Thursday, September 13, 2007


Next Basi Virk Basi pre-trial hearing: Monday 17 September at 9:00 AM. To be confirmed.


The unprecedented Dec. 28, 2003 raid on the provincial parliament sent shock waves through the B.C. and federal political establishments because those involved were powerful, longtime Liberals.

This is a major scandal in which the main accusation is that the controversial railway privatization process was either rigged or run by yokels.

- Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun.

The next pre-trial Hearing in B.C. Supreme Court, Vancouver, is expected to be on Monday morning 17 September 2007 at 9:00 AM. Click on B.C. Criminal Court links in left column for information. - BC Mary.


Friday 14 Sept. 2007: No mention of the Basi Virk Basi / B.C. Rail hearing in any of the 3 B.C. CanWest newspapers today. Wouldn't you think a wee summary of the charges and progress so far, would be useful? Ridiculously, Vancouver Sun has major front-page coverage of the polygamy trial. No mention of BVB in B.C. Supreme Court listings for today either, of course, but it's expected to be there on Monday morning early -- only 72 hours away. - BC Mary


Hi thewre BC Mary. Getting ready for Monday at the courthouse?

I shipped the article to you a couple of days ago written by Black Press on the subject of Vasi Vasi Burk, Sale of BC rail.You had mentioned that the News groups were silent.
I did to a couple of other folks who follow such stuff as well. and make a living reporting same.

Today I decided to go check out your friend Kool Koot of Infamy , who says he got the same story from you. I guess my version didn't make the cut. There is no such item on your site as far as I can see, Oh well as long as you two both know what's going on I guess the folks are all aware of events. The court house page should be busy at 05:00. I do hope Bill, now back rested from Spain. will be there to pass alomg information. This case is getting pretty long in actually starting.I did notice the courts were running light lately, maybe its summer holidays for them/ Either way the items arn't going away and the longer itt drags the closer the election dl
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