Saturday, July 26, 2008


Blog Borg Collective

North Van's Grumps has left a new comment. He writes ...

About: Fourth of series on ICBC by Vaughn Palmer.

I was so ticked off with yesterday's third column on the ICBC scandal that I sat down and wrote an email to Vaughn and a comment to this blog.

Vaughn received his, and replied, which mirrored almost exactly what I wrote for here and didn't post.

Then there's Vaughn Palmer's column today (Saturday), which I have created a link above.

The ICBC scandal topic is one that I feel that I can get in on the ground floor...... so I've created a blog called "Blog Borg Collective".

Congratulations, N.V.G., and best wishes to you and your new blog. Please send me a link, an URL, a blog address, so we can find you. Thanks. - BC Mary.


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