married surname, Shergill -- was hampered by a weak grasp of the issues and her past ties to the federal Liberals. She was part of a delegate slate backing Prime Minister Paul Martin's leadership bid, and her family campaigned for Ujjal Dosanjh, the ex-B.C. premier who is now federal health minister.

With a seat in the provincial legislature out of reach, Puar moved on to a new challenge: a run for Vancouver city council in the forthcoming November civic elections. She met twice with influential city councillor Jim Green, who has since announced his campaign for mayor as part of a new left-leaning team. Green was impressed. An articulate, well-connected Indo-Canadian woman would be a valuable addition to city hall, he says. "If she had been what I thought she was, she would have been ideal." {Snip} ...

Those who've met Puar struggle to reconcile the DEA's version of events with the woman they know. Green says Puar once acted as translator and go-between for him in a meeting with Indo-Canadian merchants. "She was very polite. She called the elder men 'uncle,' and it seemed everyone knew her," he says. Umendra Singh, editor of the Asian Star and one of Puar's opponents for the NDP nomination, recalls "a very nice lady." He can't remember if she spoke out about gangs and drugs, but it's a hard issue to avoid. "Any Indo-Canadian who has sought some kind of leadership role has spoken about this," he says. "It seems that somehow or other this thing has gone to all parts of our community." {Snip} ...


Mary I read your stuff all the time but this time I have to ask how is this relevant? Whats the connection between a convicted drug dealer and basi/virk? Have you read the application the lawyers filed back in february, they quoted the rcmp (and the infamous John Ward who stated "the public doesn't have a right to know anything" when people were asking questions about Ian Bush) of "leveraging" the organized crime angle in this case. My recollection is the lawyers read from rcmp documents that talked about "leveraging" this aspect of the story. Sorry but anything John Ward says is viewed with the same believeability that i assign to campbell and his cronies (I won't break contracts negotiated by the HEU). If you can show how this is linked to basi/virk i will be happy to change my tune. And what "arrest reports" are you referring to??

I answered those questions (which I had already asked myself) in the paragraph at the top of the page.

Sometimes I get the feeling that there's an elephant in the room and everybody wants to pretend it isn't there.

Organized crime can indeed be in all levels of society. I'm not saying this is proof -- what I'm saying is: here's one more story to show how it can happen.
I shipped over the last few sentances of the artilce that the fellow above may not have seen. For some reason it never showed up on this blog. Oh well life goes on
Hi Mary

I don't feel comfortable having another gary commentor here. It could lead to others thinking we are one and the same. So I will change mine to Gary E. I'm the one who makes trips to Van and tries to show up in court.
Gary e ...

Holy smoke, there are two??

Thanks, G.E., I really did wonder if you'd had a touch of indigestion or something. Nice to have you back!
I can hardly decide where to begin regarding today and Saturday's postings, Mary. I also hope I can soon find a place to stop, duty calls.

Gary at the top doesn't seem to realize you can write about anything you choose here. He can choose to read it or not and if he is as dense as he sounds this morning, who cares?

Myself, I want more Britney and Paris Hilton, but hey, it ain't my blog.

"Justice Bennett last week called a spade a spade and her scathing ruling raised the spectre of proceedings being stopped because the constitutional rights of Basi and Virk to fair and speedy justice have been violated."

May I suggest, go ahead and drop the charges against the strawmen, fall guys. Just refile and this time lay charges against the real criminals in this affair, I shouldn't have to risk libel by actually naming anyone! It's pretty obvious to anyone with a pulse and two brain cells to rub together.

"Shergill -- was hampered by a weak grasp of the issues and her past ties to the federal Liberals."

I would imagine that the drug charges etc. might hamper her even more now. Then again the official story is that the RCMP went to the Ledge about drug dealing, hah. "So maybe she was just trying to move up in the drug trade by being an MLA?

"Wouldn't a responsible media be issuing a call for immediate action?"

Responsible media, that must be your joke for the day, Mary!
"May I suggest, go ahead and drop the charges against the strawmen, fall guys. Just refile and this time lay charges against the real criminals in this affair,"

Right on, kootcoot. When evidence surfaces through litigation that uncovers the real truth at the bottom of the dirty deals - move on & target those big players in the graft. Make them responsible.
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