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Getting to know you ...


For Dave Basi:

P. Michael Bolton, Q.C
(Called to the Bar 1 October 1969)
Claire Hatcher
Firm: Bolton & Muldoon
Vancouver, B.C.

For Bobby Virk:

Kevin McCullough
(Called to the Bar 14 May 1993)
Kristy Sim
Firm: McCullough Blazina Dieno
Victoria, B.C.

For Aneal Basi:

Joseph M. Doyle
(Called to the Bar 1 September 1989)
Firm: Johnson Doricic Doyle
Vancouver, B.C.

And for a rainy afternoon when you have some free time to explore:

Just for discussion purposes, let's try the math: how many lawyers on this Basi Virk Basi case? how much per hour? how many hours? and who pays?

There are 3 lawyers on the prosecution team + 5 lawyers for the defence = 8 lawyers, at a very minimum, undoubtedly more, such as George Copley and Clark Roberts up front, and probably dozens behind the scenes who are labouring to find, sort, gather and deliver those thousands of documents for Disclosure.

How much will this cost? And who will pay? - BC Mary


Mary you forgot to add one critical component. What was the cost of the rcmp investigation? How much did it cost us to pay for debruyckere to help coverup and hide the involvement of campbell and co in this affair? As taxpayers we have a right to know what the rcmp billed for this investigation. How much overtime did the lead investigator incur as he held those late night meetings at the offices of the bc liberals helping campbell cover up his own involvment. I would like to know what the highly trained undercover operatives ordered for dinner at the fancy restaurant in Vancouver where they staked out gary collins, somebody the judge has stated WAS UNDER POLICE INVESTIGATION. More questions Mary, more questions.
The Special Prosecutor has 5 lawyers;
Bill Berardino
Andy McKay
David Harris
Janet Winteringham
David St. Pierre
To this list you can add lawyers from the dept. of justice, the bc government.

Many thanks. Can you give us the source of this information?

I took my list off the Defence's own Application for Disclosure ...

David St. Pierre, Andi Mackay and Janet Winteringham were in court for the disclosure application.

OK, OK ... 3 more lawyers, plus lawyers from the Department of Justice (huh? -- federal? or BC Attorney General's department?) ... plus lawyers for the B.C. government ... then add in the RCMP investigation ...

Any more?? And the costs? Like who, for example, is paying the Defence teams at this time ... anyone know?

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