Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Vancouver Sun has a wee Basi Virk BC Rail story for us ... one day after Robin Mathews has already told us all about it!

If you have the Online Vancouver Sun, this Basi Virk Basi / BC Rail piece isn't under the main news. No, it's tucked away as the last item under West Coast News, like as if the accused were never involved in Ottawa politics, and nobody outside B.C. needs to stop for a closer look. This may be a good time to quote one of Kootcoot's comments on his House of Infamy: So ... if a major legal matter is dealt with in BC Supreme Court and GlowBall, the Victoria T-C, the Province and the Stun all don't mention it, did anything really happen?


Neal Hall
Vancouver Sun - Published: Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The trial of two former B.C. government aides won't begin until next March, but the trial judge said Monday once the trial gets going, there won't be any more adjournments.

A police investigation of former government aides Dave Basi and Bob Virk led to a raid on the legislature almost four years ago -- on Dec. 28, 2003.

The March trial date is the sixth since legal proceedings began, defence lawyer Michael Bolton said Monday. {Snip} ...

The court will reconvene Oct. 26 to discuss pre-trial motions that will be heard starting Dec. 3. {Snip} ...

Basi's cousin, Anneal Basi, a former government communications officer, is also accused of two counts of money laundering.


Victoria Times Colonist has the same story, also tucked away under Capital & Island News.

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