Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Robin Mathews on CanWest news ...

Stephen Harper. The CanWest Monopoly Propaganda Machine. The Prince George (B.C.) CN Rail Disaster.

Can we believe what is in front of our eyes? Behold the CanWest Planetary Propaganda Machine at work - doing all it can to erase the Prince George CN Rail disaster. Turn to real news: see CN Rail cars colliding by the Fraser River and spewing pollution in all directions - guided, we are told, by incompetent CN remote control operators who can't even see the railcars. And doing it on land that should be owned by British Columbians but seems (in secret) to have been sold for a dollar to CN, maybe.

Are there orders directly from CanWest's Leonard Asper to cover-up, erase, under-report, avoid what looks like criminal collusion among Gordon Campbell cabinet members and CN officers? You want truth about the incident? Go to BC Mary's Legislature Raids site. Go to YouTube. Don't go to CanWest's Vancouver Sun or to the Globe and Mail. Don't go to CanWest's Muckraker Flagship - the continuously money-losing National Post, founded by U.S.-convicted felon, Conrad Black. {Snip} ...

Read the full story at vivelecanada.ca


You are right on the 'money' linkages Robin.

If I was someone with a hot scandal the last place I would turn to for publishing the unsanitized TRUTH is CanWest.

Along with all other scams 'Team Campbell' has brought BC, including the unfolding Raid on the Leg (we hope!), CanWest announced in June 07, that CanWest now totally supports the good ship Lollipop: Vanoc & the 2010 Olympic fraud.

Thankfully we have sites like BC Mary's Raid on the Leg & 2010 Watch where the public has access to the facts. The public deserves ALL the facts, not cherry picking biased version.

The separation on the linkages of this circle on all of these 'big ticket projects' fuelled by the Campbell circle, are nil to none.
Coverup is the name of the 'game'.

Gee folks, does any of this partnering have anything to do with 'you grease my palm & I'll grease yours' modus operandi????
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