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Ghost of BC Rail is asking: how many CN derailments have there been on the old BCR line? 20, 30, 40? I've lost count ..."


By 250 News
Thursday, August 23, 2007

CN rail cars are twisted and off the rails in Quesnel (SEE opinion250 story and file photo at: Mayor's Question or if you need to paste it in -

Quesnel Mayor Nate Bello asks "How many derailments have there been on the old BC Rail line, 20, 30, 40? I’ve lost count, I don’t know.”

The derailment in Quesnel on Tuesday was at the same location as one that took place one month ago, “There is definitely a pattern”. Bello wants to know why. "What’s wrong? Are the trains going too fast? Are the tracks wrong? We need a real study to see what the problem is.”

Bello says his first interest was in making sure that no one was injured, "There was one car right on the bridge over the Quesnel River, I wanted to make sure there had been no spill of toxic material and when I was assured that both of those areas were covered I became concerned about just what is happening."

The City of Quesnel has put forward a resolution to the UBCM asking CN to enter into an open and frank dialogue with the municipalities along its lines with respect to issues such as safety.

Ten cars jumped the tracks Tuesday evening in Quesnel shortly after 6:00. The cars were empty, no one hurt, but the incident came within a day of Quesnel Council dealing with the issue at their regular meeting. Quesnel Mayor Nate Bello is hoping he will be advised as to when CN officials will be addressing Prince George City Council (a letter requesting such a session was sent by P.G. Mayor Colin Kinsley last week) so he will be able to attend and hear for himself just what CN has planned for safety along the rail line.

"Of course we are concerned any time rail cars are off the tracks" says Transport Canada’s spokesperson Rod Nelson, "We will be monitoring their (CN’s) compliance with the applicable rules but there is no investigation." Nelson says if Transport Canada thought there was a recurring problem at the Quesnel rail yard, then Transport Canada would issue a notice of orders, like the set issued following the collision and derailment in Prince George.


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