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Aneal Basi

G West writes:

There are so many loose ends hanging from this case; I can't but wonder if Anon. 2:40 couldn't help pull some of those threads together Mary.

Aneal Basi has been a kind of forgotten entity in all of this - he went from being a hero on Canada's Field Hockey team to little more than an Asterisk in RailGate...and yet, he must have an interesting story to tell as well.

Although he is supposed to be related to the other principals in the case he occupies a strangely equivocal and almost invisible place in what has been happening in court and I can't help but wonder why that is.

Let's recall the bits and pieces we do know about him.

(1) He was specifically mentioned in paragraph 64 of the Notice of Application for Discovery [Feb 26 2007]- I believe for the first time - with these words:

"On December 28, 2003, the RCMP also exercised a search warrant on the residence and office of Mr. Bornmann. At that time Mr. Bornmann made a statement to the RCMP that Aneal Basi (hereinafter "Mr. A. Basi") was a bona fide contractor working for him."

(2) A few paragraphs further along he is mentioned for the second time:

para 78: "The defence takes the position that at no time did Mr. Basi (Dave Basi) or Mr. Virk (Bobby Virk) act in a fraudulent, deceitful or criminal manner, but rather acted at all times under the direction of their superiors in the highly political circumstances of the Offices. Certain of the disclosure requests are critical to determining whether Messrs. Basi and Virk had consent to act as they did. These issues in turn affect Aneal Basi. [Material in brackets and emphasis added.]

And that’s it!

We know he was a star Field Hockey player at both U Vic and with the Canada team and we know he was appointed to Campbell’s Public Affairs Bureau on July 29, 2002 under OIC 759.

Resume of Orders in Council Vol 29 Number 26 – July 29 2002

Statutory Authority: Public Service
Aneal Basi appointed a Public Affairs Officer in the Public Affairs Bureau.


He’s much the junior partner of the other two accused; Dave Basi and Bob Virk having gotten their OIC spurs a little earlier via OIC 558 on June 5, 2001.

Dave Basi with the title of Ministerial Assistant in the Ministry of Finance:

Robert Pauliszyn Ministerial Assistant
David Basi Ministerial Assistant
Yvette Heuse Administrative Coordinator

And Bob Virk in the Ministry of Transportation:

Bob Virk Ministerial Assistant
Fraser Randall Executive Assistant
Elizabeth Young Administrative Coordinator

At the same time, Jamie Elmhirst was appointed a Ministerial Assistant with the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection

Water, Land and Air Protection
Jamie Elmhirst Ministerial Assistant
Gail Gajda Clerk 5


And Dave Basi must have been an up-and-comer too, because, on September 12, 2002 we find there is another Order in Council containing his name that seems to give him a raise in Salary:

Statutory Authority: Public Service
David Basi, Ministerial Assistant to the Minister of Finance, shall be paid at step 4 of the Compensation Guidelines attached to Order in Council 1230/93.


The records of salary paid to the three men in fiscal 2003 – 04:

Basi, Basi and Virk were ALL OIC appointments in fiscal 2003 - 04. You can find their salaries listed among the OIC schedules that start on page 11 of this pdf -

Dave Basi's salary was: $62,824; Bobby Virk's was $65,091 and Aneal Basi's was $50,727. for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2004.

I’d caution the reader not to assume much from these amounts. Dave Basi’s OIC appointment was rescinded on December 29, 2003 (OIC 1270). The other two continued their appointments for a much longer period.

Approved and Ordered December 29, 2003

Statutory Authority: Public Service
Effective December 29, 2003, the appointment of David Basi as Ministerial Assistant to the Minister of Finance, made by Order in Council 558/2001, is rescinded.


And what to make of all this, now that is a good question. If, as seems to be the case, Erik Bornmann used Aneal Basi as the conduit to pump money from OmniTrax to Dave Basi and Bob Virk, was his claim that Aneal was a contractor working for him at Pilothouse simply a lie…or, was he simply doing what he had been told to do? (The following curious group of transactions in Aneal's account was originally posted at the House of Infamy by kootcoot May 8, 2006).

Somebody's Laundry List?

Why did Gordon Campbell act so quickly to rescind David Basi’s OIC and leave the other two appointments intact for months?

Lots of questions here Mary, not least about how the connections to the Liberal party (provincial and federal) impact on the behavior of the three main players AND all the others who are still in the shadows but whose names may very well be on those redacted FOI documents Bill received as a kind of early Christmas gift last week.

I hope some of the Anons can help…..


Aneal Basi doesn't exactly jump off the page as a potential fraudster and criminal co-conspirator does he?

And yet there are those bank accounts and deposits and that statement from little Erik Bornmann to the RCMP....

In fact, Mary, he sounds a lot like a guy new to the job (appointed July 29, 2002) who was, as they say, doing as he was told...

More and more one wonders about those documents being withheld, the redacted notes from Stuart Chase (another guy 'new' to the job and doing as he was told...but certainly not under the direction of either AG Oppal or Carole Taylor), and the utterly phony argument of solicitor/client privilege.

Very clearly something is being hidden by someone far up the food chain. The Premier's Office and the 'managers' in the Bureau of Public Affairs are all over this case Mary.

Not that you'd get that impression from the Canwest papers!
Campbell,Coleman, Paul Martin. And the CIA!!! coleman-"can't discuss whats before the courts"...The feds,"it's a matter of national security". For decades, on abuse of authority!
Anon 8:30,

Not a clue what you mean ... care to write again?

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

Express Collision Shop Said...

Back to that sept. 29 2004. search warrant of Corporal Andrew John Cowan. re: Alleged Bank Payments from lobbyists to government types. The warrant states that Aneal Basi is Dave Basi's cousin and goes on about alleged detailed payments to A. Basi and on to D.Basi. Mary, do you need a copy of this warrant? It makes for good reading. I will try to get it to you or the link after Christmas if you want it.

Merry Christmas to all and I added one wish to my list-That this trial and all the shenanigens(corruption)? see the light of day

Please send it to Mary!

And I would very much like it as well if you get a chance.

My Email is:

pacificgazette at yahoo dot ca.

Express Collision Shop Said...

I lucked out and just googled Corporal Andrew Thomas Cowan B.C. The September 29 2004. 11 page warrant is there. Good Reading and let me know if you have success in finding this warrant before the Christmas cheer starts.
Y'know what? Aneal Basi might turn out to be the David Radler in this case.

Why wouldn't that young man, on the threshold of his career, say to his big cousin: "You used me! You've almost wrecked my life and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

Just the same way as Radler broke open the Conrad Black Trial, Aneal Basi has it in his power to break this BCRail Trial open.

Let's hope.
Like it or not,I think this case already has a David Radler in the person of Erik Bornman.
Got it ECS--

An HTML-cached, searchable version is here.

Well no, Anon 8:09, not at all.

Bornman isn't among the accused. And Radler was.

So Radler had a lot to gain by ratting out his old friend.

All Aneal Basi could expect by keeping silent is a longer sentence if -- along with Basi & Virk -- the three of them are found guilty.

But if he plea bargains early to help prove the Prosecution's case against Basi & Virk, he could possibly gain complete exoneration for himself.

That's a pretty big bonus for helping to wrap this case up. I just can't imagine him not thinking this over.

Anon 8:09,

On thinking this over a bit more, I have to accept your point about Bornmann who already appears to have struck some kind of a deal ... behind the scenes, written or unwritten ... to do what, we do not know. Or he has not, according to Ol' Bill Berardino.

Like I was saying over at Bill T.'s place, part of the government's agenda for the Basi-Virk issue is, in my view, a determination to confuse.

To confuse, delay, and confuse some more. Until ... three guesses.

Mary, a question for you. Why would Aneal Basi make a "deal" if he is innocent. In your rush to concoct possible remedies did anybody consider the basic premise that he may be innocent? I know its a radical concept. Using your logic why didn't Premier Glen Clark make a "deal" to save himself, or for that matter his friend Pilarinos. I think its important for people to take a step back and understand these are peoples lives we are playing with.

If Bornmann made a deal like Radler, what is his punishment?

Thanks for your comment. It's a good one.

I certainly didn't say that Aneal is guilty. I said that he is one of the three Accused in this situation.

Perhaps my concept of how the law works is all wrong, but it seems to me that if you're innocent of the charges, you'd be all the more eager to plea bargain. That really was my point.

The Bornmann position I don't understand at all.

This is no "rush to concoct" and if you read this blog often, you'd know that.

But since you raised the idea, I'd say that if any lives are being "played with" in the Basi Virk Basi / BC Rail case, it's the lives of British Columbians who not only lost a railway but lost a great deal of their former confidence in the institutions operating this province.

Not to mention the legal bills which might be mitigated if Aneal Basi made a successful plea bargain.

I am sorry Mary but I do not understand your logic. Why would anybody "plea bargain" if they are innocent? That makes no sense whatsoever. People who are guilty plea bargain to get a lighter sentence for themselves. People who are innocent do not "plea bargain". I will refer to Premier Clark one more time. He stated from day one he was inncoent and fought to prove his innocence. Are you saying he should have foregone this and made a plea bargain to save himself legal fees?
Hi again, Ann,

Not sure it's important that you understand my logic. After all, it's pure speculation at this point, just as yours is.

But to borrow your words again, it "makes no sense whatever" that Aneal Basi should sit with hands folded and a bag over his head, making no attempt to improve his situation.

Presumably he and his lawyer have been working -- "fighting" in your terminology -- to prove his innocence and it hasn't worked.

Somebody remains convinced that Aneal is guilty of something or Aneal wouldn't still stand accused after 4 long years, would he?

Remember the bank statements showing funds flowing through Aneal's account?

There's something I am not understanding about your basic position. Why do you think it's such a terrible thing for Aneal to offer co-operation in return for having the charges against him dropped? Surely that's the essence of proving his innocence.

Again, with all respect Mary I am trying hard to understand your point. If Aneal is innocent and has been fighting for four years to prove his innocence what cooperation should he give and to whom? The man is fighting to clear his name. How do we know he didn't offer to tell the truth but the special prosecutor and rcmp didn't want to hear the truth because of their close links to senior officials in the bc liberal government? Please refer to the judges decision of June 4/07 for proof of these troubling linkages. After all wasn't it the rcmp who stated no politicians were under investigation and now we find that in fact gary collins was under investigation? Who else was under investigation, campbell, his advisors, should I believe the rcmp just because they said so??.

Like Glen Clark, aneal was charged and he is fighting to clear his name. Like Glen Clark he will have his day in court. Like every person ever charged with an offence and subsequently acquitted he has the right to fight for his innocence. If every person ever charged was found guilty the jails would be overflowing and the system would collapse. Go back and review the rcmp hype and the staging of the raid on Glen's house and tell me this was all by chance? If we were to believe the rcmp spin Glen was guilty, there was no need for a trial, the legal process, all those pesky legal proceedings. Your statement that "Somebody remains convinced that Aneal is guilty of something or Aneal wouldn't still stand accused after 4 long years, would he?" is to put it bluntly simply not correct and indeed ridiculous. Are you saying that the mere fact Glen Clark was charged means that somehow he was guilty? All this before he had a chance to argue, successfully as it turns out, his innocence!

If you want to speed this up then shouldn't we, as Robin Matthews has stated on several occasions put pressure on the system to have the special prosceutor and rcmp held in contempt for not giving access to the documents the lawyers are waiting for? Go back and read the judges decision, it parted the clouds for me and exposed who was delaying and dragging their feet.

I disagree with your statement that "Presumably he and his lawyer have been working -- "fighting" in your terminology -- to prove his innocence and it hasn't worked."

I recall very clearly the June 4/07decision that stated "the rcmp have failed to meet the basic disclosure rights of the accused". Please consult a trial lawyer and ask them to interpret the significance of a judge making such a statement in a decision.

While we are on this subject matter somebody please explain to me the troubling linkages between senior rcmp investigators and campbells office.

I for one understand and believe in the following statement "innocent until PROVEN guilty in a court of law". The Glen Clark case is the one that shines through as an example where fact and fiction simply don't jive. I take with a grain of salt what the rcmp tells me to believe. If you have any doubt harken back to the sworn testimony in front of the house of commons committee where senior rcmp officials sat in front of the mp's and all told drastically different stories about where the pension money went and who authorized it. That for me is the story of the year. I must be onto something for the troubles in the rcmp made the list as the top news story in 2007.

Time will tell in this case. Hopefully the foot dragging will stop and all british columbians can find out what this is really about. In the meantime my train of thought has changed from where it was when this started to where it is today. For that I have the judge to thank.

Please explain "The man is fighting to clear his name." Doing what?

Yes, innocent until proven guilty. Nobody said otherwise.

These cliches are like straw men you set up so that you may knock them down, clarifying nothing.

Why not provide some solid information that we can think about.

That's what this web-site is all about, did you know that? It's a place where we can gather our thoughts, questions, findings, and have a hope of understanding the issue of what happened to BC Rail.


What do you call all of the applications the lawyers have filed demanding information from a special prosecutor, rcmp and bc liberal government that is refusing to release it? I call that "fighting to clear his name". I forgot to mention there have been 8 court dates set and changed because the special prosecutor, rcmp and bc liberal government all refuse to release information that is obviously embarrasing to them. In the judicial system people accused of a crime do not "elect" trial by judge alone if they are trying to drag it out. Again please consult with a trial lawyer and ask him/her confirm this.

If you want solid information go back and read what the lawyers filed in court when they asked the judge to order the rcmp to release more documents. Go back and read the submission by the defence lawyers and then ask yourself "The man is fighting to clear his name" Doing what?"

Your question will be answered. It was for me.
I think Aneal Basi is in a unique situation in this case. His name is hardly mentioned in the ‘Notice of Application for Discovery’ and he played a minor part of the Cowan Search Warrant.

I'd suggest that, if Dave Basi and Robert Virk are under a legitimate charge...and let's assume they are…that Aneal Basi may well not be under legitimate charge.

I suspect that's what Mary's referring to and while the terminology 'plea bargain' is probably not appropriate, it's not hard to see how Aneal Basi might (out of family loyalty, for example) be hesitating to direct his counsel to explore the possibility of providing the Crown with further details of the Bornmann/Collins/Campbell involvement in these matters. If the Crown really wanted to settle this case they too might well be interested in reaching out to the former Canada Field Hockey star.

He may we have information which would not only move the spotlight off his relative(s) and onto the real perpetrators of this whole situation.

That may not be what Mary was thinking about, but considering everything (which amounts to very little) that connects Aneal Basi to these matters, I can certainly understand why he might (as a man who may have been simply following orders) be willing to get his name cleared now and blow out of the water the contention that the Lieutenant Governor in Council has nothing to hide.
I just read this interesting exchange. Coincidentally I read an article in a magazine entitled "Falsely Accused". Its the heart breaking story about Sherry Sherret who was falsely charged and then found guilty of killing her one month old baby in 1995. The testimony of the so called expert witness, the now infamous pathologist Dr. Charles Smith was instrumental in her conviction. Of course no case would be complete without the media hype employed by a police force looking for sensational headlines. The article goes on to mention how the police and the crown attorneys tried several times to strike a deal with Sherry but she refused to budge and protested her innocence even after she was found guilty and sentenced for such a terrible crime.

I couldn't help but compare what this fellow aneal must be going through as I read this story. If indeed he is innocent and I must presume he is until proven otherwise then I applaud him for the strength of his convictions as he faces what must be a terrible ordeal. Why should he make a deal for the sake of convenience, whatever happened to standing up for what you believe in and principle? Are those old fashioned notions discarded for the present environment where the easy way out is the one sought by people who have no morales?

It behooves us to act and think responsibly and remember stories such as the one that is playing out in courtrooms across the country in cases involving the discredited pathologist Charles Smith. Its far to easy to believe the spin the police would like us to belive than it is to question and say hold on a moment, something doesn't make sense.

Thank you for letting me make my contribution to this subject matter.

From Canadian Press:

Lobbyists paid $30K to B.C. officials: warrants

Apr. 3 2006
Canadian Press

VANCOUVER -- Two lobbyists paid almost $30,000 to three B.C. government officials in exchange for government information to help one of their clients, according to search warrant material released Monday.

In another dramatic twist, scant hours after the warrant information was released, one of the three government officials was hit with four new Criminal Code charges. The warrant material was granted by a court in 2004 and is part of an investigation that has resulted in charges against the three.

There were four separate applications by the RCMP in 2004 to obtain search warrants.

In one application, the Crown contends Dave Basi accepted a benefit from Erik Bornman and committed a breach of trust. That application alleges that Bornman "received information and documents from Dave Basi in exchange for payments which were made to Aneal Basi for forwarding to Dave Basi."

Another application alleges that Dave Basi received the money from Bornman in return for Basi's referring clients to him and assisting him with "matters of government."

Dave Basi was a ministerial assistant for former finance minister Gary Collins. Aneal Basi was a public affairs officer in the Transport Ministry.

The warrants allege that Aneal Basi passed funds from Bornman to Dave Basi.

"These funds were in the form of cheques written to Aneal Basi, deposited to the account of Aneal Basi, and it is believed, disbursed to David Basi as part of the arrangement with Erik Bornman," the court documents allege.

Bornman is a partner in a lobby firm known as Pilothouse Public Affairs Group.

The Crown allegations follow extensive police investigation into bank accounts at TD Canada Trust.

The investigation, according to the documents, uncovered several cancelled cheques through 2002 and 2003, most of them payable to Aneal Basi.

The court documents alleged the cheques payable to Aneal Basi "demonstrated a pattern of deposits into the accounts of David Basi immediately or shortly after a cheque to Aneal Basi was written and cashed."

Aneal Basi's lawyer, Joe Doyle, said he is confident his client will be acquitted of the two counts of money laundering he faces.

"He didn't launder any money. He denies those charges."

Last week, Justice Elizabeth Bennett ruled the media would be allowed to look through the search warrant information used in connection with a 2003 raid on the B.C. legislature.

The release was delayed because she said heavy editing was necessary to delete some information in the interests of a fair trial.

Dave Basi and Bobby Virk face several allegations, including accepting a bribe, influence peddling, breach of trust and fraud.

The allegations in the warrants from 2004 broke Dec. 28, 2003, when police moved into the B.C. legislature with a warrant to search government offices.

Michael Bolton, Dave Basi's lawyer, said the 2004 information "provides a misleading impression."

"Without explanation and without cross-examination and defence evidence it gives a very skewed version of the facts," Bolton said.

Bolton said his client is confident that he committed no offences. {Snip} ...

The search warrants were based on the information of RCMP Cpl. Andrew Cowan, who states that he became involved in the investigation in October 2003 as part of his duties with the Vancouver Island drug section operation known as Project Everywhichway.

"My project duties were the monitoring of telephone intercepts relating to named target (Dave) Basi."

It was during his investigation, Cowan says in his application, that Aneal Basi and Bornman became "persons of interest." {Snip} ...


From BC Mary: I present this 2006 Canadian Press article for its clarification of where Aneal Basi fits into the Basi-Virk-Basi picture.

Let's continue our discussion in a spirit of unity. We all want the BC Rail story to be told. We want disclosure. We want justice to be done. We want to be prepared for the day when testimony begins to unfold under oath. Right?

Basi-Virk-Basi Case #23299 is not an easy story to follow. So it's OK to ask questions. It's OK to speculate as to "What if ...?" And it's very much OK to suggest corrections.

Taken together, these ideas build our understanding of the BC Rail issues. But finger-wagging is off-putting.

But accusations of guilt have never been tolerated on this web-site and I expect that same courtesy toward myself.

So when you have a point to make, make it as clearly and informatively as you can. It will be appreciated by all who visit this site -- especially by those who tell me that they come here because of its intelligent conversation.

Especially, thanks for caring about the BC Rail issue, because it really, really is important.

Noted at Bill Tieleman's blogsite:

"I hope 2008 will bring out the heros in us all..."

Is that a great wish, or what.

FYI: Coleman came up with some bullshit about BC Bud being used to buy Afghani guns. The BCCLA asked for the backup and none was forthcoming:

The pot angle in this case is very, very, very interesting and often overlooked by the press. I wish they would delve into it more...and BTW, Free Marc Emery!

Reading the above comments makes me wonder if Aneal has a committee to clear his name at work. However if Mr. Basi #2 wants to clear his name and proclaim his "innocence" a good place to start would be by explaining the unique "coincidental?" transactions in his bank account between July of 2002 and September 2003.

That so many identical deposits would come from Bornmannnnnn and then go out to cousin David seems suspicious at the least. $23,705 seems an odd amount, but then who knows what percentage was the "commission?"

Did all moneys due David Basi need to traverse cousin Aneal's account? If so, why? Can we say "Laundromat?" Maybe laundry has a special significance in India, as consider the British flic "My Sweet Lauderette." Criminal masterminds? I think not!
I find the dates of the Bornmann to Aneal Basi transactions a little disturbing. Isn't July 2002 to Sep 2003 a little early for the tranfer of the priviledged BC Rail documents? It is right on time for release of the land package from the ALR. Also $23,705 buys a lot of Liberal party memberships. According to the list, $5,705 was passed from Bornmann to Basi. During that time period, the supporters of Shinder Purewal signed up 525 new members in their efforts to take over Herb Dhaliwal's constituency assiciation. At $10 a membership, that would have cost about $5,250, slightly less than the money that was transferred from Bornmann to Basi.
A name somebody should feature in a Basi-Virk-Basi story is David Anderson. One of Bill T's commentors,

"Budd Campbell said...

Bill, a name that comes up a couple of times in your October 2003 article is that of former Environment and former Fisheries Minister David Anderson, for 12 years the Liberal MP for Victoria. His patronage driven benefactor role in relation to Mark Marissen and Jamie Elmhirst is noted in your article.

"Wouldn't it be fair to say that Anderson's distribution of largesse is also key to understanding the unofficial but quite real Liberal allegiances of your fellow political bloggers Terry Glavin and Ian King? The Anderson patronage net, as operated by Brian Bohunicky, was very wide indeed."

Good point.

Didn't mean to interrupt the analysis of the time and possible destination of those entries in Aneal Basi's bank account ... and his cousin Dave's bank account.

Possible links to the Sooke A.L.R. land package?

Possible links to the electoral shenanigans with the BCLiberal membership lists?

All of it hidden in plain sight? Wouldn't red-blooded investigative journalists be all over this?

I don't know of anybody stupid enough to take bribes in the form of cheques. Just playing devils advocate. I will wait for the facts and rely on them as opposed to rcmp spin and the spin coming from campbell and co.
Express Collision Shop Said...

Cowans warrant says...

# 26 Assistance in referring clients etc.

Sound familiar? Tip of the iceberg.
The big that's-why is: the RACE factor. Wally Oppal was actively recruited for the AG position, with an obvious intent to retain East Indian voters, after that group tossed the Libs out of Panorama Ridge, in a pre-1995 by-election. Oppal was elected with a large majority. East Indians would like Basi-Virk-Basi to go away. That would be easier if Convict-Campbell could point to a Bench squash of the charges.

Does the BC judiciary play politics in BC? Of course. On Dec. 18 I attended a motion hearing in the case of Kotai v BC Ferries, et al (Queen of the North sinking). As usual, Chief Justice Brenner presided. Government and corporate plaintiffs or defendents win 100% of actions before Brenner. So who did Brenner plead for when he was an attorney? Government and corporate clients. Actuaries need to look at the statistical aspects of his Bench record. I examined almost 200 query reference to "Brenner" in the DART case database. The LAST written determination where he is recorded as Rep for a private individual dates to: 1974. Can he be impartial and objective? Brenner personally intervened to shield judicial colleague - Madame Koenigsberg - from California justice in 2005. In the same year he shot down Legal Aid rights. Then there is the case of John Ruiz Dempsey, who served 30 days in prison for violating a Brenner order.

What about Stone-Wally? His review of police service, championed police discretion, while promoting self-regulation. As AG he accepted the RCMP whitewash in the Ian Bush case. Can he be objective? WHEN he was being recruited by the Libs, he took the high road in one extraordinary case.

In my opinion, the majority decision in "Roy" was the most perverse judgment ever reached in the BC Appeals Court. What motivated Oppal - a pack-judge - to act out an extraordinary - for him - dissent role? Politics? Would Oppal play the RACE card for Convict-Campbell? Will Madame Bennett - a former hardline prosecutor who took sentencing cases to the Supreme Court of Canada - serve justice in Basi-Virk-Basi? Will Brenner EVER face public scrutiny?

BC Mary: respecting your privacy, I believe that you once appeared before Brenner in a civil case. I could be mistaken.
To Express Collision Shop:

I think theres a lot that Kieran and co want to keep hidden when it comes to their lobbying and connections to people like paul taylor.

your group should have filed a complaint the second it was revealed paul taylor was the "blabby deputy minister" helping kieran and co behind the scenes.
Happy New Year, Anonymous 6:14,

and thank you for another dazzling contribution.

The only question I can answer with confidence is your final question. The answer (thank goodness) is, no I have never appeared before Chief Justice Brenner in any capacity, civil or otherwise.

A question for you: will you attend any of the upcoming pre-trial BC Rail sessions? And perhaps let us know your impressions?

One more question: do you agree that this Basi Virk Basi / BC Rail Case should have cameras in the courtroom? There are so very few people - especially northern residents of B.C. -- who can be in the courtroom throughout these procedings. And this is so important to northerners.

Well, maybe just one more question: I understand that the presiding judge decides whether or not to allow cameras in the courtroom; but how does the public make known their request?

And so, bravely we soldier on into the 5th year of this waiting and not knowing.

To committee to cleanse Aneal member anon 11:58am, as to:

"I find the dates of the Bornmann to Aneal Basi transactions a little disturbing. Isn't July 2002 to Sep 2003 a little early for the tranfer of the priviledged BC Rail documents? It is right on time for release of the land package from the ALR."

Did it occur to you that questionable activities HAD to occur BEFORE December 28, 2003, in order to "have cause" for warrants (still kept partially SECRET by Dohm) executed on December 28, 2003? The last time I checked warrants are issued on the basis of Past activities, not future predictions - except maybe in bushWorld.

Perhaps his cousin was just running cash through Aneal's bank account to help Aneal qualify (fraudulently) for credit. I guess creating false cash-flow-financial history would qualify as a "lesser" crime than participating in bribery to affect government policy. And let's get real and realize money laundering is just good hygiene.

Maybe instead of anon, some posters could use handles like Aneal Basi Defense Committee Member #(pick a number).

They kept referring to "Ferrell" Collins on Early Edition this morning. Were they confused or just making a Freudian slip regarding feral Gary "the Ferret" Collins? Wasn't there a SoCred/Lib dude named Farrell whose day job was writing "history" or his interpretation of history?

Brenner, Patrick Dohm, Lady Liz and the woman judge so anxious to sentence Harriet Nanahee to what was essentially, "death," and more might require some oversight/investigation, but by whom? I perceive at least the appearance of a corporate (thus Campbell government) bias in the BC judiciary. Remember this is the same judiciary and AG ministry that rushed to trial against Mini-Wac and Herb Doman to essentially give them a "get out of jail free" card, thanks to double jeopardy against pending charges (much more likely to bring conviction) in Ontario over the insider trading in Doman Industries stock. From the SoCred/BC Lieberal view, this whole affair had the added benefit of sticking the BCTF retirement fund with the losses when the stock tanked within 24-48 hours of Bill and Herb dumping their holdings, after a whole morning of "social" phone calls between the Coast and Bennett's home in Kelowna.
Look at the ad hoc Committe to Clear the Field Hockey Hero trying to manipulate the numbers.....

"At $10 a membership, that would have cost about $5,250, slightly less than the money that was transferred from Bornmann to Basi".

Really quite a bit less than $23,705.......and besides, wouldn't the BC or Federal Liberal party have their OWN accounts and not have to rely on the personal accounts of Basi #1 and #2? I mean I'm sure that even the Rhino and Marijuana Parties have official accounts set up for memberships and/or dues.

What kind of party (not counting the ReThugs to the south) use breakins through ceilings and party workers' personal bank accounts for day to day political action? Sleazy political parties is all that I come up with, or sleazy party workers, at the least!

lets keep the debate civilized and on the point. When the right wing zealots attacked Premier Glen Clark many of us expressed outrage and reminded people that Glen was innocent until proven otherwise. Now that the shoe is on the other foot lets not give these people the opportunity of branding us with the same brush. I have faith in justice elizabeth bennett. In my opinion nobody is apologizing for anybody. The facts will come out as they did for Glen. Its only then we will be able to have an informed debate that focuses on facts.

This is my opinion only. You may wish to agree or disagree.
Anon 10:32 -

I would say more than "right wing zealots" were participating in the dog pile on Glen Clark. It wasn't zealots who subjected us to daily coverage of almost nothing (Glen pacing by his window that night, the two Soprano types exiting the North Burnaby Card Club) to the point that those images were seared into my retinae.

Show me the lack of civilization, the last refuge of liars is Emily Post and "theoretical" "balance."

Have we lost a (profitable and only likely to get more so as resources in the North become even more in demand) railroad? Have our med records been handed over to Dubya's minions? Is there anything of importance done outside of the "backroom" these days. Do judgements and "Ex Parte" hearings and injunctions tend to be decided in the corporate interest?

Methinks you may be an OIC concern troll or just an imitation. I said I "perceived" an "appearance" of bias - if you don't see this, please send me the kind of glasses you wear or negotiate a fee for me to give me a reason for writing otherwise.

I haven't noticed myself pronouncing any verdicts, guilty or otherwise. I am merely bringing some suspicious "evidence" to the attention of readers of this blog. Now if only Canned Waste, Glow Ball Tee Vee and the discovery process would do the same, during my lifetime.

Did I dream that Mini-Wac and Herb Doman spent the morning on the phone and then dumped Doman stock, much of it on (beyond their control) the teachers, whom you may have noticed haven't been the SoCreds' or the Libs' favorite group.

I know that Herb and Bill weren't convicted of illegal trading, but would give this more weight if this had been decided under Ontario law and TSX rules. The Vancouver Stock Exchange is to capitalism as spam is to e-mail. If Milliken had done his business there, he might still be doing business.
Anon 10:32 pps

Do you think I'm being uncivilized to think that, if I obstructed the discovery process for going on five years, I might be typing this from the cell I inhabit for ongoing contempt of court?
Anon-Above (@10:32pm)

Your point is taken.

However, we are now beginning year five....and still the only thing we really know is what the charges are, who has been charged and who has NOT been charged.

As such, I agree with Express Collision shop above - I want to hear from those that have NOT been charged.

Me, I kinda wish some enterprising *cough* journalist would have a chat with David Anderson ... kind of a year-end wrap: will it be the Dobermann, the Poodle or the AirDales who wins this dogfight? See what he says. Publish it.

Norman Spector of late seems much more willing to blurt out old truths too. Let's see that in a CanWest newzpaper.

Then there's Victoria lawyer, Bruce Torrie, whose home/office was broken into and trashed, after he had been advising the BC Liberals on the "two organized crime groups" (his words) battling within the party. What's he thinking these days? Print that.

I'd like to see what Paul Battershill is thinking on the 4th anniversary of the Legislature raid (he was co-leader, and is now the subject of a lot of dubious CanWest ink). Very little CanWest ink was spent on the break-in at HIS lawyer's office. No ink at all on Bill Tieleman's office break-in.

Me, I think it's uncivilized to sell NEWSpapers without the actual news that should be printed in them.

I think it's uncivilized to remonstrate with Citizens who are trying to do the actual jobs of journalists and elected representatives by telling the story of B.C. Rail as best we can piece it together.

Betcher life we get steamed at times. It'd be unhealthy not to feel the anger.

But WE're not the B.C. problem. And that's just it: we're still not sure who is.

Sometimes, in a heated discussion (if allowed), the truth just pops out. And that, in my view, is a good thing.

Happy New Year, all.

It should be remembered that a year ago (January, 2007) Aneal Basi filed a wrongful- dismissal suit against the provincial government.

In a writ filed in B.C. Supreme Court, he said he was terminated without notice, or without any reasonable notice, and that the firing was done without just cause. He says he fulfilled all aspects of his job and was a "valuable and reliable employee."

I think that is the question to pursue.

Was Aneal Basi fulfulling all aspects of his job and a "valuable and reliable employee" to those who hired him?"

If he was fulfilling all aspects of his job and if he was a "valuble and reliable asset" to those who gave him his job description, if he was living up to their expectations, then I would think that those that have NOT been charged definitely need to be further questioned and investigated. In depth.

Especially "those" doing the hiring and the firing.
Noted in passing, on Public Eye Online, while searching for more info. on Aneal's writ:

"Am I the only one who's seeing a common link here between the BC Cabinet resignations of Clark and Collins and the Federal Cabinet dismissal of David Anderson? They are all linked to Dave Basi. I just have a hard time telling myself that it's all just pure, raw, unadulterated coincidence.

Posted by Budd Campbell on December 16, 2004 12:11 PM

OKay, so what's the smart answer now? It's just getting more and more obvious that this whole drug financed political gamesmanship is going to blow up and take some major as well as minor casualties.

Older, cooler hands who could have, and should have, and in fact secretly did know better chose to believe that these eager young assistants were so eager beaverish that they could defy the laws of political gravity, that they could get hundreds of genuinely interested people out to riding AGMs and nomination fights where no one else could. These kids were magic!

Yeah, right. Now we know what the magic ingredient was, ... easy money and lots of it!

Posted by Budd Campbell on January 6, 2005 11:45 AM

Yes, a most interesting piece by Budd Campbell, Mary.

Was this a very convenient little army of "eager beaverish" soldiers, (young, inexperienced, ambitious....and most importantly, "anxious to please")that were hired not only to facilitate an agenda but to supply the necessary distance between the game plans of the colonels and any incriminating actions on the (oft' hidden) battlefields?
Many thanks for your tip, Lynx.

I've been searching, but haven't been able to find out anything more about Aneal Basi's wrongful dismissal suit.

Seems so strange, the way all this stuff is so hard to find.

Do you know if the case has been heard? Dismissed? Or anything at all?


I don't know what has transpired since, Mary. Perhaps, someone else here may know.

It was from The Province, Thursday, Janaury 18, 2007.

I have heard little mention of it elsewhere.
Re the Glen Clark prosecution: that was a Show Trial in the Stalin-Hitler fashion. Crown Counsel knew from the beginning that the barter arrangement that Clark made with the second party was lawful and private benefit did not form motive. Reason for prosecution: The Sun-Province-Times-Colonist clique wanted the NDP out, so they floated smears; prosecutors jumped on same.
I've had the opportunity to get to know both David Anderson and Mark Marissen and here's the scoop. Mark Marissen is extremely distrustful of strangers, and doesn't like to work with anyone he hasn't known for quite some time. The reason there are so many former David Anderson people involved in these things is because they had the opportunity to get to know Mark before anyone else did.
Collins left Cabinet to go to work for Mr. Ho's Harmony Airline, then left quickly before the airline went bankrupt. This is the same Mr. Ho who was picked up drunk in Gastown with 2 hookers in his car and cocaine. The VPD did NOT lay charges because they "didn't know who the cocaine belonged to" or couldn't prove, etc. At one point Mr. Ho owned UBC Gold course.

What group does Mr. Ho represent? And where is Mr. Collins? Cheers.
So if I make sure to be accompanied by at least two hookers where ever I may go, can I carry anything I choose? Because, "Hey man, that ain't my blow, it belongs to the hookers.

Or since I can't and don't HIRE disgraced cabinet ministers (or even non-fallen ones), would they take me and each hooker to a separate room and persuade the truth of whose it is out of us with what ever it takes.

"Please sir, would you speak more loudly? Mr. Taser and us can't hear you."

"oh....okay, I'll remove my billy club from your mouth, if you tell me something I want to hear"

I seem to recall hearing the ferret was going to work for someone back East, I don't remember if that meant he had to go there, and I could be mis-remembering, too!

What does he hire himself out as, a human conduit? I always felt that hiring on to a small airline on the verge of bankruptcy had the air of desparation about it. From finance minister in the black (on the backs of the folks from the interior, the ill, the elderly, and the poor) to private sector failure, almost overnight. I'd like to see how he burnishes that on his resume.
kootcoot, I just googled Gary Collins as Min. of Finance and found a couple of Tieleman stories:
Collins having lunch with Prem Vinning; and Collins new job as vice-president of Belkorp owned by one of the Belkins, a long time Vancouver family. Collins was paid $300,000 at Harmony. Cheers.
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