Thursday, March 27, 2008


Pacific Spirit Park is calling ...

Hi Mary,

I've never done this before, but I feel so strongly about this that I'm asking fellow BC bloggers for help.

Due to the duplicitous action of Mr. Campbell's provincial government a chunk of Pacific Spirit Park, which is on the Western edge of Vancouver and is like Stanley Park, only wilder, will soon fall under the Developers' axes.

There is only one faint hope, which is that our civic pols show some gumption and say 'hell no!'

They're meeting to talk about it tomorrow.

Thus, I have a post up asking/pleading with anyone living in the greater Vancouver district (all of the lower mainland) to Email these civic pols asking them to take a stand.

Would you be so kind as to put up a teeny, tiny post directing folks to my post where they get all the instructions etc.


Thanks Mary,

RossK at Pacific Gazette.


Thanks Mary!

Here's a clickable link for all those who have 34.5 seconds to spare in an effort to try and save a jewel of a park that many have described as being like "Stanley Park, only wilder".

'Tis Party Central over there, with folks flocking in from all over sent in from from Mary's, West End Bob's, Stephen Rees' and The Galloping Beaver.

We've got everything clickable so that you can get it down to 27.23 seconds if you need to save even more of more of your valuable time for yet another round of March Madness!

(and leave us a message if you are so inclined.....we take everyone, especially Anon-O-Mice)

And now JJ's too.

Thanks for starting the ball rolling Mary.

...Updating.....MetroVan Directors are steamed, but their legal people say there is nothing they can do....

Thanks to everybody that sent Emails. Clearly, there was an indication of a bit of constituent uprising.....

....Updates via Alison at The Galloping Beaver and at my place.

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