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"Riding the Rails" ... WooHooo!

On October 2007, an e.mail arrived from Island Tides newspaper asking if I would write a brief story for them about the BCRail Case. Sure I would. Taking an item from the early stuff I had written for this blog, I added to it, subtracted from it, polished it up a bit and e.mailed it to Island Tides with good wishes. (I've also done this for other small B.C. newspapers.) It's what neighbours do, I thought.

The story was published in their November 15, 2007 edition under the heading "Riding the Rails". A cheque arrived not long after ... wow ... a pleasant surprise. But the best was yet to come. Today, a new message:

From: Island Tides
To: BC Mary

Dear Mary,

Your contribution to Island Tides have been much appreciated, by us and by Island Tides' readers. This year I thought we all needed a bit of recognition so along with about ten other contributors Island Tides has nominated you for a 2008 Jack Webster award.

In the category of Commentary, your article Riding The Rails, Island Tides, Nov 15/07 has been nominated.

You may be contacted by the Jack Webster Foundation for more information.

We will announce nominees in the Island Tides in August. Jack Webster finalists will be announced in September and the awards are presented November 6, 2008 in Vancouver.

For more information on the Jack Webster Awards, go to

Once again, thanks for all you do. Best of luck!

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There isn't a snowball's chance in hell, of BC Mary attending that big awards dinner next November. But thanks to Island Tides' nomination (which must include copies of 5 other articles I've written), the newsmen of B.C. who adjudicate these awards, will be giving The Legislature Raids a closer look; and thanks to our excellent contributors, The Legislature Raids is looking pretty darn good these days. If the Jack Webster Awards had a Blogger category, I'd think we stood a pretty fair chance.

I now fully understand when people say on Emmy or Juno Award nights, "It's an honour just to be nominated." It's OK to laugh right out loud, now. I think Jack Webster probably would laugh, if he were still with us. Or ... maybe he wouldn't laugh. Jack was a good newsman who wanted people to know about things like BC Rail.

Me? Well, I laughed ... and the smile lasted all day ... because I was delighted that Island Tides (good newsfolk too) cared enough to ask for that first story on BC Rail and then cared enough to make the nomination for this award. High fives all around.

- BC Mary.


Congratulations Mary!!!! You deserve it to the nth degree. Where would public awareness of this huge issue be today if you hadn't started your blog and worked so hard on it for all these years.
Hi Mary,

Congratulations on your well deserved Jack Webster award nomination.

I wrote a little note to you Mary a while back, and it started with “picture this”, it was about you on stage receiving a journalist award for your fine work on the legislature raids and you clicking your heals on the way off stage, “stage right”.

I hope you have kicked up your heals just a little bit at home Mary.

Your unwavering dedication to this subject is being noticed and that can only be a very good thing for the people of BC, Canada and democracy.

Enjoy your accolades….well done.

Thank you Mary!
WooHoo to you, Mary!! Success IS the best reward . . and puts a few people firmly in their places LOL!!!

Your thousands of devoted followers will be jumping for joy to learn that the Island Tide (kudos to you, too, folks) has recognized the huge contribution you are bringing to ethical journalism, nominating you for a Jack Webster Award!!
this is very cool, indeed!

Talk about gold standard journalism: your work is a 'Gift' to British Columbians; investing countless hours of time and energy, for all the right reasons.

British Columbians, through your Blog, have been served a smorgasbord of expansive, ongoing, insight from all perspectives, into the BC Raid on the Leg/BC Rail Scandal.

What the MSM miss in their efforts to protect key players, is that most people need, want and deserve to read the whole enchillada about a Government scandal that impacts all British Columbians. So much is at stake. You have given us not only the main course, but dessert!

Above everyone else, you have motivated others to find their voices, educated and expanded awareness by sharing your insight, compiling information, connecting the dots, the nuances, the unanswered questions surrounding this web of deceit foisted on taxpayers by the 'Campbell Cabal'.

You have also encouraged a forum for all viewpoints to come forward for discussion and thoughtful reflection. It is only through open disclosure and discussion that the truth emerges.

This political scandal typifies how poltics has corrupted Government due process and the justice system at large. Your Blog has exposed this truth exponentially; information that is critical for 'right' to prevail over 'rot'. You have kept the heat on all of the 'players'; your Blog has synergized justice.

Warmest congratulations are coming straight at you from this part of the world!! You have earned this honour, in spades and must be in attendance this November.

Both Jack Webster and former Premier, the Hon. WAC Bennett, the father of BC Rail created for the people are smiling and applauding the loudest, cheering: "You go girl"!! You remind me of the story about the "Little Train that Could"!!

Enjoy the ride, Mary. I am honoured to be a passenger on your train!
Yes, Mary Yes.

secondlook pretty much sums it up. I can't express in words the feeling I got while reading this post. The bride thought I was losing it again.

Jack Webster was one of my heroes. He didn't mince words and always championed the underdog. Just to be nominated for this prestigious award is fantastic. Keep smiling and Congratulations.
Congrats Mary - you've earned it!
I think Jack Webster would absolutely love that you have received this nomination.

You have been a big part of keeping this important court case front and center. No small feat. Thanks and congratulations, Mary!
Hello Mary - congratulations to you - I do hope you do receive this ward, and also that you DO attend. What a stunning jolt to some of the "more" prominent so called reporters. show them how it is done - again Mary, this could not go to someone more deserving. Jo5ey
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