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Slain man was top crime boss

Poor British Columbia. We try to believe that Organized Crime can't possibly be happening here. But it's time to face the facts ... to insist upon answers to the difficult question: what is done with the Billions upon Billions of illegal cash changing hands in B.C. each year as a result of the illegal traffic in drugs, guns, human beings?

If drug-money, as some allege, is buying up blocks of forest lands, there must be a "fence" to jump, which allows a million $$s to be deposited or paid out, with no questions asked. Who, what, or where is that "fence"?

This web-site originally asked -- as did Bill Tieleman's -- "How can we be sure that Organized Crime hasn't entered into the structures of government ... of business, the professions, of society itself? Can we be sure that our government isn't being pushed or distorted by professional criminality?"

When blood is running in the streets of Shaughnessy, nobody can accuse us of only imagining that Organized Crime might be operating in our midst. - BC Mary.



Vancouver Sun - Monday, November 05, 2007

The man gunned down in front of his mansion Saturday night was a "top, national-priority organized-crime target" of the RCMP, The Vancouver Sun has learned.

Forty-five-year-old Hong Chao (Raymond) Huang, a leader of the notorious Big Circle Boys gang, was believed to be a major player in the Canadian drug trade, involved in heroin, synthetic drugs, importation of precursor chemicals and more, police sources told The Sun on Monday.

Huang's name showed up in connection with almost every major organized-crime file in the country, but he was always "very well-insulated" and therefore never charged in Canada, the sources said.

A native of China, he is believed to have been in Canada for the past 10 years and has criminal ties to Toronto, the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and China.

He was the subject of RCMP investigations when he was gunned down by a shooter who was waiting when he arrived home at 3883 Cartier St. about 11 p.m. Saturday, prompting his 10-year-daughter to call 911. {Snip} ...

Vancouver police are investigating the murder and admit that Huang was on the radar of other police agencies before he became the city's 18th homicide victim of 2007.

"I can confirm now that the victim was known to other police agencies," Constable Tim Fanning said Monday.

"I can't give any more information than that, appreciating that it is not our information to give out, as well as the fact that it is a homicide investigation right now, so it is not something we can talk about."

Police are investigating whether the late-night shooting, which rocked the normally quiet, leafy streets of multi-million dollar mansions, could be linked to the brazen restaurant slaying last week of 51-year-old Hiep Vinh Do, of Richmond - another gangster known to police. {Snip} ...

"We have a very integrated approach to policing in the Lower Mainland," he said. "We are always speaking with other agencies with regard to serious crimes whether it is robberies or homicides.

"We will be talking to other police agencies to see if there is any relationship with this latest homicide and other shootings or homicides that have happened."

Fanning also urged anyone in the public with information - including those involved in criminal gangs - to come forward to police or to call Crimestoppers.

"If anybody is in that lifestyle and has information that they want to pass on - because they could be next. It is obviously a very dangerous, dangerous way to live when you are involved in criminal activity because the end result is ... death," Fanning said.

He said investigators have obtained security videos from a number of houses in the neighbourhood but so far have no suspect description.

The yellow-and-blue home, assessed this year at $5.2 million, is not officially owned by Huang, but registered to a retired person named Mei Zhen Wang, who shares the same home address. {Snip} ....

While police agencies across Metro Vancouver say the homicide rate is down this year, there have been several high-profile - and often very public - gangland hits, but none until now involving crime bosses as big as Huang.

According to police intelligence reports, the Big Circle Boys, or Dai Huen Jai, had its origins in the Red Guards, the paramilitary troops of the Chinese Cultural Revolution who terrorized intellectuals and the upper class.

After Mao Zedong's death in 1976, many Red Guards were sent to re-education prison camps around the city of Canton - represented on maps by a big circle, hence the name of the gang - where they were tortured and starved.

Having been through this degradation and with their military training, the Big Circle Boys have a fearsome reputation.

A number escaped and fled to Hong Kong, where they obtained falsified documents to come to Canada, first coming to police attention in Vancouver in 1987.

Big Circle Boys are extremely mobile, having an international network in major cities in Canada and the U.S.

They are difficult to detect because they work in small cells, which are next to impossible to infiltrate.

They are involved in drug trafficking, credit-card fraud, loan-sharking, human smuggling and trafficking, counterfeit goods and overseas export of stolen vehicles.




Ahh, yes. What could be so bad about doing business now with the generation that in the early 1970s were the murderous teenage Red Guards - killing their teachers and parents with government approval.

Here's a Red Guard story, but you can find many more in the book Wild Swans...

Some of the Red Guards in Beijing used to take a victim to a steel plant where they would tie him down to one end of a long slab of steel set upon a fulcrum. At the other end the teenage Red Guards would jump and send a shock wave through the steel slab which would crush the victims bones and cause internal bleeding leading to death.

And one of those jumping teenagers is a close relative of the boss of the company that made the tools you bought in Sears today. Truly.
Strange. Immediately after the shooting, VPD spokesmen announced that the victim was not know to them. Now, he is a crime king. Great intelligence.
Anonymous 11:52,

Hang on a minute. What do you mean by "doing business now ... with murderous teen-age Red Guards" etc.

I'm very uneasy when suggestions are made that one criminal or one crooked government personifies that entire nation for the rest of history.

I looked up the book "Wild Swans" and am not enlightened by that, either. "Three generations from warlords to Mao," it says, enigmatically. What did you mean?

Please make your point more clearly. I don't think you meant your comment as racial hatred, did you?

So please write again. OK?


I think that if we all did some research on the Big Circle Boys specifically and Asian gangs / triads in general you would see that their criminal enterprises usually don't extend outside their own community.
No I am not saying that the Red Guards personify China. I am saying that people who do business in China now are sometimes dealing with former Red Guards who are now old enough to be in positions of power - and some of them are matricidal and patricidal.

Wild Swans is a tome by a native Manchurian (now an SOAS prof) about the persecution of her family by the Japanese, the KMT and the Communists in China. And of course, she recounts stories of Red Guards if you want to read more.
"I think that if we all did some research on the Big Circle Boys specifically and Asian gangs / triads in general you would see that their criminal enterprises usually don't extend outside their own community."

Well, this is what the news is about these days, isn't it? Organized crime does have an impact on outside communities. You cannot just ignore it and say it doesn't extend to your community. Two innocent people were killed in Surrey a week ago.

I think if you did some research you will see that Japanese and Chinese gangs have a long history where you can trace their influence into government, religion and business. It is delusional to think that organized crime is a self-contained community. The Koumingtan Party in Taiwan is famous for appointing actual mafia thugs to the Diet in order to beat up fellow Diet members during meetings (usually push them down stairs). Look up Genyosha on wikipedia to see how the Yakuza became a part of foreign affiars of Japan.

And to let you know where I am coming from... One of Britain's most famous pirates, Sir Francis Drake, is honoured with a plaque at the back of the BC Legislature. What kind of message does that tell people, especially victims of British colonization. You don't think Dave Basi didn't look at that plaque and laugh or shake his head?

As a mariner, Drake killed in the name of the English Church and State. As a marine, Smedley Butler said that he himself was the hired muscle for the American government and corporations. And some Asian gangs orignally organized as political resistance to new governments (e.g., the Southern Chinese triads).

With some organized crime organizations, you cannot separate them from nationalist movements (e.g., the Liberal Party of Canada). Shocking, I know, but do you think the Mohawk don't think so? I guess the more typical example is of the organizations of the Khalistan movement that Terry Milewski villifies for the CBC. The ones whose members are invited into the Liberal Party and then chucked out whenever it suits them.
I agree with the comment above. The even further above comment would be like saying that the Italian Mafia/Cosa Nostra only affected the Italian/American community, so let 'em just do themselves in. Their own community might be the first to be exploited and terrorized, but they certainly aren't the complete or only target.
I should have added above - that just because a person is Italian or Asian doesn't mean they are or WANT to be involved in the criminal activities of some of their fellow immigrant/ethnic group.
The comment regarding the Big Circle Boys was specific to the quoted article and the gang.

The BCB and most other traditional Asian gangs don't hang with "guilos" and thus are unlikely to be involved in the same shenanigans as Basi et al are alleged.
The point we're all trying to make here (I hope) is that B.C. is caught up in an intensifying climate of ruthless crime.

And the purpose of this web-site is to maintain our focus on crimes alleged to be at the very core of our democratic society.

There is a connection.

The longer we delay proving or disproving the charges and suspicions arising out of the police raids on the B.C. Legislature, the greater the general suspicion that everyone at every level of B.C. life is capable of bribery and wrong-doing.

We begin to smell the rot. We see the corruption. And we can't help becoming aware of the intensifying climate of crime.

It is particularly offensive when people shrug and say, "Oh, we'll always have crime. There's nothing to be done about it." Wrong! Not crime like this. And there is plenty we can do about it.

First we must recognize the rising danger -- and this is why I post certain news items on criminal eruptions throughout society -- because society itself is changing so that smart, sophisticated organized crime is everywhere, in all walks of life. The higher the connections, the more difficult it is to catch the crooks.

Then we must somehow make it clear to the judiciary that the public expects a decent pursuit of the vital elements for the trial of Basi, Virk, Basi to begin. To begin! If more people show up in Courtroom 54 (and 64) on Basi Virk Basi days, it will send that message loud and clear.

Once that happens, we have the difficult task of awakening our corrupt media (and I mean that in the nicest possible sense) to the continuing danger of keeping the public from knowing the facts being revealed under oath.

"Stop trying to win the next election," we must tell Vancouver Sun, The Province, the Victoria Times Colonist. "Report fully and fairly the unfolding evidence on Supreme Court Case #23292!"

To bring the B.C. Rail case to trial without further delay will, in my view, send a strong, healthy, significant signal to the province.

Thanks, all, for your thoughts.

anon; 4:16-nov.06. Hells Angels intergrated with south asian/indo-cdn crimesters,in BC. Because the indos aren't afraid to kill! In BC., over the past decade approx. 60 young indo men have been murdered, with no cases solved! (they will never solve the missing women case completely because these women were set up as bait. In BC, authorities have no use for the poverty stricken people. Unless they can use them and turned into a multi-million dollar criminal enterprise!!!) My guess, reguarding the murdered by their own, is seen to choose not to go into the family racketeering biz, or seen talking to authorities. They are taken out! Their forefathers go by 'death before dishonour'! Plus 4:16, you said "usually don't extend". However, they trade and sell their victims, over and over and over. As do dirty police!

The BCB have had a large presence in BC for at least 20 years now, the Hell's Angles even longer.

Other than the fact that we have had a couple of murders due to fighting within Asian gangs I don't see any evidence that the problem in general with organized crime or their sphere of influence is any greater than it has been in the past.

Due to the closed nature of many of these gangs and their focus on very specific activities I think that it is unlikely that they would be involved in bribing Government officials or influencing the democracy that you or I enjoy. Does that mean that we should ignore them - of course not but I don't think that your concerns about Government involvement are justified.

What is far more likely in my opinion is that we would have white collar criminals cheating, bribing and stealing with/from the Government to further their own business and development agendas.
Anon 12:04,

You write: "Due to the closed nature of many of these gangs and their focus on very specific activities I think that it is unlikely that they would be involved in bribing Government officials or influencing the democracy that you or I enjoy. Does that mean that we should ignore them - of course not but I don't think that your concerns about Government involvement are justified."

You've misunderstood my point. Or I'm misunderstanding yours. I wasn't really talking exclusively about gangs. To suggest that a Hells Angel or a Big Circle Boy is engaged in bribing a government official? That there's government involvement with gangs? Sounds kinda silly ... I suppose it could happen. But that certainly isn't what I meant. And I think you know that.

You can't very well call my concerns about the government (and the civil service, industry, business, etc) "unjustified" if neither you -- nor I -- know what those concerns are. That's my point. We're concerned because we don't know!

Serious concerns have been raised over the unwelcome, unwanted, and clandestine sale of B.C. Rail by means of an agreement which nobody has seen ...

followed, as you know, by other serious and similar decisions involving the sale of public assets ... the latest being the mass transfer of public lands. Are you saying you've felt not the slightest twinge of concern that these significant events might not pass the smell test?

Did you note that I wasn't talking about gangs so much, as about the general pervasive climate for crime at all levels of society?

And the trial which could shed light -- yes or no -- on the credibility of the B.C. Rail transaction is being bungled in my view ... dragged out, fumbled, barely given the attention it deserves ... and you don't feel a twinge of fear that all is not right?

I don't know if Big Circle Boys or the Mafia were involved with ENRON but that's what I call sophisticated crime creating a wholly unhealthy atmosphere ... and I think that's where we are today in my beloved home province.

anon 12:04,Your head is in the clouds! Most governments are run crinimally/inhumanely! It was reported on CTV(vanc.) about 3 years ago, that A high profile teamster was a share holder in a Vanc. film production co., along with members of hells angels!!! This film production co. produces fraudulent pornography. They drug, rape and exploit! A multi-billion dollar criminal enterprize! The authorities don't care. One, because they don't have the balls to go up against these bastards!Two, all proceeds of crime go to the federal govrn't!!! That high profile teamester IS Paul Martin. Stephan Harper knows this, that why when he said to Mr.Dion recently, "do you really want me to there." Failed task forces by the BC., Liberals are the'salvation' task force and 'I spot'.. I spot hired several police at 90 grand a year to follow rapist and prevent them from going into a victims house at night??? Don't put these bastards behind bars? Why, because O/C have illegal camera in unsuspecting homes, where sex-crimes are recorded and the identies are digitally altered! IE: The HRDC boondoggle and the sponsor ship scandal( false advertising)!! Victims are not protected or exonerated. They get a falsified police record that says they are camera sex trade workers! US authorities have reported on Cdn. t.v that the governments of Canada are not telling Canadians that they are victims of identity thieft!!!
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