Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Basi Virk / BC Rail hearing will sit for 3 weeks in December

CanWest cancelled its affiliation with Canadian Press in 2006. Yes, pulled out of the venerable Canadian Press news co-operative apparently to save $4.6 million in annual dues. The savings, said CanWest, would be used to bolster its own news service. Yeah, right.

And remember Bill Tieleman telling us that a CP journalist attended every Basi Virk / BC Rail courtroom hearing? Whereas CanWest considers Basi Virk / BC Rail pre-trial hearings to be non-news? Well, as Kirk would say, "Bear with me."

This morning, I checked the big CanWest newspapers in B.C., as usual. I mean, it's all we have as Big Media. And because Kirk, the Managing Editor, had foretold a Vancouver Sun story on Basi Virk / B.C. Rail, I truly thought there might be one. But what did I find, the day after a Basi Virk Hearing? The day after another CN derailment?

I found that the front page of the flagship Vancouver Sun featured a large colour photo of a beetle; The Province: a black bear; Victoria Times Colonist: a bunny rabbit.

Meantime, goddamit, Google alerted me to the following Canadian Press item containing two pieces of new information on the B.C. Rail Trial! And CP shows some concern for "the public"... you know ... that's us! Sheesh ...

21 hours ago

VANCOUVER (CP) — The B.C. Supreme Court judge presiding over the legislature raid case says the public has waited far too long for a trial to start.

Dave Basi and Bobby Virk were charged in connection with the sale of B.C. Rail.

On Oct. 26, Crown and defence lawyers will return to court to exchange more documents in the case that has produced thousands of pages of evidence.

The case will sit for three weeks in December before the trial begins.



Three weeks, eh? Starting Monday, 3 December + 21 days = Christmas Eve. Impressive! By gosh, they must be determined to get something done. - BC Mary.


Three weeks in December? That's just in time for for the federal by-election in Vancouver Quadra which has to be take place before January 25th. I wonder if anything will splatter onto then provincial land protection minister and current federal liberal candidate Joyce Murray.
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