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Special Prosecutors should be "senior criminal lawyers ..."


But another cloud is hanging over the government, writes Paul Willcocks.

The original policy called for "senior criminal lawyers in private practice" to be appointed special prosecutors. But in the B.C. Rail case and now in this case with John Les, the ministry has picked lawyers who, while highly regarded, are not known for criminal work. Given the massive problems in the B.C. Rail case, this raises questions about why the changes were made.

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Paul is correct in the "criminal lawyer" aspect. It seems to me that there could be a deliberate change in who is appointed. Could this be deliberate?

There is a very interesting thought at David Schrecks' Strategic Thoughts today. I read it right after reading about Zacardelli's deliberate naming of Federal MPs'. And I'm with David all the way on this one. It shouldn't be up to the cops to bring down ministers.

Further, the system needs change. When are the political pundits going to realize that what went on 20 or 30 years ago may not be relevent in todays world? What the Socreds or the NDP did way back in the day is not relevant today. That's like saying "well they did it so why can't we?" Just because something happened 30 years ago doesn't make it right to do the same today. Childish.

On the subject of it being the top cop that stepped down and in reading Schrecks' blog, could it be that the RCMP may be trying to protect their political asses because Les has said he would like regional policing in BC. That would diminidh their role quite a bit, don't you think.
Express Collision Shop Said,


Global and CBC did more pieces on the ongoing ICBC salvage mess. Seems many friends and relatives and more very senior current and retired managers have some really nice cars. Many of the alleged shenanigans are criminal. There could be up to six months jail time if any one is found guilty.ICBC has a new criminal fraud law (42.1) that was introduced in 2003 that has very harsh consequences for those found guilty. This law was introduced by the liberals to make it easier and have more teeth to convict fraudsters. ICBC's zero tolerance for fraud policy should help the RCMP. The RCMP say they will look into these alleged criminal activities paid for by us the policy holders of BC. Get that broom a sweeping. More to follow.

CBC did a great piece on John Les and corn fields being paved over. You can see it on video on cbc tv vancouver at six website tonight only, I believe. This looks like trouble out in corn country. There seems to be two corn fields under scrutiny. This is a good piece, that should be watched. Many folks from Chilliwack are afraid to speak out regarding the developers connected family.
Thanks, Express Collision.

Don't you wonder why Premier Campbell appointed John van Dongen to replace John Les.

Maybe I've lost perspective, but it seems like no change at all ... van Dongen comes in with old baggage too. I bet, as you say, the families are known, interconnected.

There's Harry Oppal, for example.

And the Fraser Valley itself must be well known from one cornfield to another, all the way up. Will they never rest until it's all planted down to houses and shopping malls?

I wish the premier had appointed a northern MLA whose primary interests are a bit wider than land development.

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