Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Conference call? In Supreme Court? Weird, but it sure looks like it.

Too late, I checked the Vancouver court listings for yesterday, 21 August 2007 and found 7 pages of Basi Virk Basi predicting that Special Prosecutor would be busier than a cat on a hot tin roof, producing documents, files and audio tapes ... But ... but, gee whiz, who ever heard of a telephone conference call having to take place in court? And how could a telephone conference call occur in court?? More news when I find more news.


There was no news! No follow-up court session in the Supreme Court listings for today, August 22nd! Absolutely nothing in any of the CanWest newspapers about what may have happened in court yesterday!

In the game of Gotcha, CanWest definitely wins today.

Koot is looking into it. And I may even have to contact the Editor-in-Chief of something or other. But it shouldn't be this difficult to follow the developments of a case so important to the people of British Columbia. - BC Mary.


OK, Koot says:


I mis-read the completed Court Lists for yesterday. From page 11 to 23 it is all Basi Virk stuff and I thought it started near the top of page 11. But on second look the top of page 11 and all of page 10 and most of page nine are ALSO BVB stuff and they all have a next appearance of Sept 17. Now why the other 11 or 12 pages have no results or future dates - I don't know.

We almost need our own lawyer just to find out what the hell is going on...


Many thanks, Koot. And I do agree with you about needing our own lawyer. Affording our own lawyer -- different story. Thanks again.
- BC Mary


.....and checking again this morning we see that no conclusion is entered. But the next Court Date is 17 Sep 2007.

Makes one wonder what transpired yesterday and are the eventually going to post that information as they are required. Maybe we should take bets as to how much more stalling will be done. Personally I don't think the trial will even get started before the original proposed ending, which, if memory serves was sometime in January 2008.
But the next Court Date is 17 Sep 2007, wrote gary e.

Thanks, gary e. We surely do wonder what transpired yesterday.

Also wondered how you obtained the new court date of 17 September 2007??

Hi Mary

If you look at the Adult Supreme Court Completed list there is an abundance of information there. The Next Court Date is in the far right side of the page. There is also a listing on the page of the crime committed, a bunch of abbreviations such as IBJ (initiated by a Judge).

I see Koot posted a bunch of stuff which gives out more info than I did. Something I am doing is reading the Court Lists every day. For this situation as well as others. And now on to the most recent train wreck.

gary e. Thanks again ... but "an abundance of information" you say??

For example, which of those weird comments (like "inherent jurisdiction" and "limited access") means that they had a conference call?

It's so mixed up. It's calling for all the same documents, transcripts, and wire tap disclosures as they called for last 6 times around. Is it all utterly meaningless? Is nobody listening?

Sorry Mary, my use of the word "Abundance" was for all the information from all the pages.
You're correct in ascertaining that it is all mixed up and that we need to know what exactly was said in that call.
I can only assume that the call was made so Madam Bennett could vent her anger at the prosecution if she did not get what was ordered. It wouldn't look too good doing it in an open court. But in these times in BC contrary to Campbells' spoutings we are not living in a perfect world.
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