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Just asking: can we prosecute the Prosecutors?


CanWest News Service
Published: Saturday, June 16, 2007

WINDSOR, Ont. - Crown attorneys can be sued for negligence, and not just for the more difficult-to-prove allegation of acting in bad faith, according to a Winnipeg judge's decision that could have significant implications for the Canadian justice system.

The case involved {Snip} ...

A provincial inquiry found that police and prosecutors withheld evidence, misled a jury and allowed a witness to commit perjury.


Now you are talking BC Mary!

I will send this to the Special Prosecutor in the hopes that he will awaken from his hibernation.

The people of BC deserve to have Bill Berardino live up to the obligations and responsiblities that the Office of a Special Prosecutor hold.
Now you've got us curious, jd.

What address will you use for the invisible Special Prosecutor??

I suppose he could send it to where he is a partner.

Although while googling I found him on a government of canada page under

At any rate he has to surface somewhere and this is the most likely as the company was formed out of a merger in 2006.
Send it to Bill Barardino c/o Rod Serling at the Twilight Zone.

Does Massa' Bill also not have a telephony thingie that actually gets answered or is that another transparently "secret" piece of information. I mean it would be unseemly for a member of the public to actually be able to contact a public servant somehow!

After all, there is work to be done, there are still public assets lying around loose in BC, in other words, assets that are still not safely ensconced in the pockets of cronies.

There's lots of stuff to steal,
you know,
Before the final whistle blows!
BC Mary what has happened to the articles you posted here since June 16. They've disappeared.
Thanks, gary e - I thought my mind was playing tricks on me . . .
Gary E.,

Just a little housecleaning, Gary.

I might have to shut down for the summer if the Real Journalists don't get busy on the B.C. Rail case ... either that, or I'll have to pontificate.

God knows, there's a topic that's certainly been bothering me but it's outside the mandate of this blog. See what you think ...

Anyone else see that item in yesterday's newspapers about the Working Man in Calgary? He couldn't afford the high rents so he had built a small abode on an industrial site. Well-built, it said. Neat as a pin, it said.

Well, the City of Calgary sent in its workers and machinery and tore the house apart. Bulldozed up the pieces. They published his name. And now they are looking for him, as if he's done something terrible.

The guy has a job. But rents start at $1,500. a month. What was he supposed to do ... ?

In Canada ... !

BC Mary: I know that running this blog takes a LOT of your time but I urge you not to let it go. This is too importent to let it slide. There are many of us out here that rely on this blog to keep us up to date. The feeds you get from other sources is amazing. I personally go to this blog before I open the tyee. I'm not to proficirnt in the workings of a computer re the downloading from other sources. But i can surf pretty well. If there is any way I or I'm sure others can help please don't hesitate to let us know what we might do.

I read the clip on the Calgary guy and was appalled at what I read. It is a good subject and worth a blog. Especially if it covered the homeless in Vancouver. Who we all know will be moved (hidden in)never never land. The hints are already there. Move some to Riverview etc.

Whatever you do I'm sure it will be the right thing for you.
Many thanks, gary e, for starting my day off with a big smile.

Yes indeed, you (and anyone) will be very welcome if you send in anything you find related to the B.C. Rail case. Just post it as you would post a comment ... I see the comments before they appear on the web-site so I can sort things out that way.

I've been thinking that we might use this "adjournment holiday" time to look up things like

* how to start a Public Inquiry.

Or more about

* BC Rail, like the actual agreement covering its hand-over to CN ... has anyone seen that?

or more background information on:

* the Prosecution team
* the Defense team
* Any of the witnesses
* or the law relating to this case
* or Hansard relating to this case
* or whatever helps us understand this important trial.

Now, about the homeless issue. In general, it is the sign of a huge problem in today's society and needs strong, dedicated concern to correct the situation.

But it was that particular story yesterday felt like a dagger through the heart:

* a guy with a job and an income,
* a Working Man who doesn't earn enough to pay Calgary-sized rents
* a guy resourceful enough to find a way to meet his own shelter needs
* a competent guy who builds with his own hands, and builds well
* a guy who -- instead of society applauding and/or co-operating with him -- is attacked, publicly named (shamed?), and hunted as if he has done something terrible. Sheesh.

On the contrary, Society does this:

A TREE TOO FAR [an excerpt]

Ben Parfitt, Special to the Vancouver Sun
Published: Thursday, June 21, 2007

... Thus, last year, roughly 46,000 highway truckloads of usable logs were abandoned at Interior [B.C.] logging operations. Those logs could have put another 1,300 people to work turning out products that many of us use, products that have the added benefit of locking up carbon. Instead, all those logs were pushed into piles and burned, releasing another 1.5 million tonnes or so of CO2 into the atmosphere to further mess with our already seriously compromised climate.

Environmental groups and woodworking unions have had their differences in the past. They will have them in the future. But one thing is certain. They both know trouble when they see it.

Which is why both say that we must put an end to salvage logging in many forests and reduce overall logging rates.

There must also be an end to rampant wood waste and every effort made to put people to work with the logs that come from our forests.

See what's bothering me? That Working Guy's well-built, neat-as-a-pin, home-made shelter was bulldozed into a heap and burned ... same as 46,000 logging truckloads of logs were bulldozed into heaps and burned ...

And I tell ya, gary e, I figure we've let some people down really, really badly. A whole lotta, lotta, lotta people. 46,000 logging truckloads of logs ... ? And a Working Man is shamed for building his own shelter?

Good morning BC Mary

I've taken note of some of your suggestions on background. Hansard is one I always look at later in the day. (no tv). Funny, I never thought of the laws pertaning to this case. But I do know there could possibly be some Constitutional Challenges. Of course that may take years. And we all know that Robin is a pitbull on public info from the courts.
I as well as others I'm sure will do what I can.
I mentioned earlier that time for me may become a problem. You see after 3 years in early retirement and my pensions being eroded away by the cost of living (gas) I have decided to return to the work force.That and the lifting of the mandatory retirement age in BC.
Also, it may slow me down. I have worked harder in retirement than I did at work (physically).
Mary, we're not done, we're just resting in hiatus. Something is coming up the first week or so of July is it not? Some ruling or new Charter Challenge, sumthing......

I'm also sketching out a posting about the BC Lieberals' general lack of respect for contracts and the rule of law which will appear at the The House during the summer lull that seems to be shaping up via Basi-Virk........ I need to do some research on this, and their record in this regard is so lengthy that it will take a bit of time. Exspecially now that night time is so short. But I want to make one thing perfectly clear, it ain't over......not until we get out the orange jumpsuits for the appropriate big shots and general capos!

BTW, in a previous comment here at Mary's (but not necessarily on this mind was thinking Myanmar, but my fingers typed Brunei.......I never thought I would have a Ronnie Raygun moment.......if I get old enough maybe I can even learn how to gibber..............I already have palsy with the periods..........

Hi Mary: I agree with Kootcoot: this is just a little pause in the journey for justice re: the Raid on the Leg on the surface . . . but . . .

I can just imagine what is presently going on in many quarters since the Order to produce paper by Judge Bennett. It seems to me that Judge Bennett set a date for parties to update her. Maybe someone has better short term memory than I LOL!!!!

I also agree with Gary e: "There are many of us out here that rely on this blog to keep us up to date". . . so please don't give up - you are an inspiration to us all!

Here is a short video that I just viewed. It's message is so true:
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