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He led the investigation, too.

Re-visited while searching for federal links ...

... Victoria Police Chief Paul Battershill confirmed several other locations were also raided by police officers over the weekend. They included the homes of some of those involved, an accounting firm, and a government relations firm later identified as Pilothouse Public Affairs. The company was begun by former Vancouver Province columnist Brian Kieran, but two of its key officials - Erik Bornman and Jamie Elmhirst -- also have strong ties to the [former Prime Minister Paul] Martin camp.

Also visited by investigating officers, although not formally raided, was Mark Marissen, of Burrard Communications, who was director of the Martin campaign in B.C. - and who's also the husband of Deputy Premier Christy Clark.

Just how all these pieces of the puzzle fit together (if indeed they all do) will have to await the final police report, and charges and trial if any.

Began with police corruption investigation

Battershill said the potential involvement of those in the legislature came relatively late in the investigation as officers from his department and the RCMP followed where the evidence was leading them. It began with the drug information first received more than 18 months ago, he said, and as officers developed the file, they soon realized it could involve an organized criminal operation. The RCMP's experts in organized crime were brought in, as was the provincial Organized Crime Agency. Fairly soon after the file moved to a stage where it was being investigated more actively, the officers realized it also involved the possible corruption of a single police officer, a member of Battershill's own force.

Two weeks before Christmas, Battershill announced that Const. Rob Dosanjh, a 13-year veteran of the department, had been suspended with pay, as required by the Police Act. An investigation involving Const. Dosanjh, 37, was ongoing, he said, involving allegations of obstruction of justice and breach of trust. He provided no details at that time, but has now confirmed that the Dosanjh file and the raids at the legislature are linked. However, he described the relationship between Dosanjh and any of those targeted in the search warrants as "indirect."

As the investigation proceeded, the chief said, the evidence that was being uncovered led officers to want to involve the Commercial Crime Section of the RCMP in a different tentacle of the probe. It was the Commercial Crime portion of the investigation that led to the legislative raids, he said.

How we forget! It was explained here, on The Legislature Raids all the time, that Victoria's Chief Constable had led not only the historic Legislature raids but also the investigation! It's easy to read between the lines, to see how important Chief Battershill's testimony will be at the trial of Basi Virk Basi. The rest of Barbara McLintock's excellent article, dated December 30, 2004, is at

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Wow, no comments, I guess Paul Battershill's involvement in the original Ledge Raids was too "real" and must be marginalized through innuendo and character assassination.The only police involvement that matters is that of the Brother in Law DeBuyere!

I'm still waiting for an explanation of why offering/giving a bribe to a government official is fine while accepting one "might" be a crime - Hi there, he of the many N's.
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