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An important announcement (maybe)

Basi-Virk pre-trial hearing today, Tues. 29 January 2008, 10:00 AM.

And there is something in the wind. Not since the day police raided the B.C. Legislature has there been a news event so widely published. True, yesterday was only a partial exception. True, lawyers still outnumbered journalists in Courtroom 54. But there is a Basi-Virk hearing report in each CanWest newspaper in B.C., as well as in The Globe and Mail. That's unusual.

That means something.

My guess (and it's only a guess) is that the usual mysterious forces which inform certain media as to when to show up in Supreme Court, appears to have told them that The Trial of the Century may be getting under way. Hence the unusual number of news items, often the same CanWest story with a few line expanded or deleted. But it's CanWest acknowledging, finally, that "when there is news, we will print it." (quote from a CanWest Editor-in-Chief).

I think it will turn readers off to see virtually the same story over and over. So unless a news article provides new information, I will be posting the headline and link only, under the date on which it appeared. Readers can then follow up as they wish. - BC Mary.


I really hate being negative sometimes,Mary. But do you think that the cause of the media attention is because they have been told that this trial will not continue? That would be one scenario. And they will surely write into the news that the Gordon Cambell government is vindicated. And will probably try and spin something negative for the NDP as well.

My reasoning for this negative bit stems from the continued lack of interest by Can West or any other MSM until now. Plus all the spins they have put on anything they have written up until about the beginning of December last year.
Three cheers to you BC Mary for doing your personal best to bring forward full discussion & every scrap of information available to your site for everyone to digest.

The only way justice prevails is where there is full light shone on the shadows of coverup & their is open discussion. But it must not stop there: People in positions of public trust must ACT on their ethical duty to ensure justice is done. The Courts are now very much the focus in the public's mind & I doubt either Judge Dohm or Judge Bennett want to be hung out to dry on this one.

You are so right - the MSM have been a disgrace in bed with the political agenda to santitize & subdue the public on this huge case of allegations of corruption at the highest levels within the BC Gov. The days of the investigative reporter using his skills to bring the truth to the public is long gone. The public's best interests are no longer being served by all of the Big Media in bed with their poltical allies.

It has reached the point where the MSM look like fools in that so much truth as seeped out thanks to you, Prof. Mathews etc. who have been ethical & diligent on all aspects of this scandal.

You deserve a lot of credit & have kept the pot boiling! If the truth had not been aired with the focused efforts from you & a few other ethical people, I believe this trial would have been dismissed many moons ago.

Thank you, BC Mary from one British Columbian who is fed up with coverup & deceit from behind closed doors in the Legislature.

Both the Justice System & the Media can see we have passed the point of no return in the public's mind & THAT, folks is the power of the PEOPLE!

The natives are restless.
So Judge Dohm didn't get the emails to be vetted in those big Raid boxes . . . hmmmm

Seems to me that the measured questioning/insight of the Three Concerned Canadians is very relevant now: What did happen in those days leading up to the Raid re: damning evidence?

There is no way that Martyn Brown under Campbell's orders et al, that lickety split action to deep six the truth would NOT have been taken.

Is that what surrounds the case of the missing emails that has now surfaced on Copley's list?

Could it be that Copely saw the walls closing in based on OTHER documents which HAVE surfaced & would lead to questions about LOGICAL linkes to these 100-145 other emails that perhaps had originally been hidden prior to the Raid? People will only slide sideways until their necks are on the line . . . . then the truth begins to surface - funny thing.

How long has Copely been acting for the Executive Branch of Govt on the timeline?

Who was instructing Copely?

Why has Copely taken centre stage over the team of Special Prosecutors?

If all of these emails were not in the boxes from the Raid, how could the RCMP have been in possession of these now surfaced 100 140 emails to 'vet' if Judge Dohm got them first & then handed the boxes to the police?

It was reported earlier that the RCMP vetted the emails - which of course in not in their line of work.

Was another list of emails handed via the Sol General's office to the upper echelons of the RCMP since we have learned that the communication was direct between Acting Dep. Comm. Gary Bass & an aide to then, Solicitor General Coleman advising Begg NOT to pursue the investigation against Min. Collins etc. Seems to me, I remember hearing that the lead investigators wanted dig deeper.

Did those vanishing now surfacing, emails have anything to do with Min. Collins & the big boss man, Cambpell being named in those emails?

String pulling always starts at the top.

Questions, questions, as this case unravels.
My question is, why don't "these usual mysterious forces" also inform a certain special prosecutor when to show up in Supreme Court. My sources tell me that in today's court session AWOL Bill was AWOL again.
I would like to apply to replace Mr. Bill as the Special Prosecutor. I know that seems silly, but I will address your possible concerns.

1. IANAL, or I am not a lawyer. Hey, I also don't need to show up, so who is going to check my credentials?

2. Economy - I will work cheaper (for less renumeration) than Mr. Bill. But don't get too cheap Mr. Wally, or who-ever gets to decide.

3. I live a good ten hours (in good driving weather) from the courthouse. See item one above - I DON'T NEED to show up, so I could just as well be in Borneo.

4. In my area there are cubic miles of abandoned mine shafts, thus I am prepared to provide excellent storage for "important documents." Indeed I could almost guarantee they would not be found in readable condition - without even having to declare any so-called privilege.

5. So if the Justice System (sic) of British Columbia wishes, I am prepared to serve...........

I would like to add that I am studying the art of "OBFUSCATION" very seriously, so that I will be prepared to serve, if called upon.
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