Monday, December 17, 2007


Confirmed: 10:00 AM today Basi Virk hearing continues

The agenda? Bill Tieleman reported last Friday that:

The defence will make further arguments on Monday
December 17 at 10 a.m. on the solicitor-client privilege issue.

[And] ... Bennett agreed that the defence could cross-examine Nancy Reimer, an assistant to government lawyer George Copley, on Tuesday December 18 regarding an affadavit she prepared outlining privilege issues in the case from the province's perspective. Reimer was excused from the court for part of the afternoon because of that request.


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Good morning Mary.

I was getting ready to comment on the fact that these docket postings were incomplete. Usually leaving out case #23299. But unless the hour is wrong it looks like they finally posted it correctly.
I stopped by the courtroom today. There were only two people in the audience and both of them had fallen asleep.
Let me guess: Bill Berardino and Madam Justice Bennett?

Sorry, just kidding. The waiting-for-some-news is warping my normally sweet nature.

Nope, AWOL Bill was still AWOL. He left Andrea McKay to mind the store. What happenned yesterday is that Bolton demolished Copley's arguments for soliciter client priviledge and McCulloch insinuated that the premiers office was interfering with the release of evidence.
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