Monday, August 20, 2007


21 August ... tomorrow. Is it a go?

Last time the Basi Virk Basi legal teams assembled in B.C. Supreme Court, Vancouver, Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett set the date for a conference call hearing as August 21, 2007. That's tomorrow.

We assume that the conference calling will be done from the privacy of the judge's chambers and each law office.

We hope that, as promised on 16 July, the topic of discussion will be the fulfillment of all outstanding requests for disclosure of documents, including such things as the deal between police and star witness; including such things as transcribed wire taps; perhaps even including such things as the actual B.C. Rail sale agreement.

If all goes well, Judge Bennett has penciled in September 4, 2007 as the day they return to B.C. Supreme Court to determine the status of this Basi Virk Basi trial.

Meantime, unless the defence lawyers talk to the media about this conference call ... or unless Bill Tieleman tracks down the information ... I'm not sure how the general public will learn whether the disclosure demands have been met. Or if there are still stumbling blocks in place. But let's keep our hopes up, watch the news, ask around.

So this is just a reminder that tomorrow there's the possibility of one small step forward in B.C.'s most significant trial ever. - BC Mary.


While we are sitting here in suspenders, wondering if anything significant will happen tomorrow and whether we peons will even know, I wonder about the infamous "EveryWhichWay" investigation that led to the Ledge Raids.

Did that immense allocation of public (i.e. police) resources ever lead to any charges other than those against the fall guys (BVB) for ferret et. al.? Or were the only other suspects that turned up, shall we say "immune" to prosecution, thanks to "privilege." I use the word privilege purposely and all of its meanings apply to my usage.
Sept 4th?


Isn't that the day that Rafe comes back on-line?
Good morning, Mary.

Another test for Judge Bennett today. Let us all pray that her ethical backbone is in tact - that the 'nudge nudge; wink wink' syndrome from her associates, so prevalent in our 'injustice' system with its old boys linkages, has NOT come into play.

Well, I don't know yet how he did it, but gary e. has found that the next court date is September 17.

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